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Anna Casino - Confiscation due to Terms updates afterwards

Posted on October 9, 2015.

Hello. Recently I had won 8264 euros. I received an email from Anna casino support that my winnings are confiscated due to a breach of terms and condition,( I made bets of 20s , and apparently I should have played with max 5% of the bonus i received which was 200, so my max bet was 10). I made my deposit on 22 September at 14:30 CET. I contact support and told them that before made my deposit I checked the terms and there was no such an update. They told me that they changed the terms on 22/9 at 10:40 CET. But they could provide any proof. I checked the terms before playing and nothing had been updated. There was no max bet 5% of the bonus. They might have changed their terms on the time they say but there was no visual update after 3 hours. I make this complaint because I think that my confiscation is wrong. if the updates was visual I would have played with more than the 5% I wouldn't want to risk my money.It's not my fault that I was playing and won the same day they changed their rules. I think that this is a casino's fault and I want to receive my winnings. Below I have attached my conversation with the support. I will wait for your response. Thank you.

Posted on October 5, 2015.

Dear Varric69,

The update was made on 10:40 as the support wrote and it was changed due to the fact that some games that we allow bonuses to be played through on, have a high enough payout to make the 10% rule abuseable and we had a lot of players trying to do that around those days. To cut the abuse we changed the T&C and decided that we would enforce on all players registering after the change (or, in case they were registered before that change, if they made their deposit more than 48 hours after the change).

This was decided to ensure that players had either no chance to see the old T&C before the change (registered after the change) or that players had reasonable time to see the change before they made their first deposit (registered before the change).

You registered your account after the change was made (3 minutes before doing your first deposit (around 14:30)

The order was given for the change in the morning of the 22nd and as can be seen on the audit screenshots attached, it was completed at 10:40 as the support noted. All our changes go through QA and this was no difference with this change and it was confirmed at 10:50 that all changes were live on (which is always the case since all text and image changes are always instantly updated).

One screenshot is from the audit showing the change on all of our languages. The 2nd screenshot is the change shown for the language=[default] (English)

It is simply impossible that your were presented with the old T&C when you logged in unless you saw them earlier from a different account.

Posted on October 5, 2015.

Hello again.

I accept what you say about the time when the rules have changed, I am not saying that you are lying. I am just saying that i read the terms before playing (from my account obviously) and the updates hadn't been upload or upgrade or whatever, I do no know how these things work.

It's my word against yours and clearly your word has more power than mine. I can't prove you that i wasn't able to see the changes, because I didn't get a screen shot at that point. I didn't expect to have such a problem.

I can see that you are not willing to pay my winnings. Too bad because I thought you would be more understanding.

Posted on October 6, 2015.

Dear Varric69,

It is not that I am not sympathetic to your situation. There is nothing worse than getting winnings confiscated. I have tried it, being a gambler myself, a few times and it is infuriating. But you also have to see this from my point of view.

I have a notification from my content team that the change was done at 10:40. I have made sure that this rule has not been enforced on anyone that signed up before the change (unless there deposit came 48 hours after the change), i have my QA process guaranteeing my that the change was live on the website after it was updated and I checked over audit files that also states that the change was made at the correct time (which I have attached in my previous response)

Yesterday (which is why I couldn't answer before now) I have even ask our content software provider, if there is any chance that the change was not done as per the time stamp in our audit file and they have confirmed that there is not. The change was live.

Posted on October 9, 2015.

Casino presented evidence when they change content in the bonus rules at 10:40, four hours before you made an account. Can you please provide evidence that casino terms wasn't up to date when you made an account? Thank you in advance.

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