City Club Casino - what to do

posted on November 18, 2012.

Hi I recently won $3000 @ City Club Casino & after sending all the required documents for my withdrawl they said everything as approved.After waiting another week & hearing nothing from them they sent me an e-mail saying that they took back our $3000.Stating that we breached the terms of our deposit bonus of %30 that we did not ask for they add it automatically to our deposit of $25 so I figured it was our wagering requirements we did not meet but apparently it was because I played a scratch card game which I won no money on I won it on the slots.How was I to know that I could not play the scratch card games because they put a %30 bonus which was only $6 that I did not agree to because they don't give you the option like other casino's give you the option to accept or decline the bonus.Is this right can they get away with this & keep my $3000 in winnings is there anything I can do .I also have all the e-mails saying that everything was approved & after 3 weeks all of a sudden they keep our money please help if you can this is not fair they should not be allowed to operate this way ripping people off.

posted on November 26, 2012.

Hi Dianne,

I am sorry to hear about this case. However this is a standard term and condition (which you accepted) issue we are talking about. You received a bonus and did not fulfill the wagering requirements.

This 30% bonus is the same bonus you have received on your previous 60 or so deposits in our casino. On each one of these deposits is sent a mail with the terms and conditions.

I do understand how this can be upsetting but it needs to be made clear that we did return your initial deposit and of course as mentioned in our terms and conditions you can opt to play without bonuses at any time.

For future knowledge we offer a great cash back program where players play without any terms and conditions on their deposits. Contact our chat support if it interests you.


City Club Management

posted on November 26, 2012.

You should have the option to accept or decline your bonuses like all the other casino's do. You should not have to go to chat to fix this.I will not be playing @ your casino again & I will do my best to get you blacklisted & all of my friends have pulled from your site also after I have told them what you did .You did take my original $1000 along with the additonal $2000 I won & kept the whole $3000 & took it back after I sent in all the documentation required.I am going to complain to every black list site I can to ruin your reputation . You will lose alot of players when i'm through with you trust me !!!!