City Club not paying out marvel jackpot win

posted on March 29, 2011.

I joined up to said casino and before long I won the extra power marvel jackpot of $4090.80, when it came to withdraw the winnings of more than 5000 I could only claim 10x the initial and any other deposits ...a total of $460.

I can accept that i must forfiet any wiinings that came from city club slots by way of normal play and wins but when a jackpot win comes from an independant pool of funds from many casinos do they have the right to keep this money. Taking back what was originally theirs is fine but the jackpot now in their pockets is a healthy profit or theft some may argue.

Has this situation been experienced by any one else? I realise bottom line is i failed to look at TnC, if the least that comes from this is that city club return jackpot win back to pool i would be happy but for them to have is apunch in the face.


posted on March 30, 2011.

Received phone call from casino manager, funds have now been returned, thankyou for your help.

but until i I have the funds in my neteller a/c i will then safely say thankyou for your prompt service and response.

thankyou i will keep you informed