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Casino770 - Wont pay me

posted on June 3, 2015.

i saw the £20 free bet on the tv , and thought okay ill give it ago and i won £200 pounds but then i turned it into £2440, so i introduced the website to friends and family and they signed up , and now they wont let me withdraw my money due to too many accounts being open, which i feel is unfair as i won that money fair and square. I read the terms and conditions which informed me that i had to deposit £30 to enable me to withdraw the money, which i did. I had a conversation to customer service with casino 770 and they were no help , they lied to me by saying i could not use the account or, accounts as they said, but when i explained to them i was by the computer and that i was going withdraw money whilst i was on the phone, she then retracted her comment and said that they were still open. She then tried to black mail me by saying if i did not accept their 10% "good will" offer that they had offered me, i could not use the website and my account would be suspended. When asking to speak to a manager, or even someone else she outright refused with no explaination. I then asked her if she could send me proof of the accounts that i had apparently opened with the same IP address, which is the issue in why i can not withdraw my winnings, but again she refused and said she could not do this. I continued to ask her questions about the case to which she could not answer and after a lengthy phone conversation she then turned around and said "thank you for your cooperation, im ending this call now" and put the phone down.

The last i spoke to a employee of Casino770, she said i would get a phone call back within the next half hour, which i have not received and it has now been an hour and a half.

Is there any suggestions in what i need to do in order to receive the money that i had won as every time i phone them I end up going round in circles as i get no answers and after reading a lot of complaints on this website with the exact same issue as me, i thought this would be the best option.

posted on March 14, 2013.


Considering that we have offered you all the necessary information regarding your player account, by e-mail, online chat, as well as over the phone, I find your complaint quite surprising.

Please note that we decided not to proceed with your withdrawal request on the following grounds:

- after you registered an account on Casino770, within hours of each other, several other accounts were opened sharing the same mobile phone number, billing address, last name and IP address;

- the SKY no deposit bonus code was used on all accounts

- all accounts had the same betting pattern

As already stated in our Terms and Conditions, in case of breach of contract, we reserve the right to investigate, cancel or suspend any player account:

3.4 By registering on Casino770, the user irrevocably authorizes Casino770 to limit to a maximum of three (3) the number of registered accounts with Casino770 per IP addresses. The user acknowledges and agrees that he shall not use an IP address that has more than three registered accounts and that it is his sole responsibility to verify the number of registered accounts with Casino770 prior to registering his own personal account. In the event a user uses an IP address that has three or more registered accounts with Casino770, the user irrevocably agrees to authorize Casino770 to block at its sole discretion any payment request(s) and to forfeit fully any amount in dispute to Casino770.

4.1.13. You certify that you will not abuse the ability of opening accounts in order to benefit from bonus credits and promotional offers by Casino770 (use of 100%, 20% of initial deposits, or use of certificates and promotional codes). Casino770 reserves the right, in case of abusive behavior on your part as related to bonus credits and/or to promotional offers by Casino770, at its sole discretion, to rescind or block client accounts created to that end, as well as their transactions;

In addition to that, clause 9.5 of our Terms and Conditions states that "Any demand for a withdrawal must be supported by the authentication of the user." which you have failed to provide.

We consider that our offer to compensate 10% of your winnings was more than generous considering that you breached our Terms and Conditions and we found it surprising that you have refused to accept it.

As we have provided all the relevant information in the hope of solving this complaint, we remain available by e-mail or by phone for any further details.

Kind regards,


posted on March 14, 2013.

I understand as a company you have terms and conditions, however the main point I was trying to put across was that it was a bit coincidental that these accounts were allowed to be made and that I was not notified that I was in breech of your terms and conditions, only once I had won money and attempted to withdraw the money you then informed me that I could not do so? Why did you not stop the accounts being made in the first place?

Also, in order for me to withdraw the money, you needed a £30 deposit from me, which you have now taken as I have not received that back and did not use it for anything other than to withdraw the money.

I feel that If I had lost £2000 on either of the accounts in question then there certainly would not be an issue, you would not then notify me of breech of terms and conditions and would be happy for me to lose money.

Thanks for your response,


posted on March 17, 2013.

Hi Dane,

As discussed by live chat we have informed you of the final decision taken in your situation.

Also, please take into account that as specified in our Terms and Conditions you 4.1.13. You certify that you will not abuse the ability of opening accounts in order to benefit from bonus credits and promotional offers ". Therefore it is your responsibility not to open more than one account.

And we do reserve the right, that once we discover that you have breached this contract, to take immediate action.

All further communication, if needed, will be done via e-mail, live chat or you can reach us by phone.

Kind regards,


posted on March 21, 2013.

 Any updates here?

posted on June 3, 2015.

Based on evidence that we get from casino management, we can confirm that this player breach casino's Terms and Conditions. Player made multiple accounts and try bonus abuse. We consider this complaint resolved and closed.

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