Casinohuone - Closed my account, refused to pay legitimate winnings

posted on April 22, 2015.

I joined to 15.4. First i managed to win with some bets and after that i won x amount in live black jack. I made my first withdraw of 1700€ and i get email that i need to send ID + proof of address. I did sent those in 30min after receiving their email. I get email soon after that, it said that my account is verified (friday 18.4)

I asked couple of hours later that why im still waiting for my withdraw. They said that my account isn't verified although i told them about the email which i received. They said that they cant do anything until verification team is available on monday.

Monday i saw that i had got that withdraw. So i made another one. this time 1300€.

I continue playing some other games and from out off the blue i got kicked out from website and after i tried to log in again i get error page that told that my account is locked for next 24h and i need to contact support.

I did, they told me that they need passport picture with me having face near to it. I sent again email with picture asked.

After many emails and live chat sessions they still refuse to open my account and pay my withdraw, all timelines they have given has been passed. I don't know what to do

posted on April 27, 2015.

Casinohuone hasn't paid the winnings, because we've been unable to identify the player as a real person. Once we get the KYC process finished, there is no issue to pay the winnings. Casinohuone's policy is to pay out winnings very fast and promptly.

posted on April 30, 2015.

We consider this complaint unresolved. We didn't get evidence from casino management to back up their statement.