Complaint at City Club Casino

posted on January 23, 2013.

im submitting a complaint against city club casino as i set up an account roughly 2 weeks ago i deposited £20 and was automatticaly given an £80 bonus with out given the choice to read terms and conditions or turn it down. i started playing the slots and got a big win so i decided to contact live help and ask how much i still had to wager it was just over £1800 at that point my balance was about £1200 so i carried on playing i kept contacting live help during game play to see how much i still had to wager at no point did they mention a cap on winnings i played the wagering requirments through and withdrew £1,900 on asking live help if this was ok they says it was fine to do this as you could imagine i was absoulutly delighted with this. so i logged in today and to my complete dismay i saw that only £220 was been sent out i contacted live help and was even given a phone call to try and resolve the matter thats when i was told that there was a cap on winnings of 10x 1st deposit i didnt even request the bonus or given the chance to turn it down my dad looked through the t&cs on the website and i did not see the cap been mentioned plus i was not told this on any other occasion where i had contacted live help.also ive noticed i can not log into my account anymore if there was no foul play why would this happen?