City Club Casino Won't Pay Me

posted on September 4, 2012.

I recently played on City Club Casino and was signed up for a bonus. I played a non allowed game and made a withdrawl, which cancelled my bonus. This was declined as I'd not met the wagering requirements. This was fair enough.

So with the bonus now removed. I asked the online chat what I had to do redeem the money. They told me I had to still meet the wagering requirement via online support.

I played this through and won around £750. I contacted their support who told me I was good to go with the withdrawl as I'd met the conditions. So I tried to make a withdrawl. When I reviewed my account, I found that all of the money bar my original deposit had been removed.

I had no idea why this had happened so I contacted them by phone and they told me as I'd played a restricted game all winnings were voided. When I pointed out that this was post the voiding of my bonus they still insisted that the original violation was still in force.

I feel like I've been mislead and ripped off as I put my money at risk with no chance of actually winning.

posted on November 26, 2012.

Well no response from City Club. I've closed my account with them. Confiscation of winnings really sucks.