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Casino770 - "£30 no lose"

Complaint Info
Disputed casino NetBet Casino
Reason Bonus terms violation
Amount £ 30
Posted on July 24, 2014

1. Casino770 was advertising a bonus of "£30 no lose". So I put in £30 yet still lost! lol

You see they offer TWO bonuses, one of which is a typical rubbish 100% match that has to be played through 30 times. They didn't inform me of this. So not a good start, killing one bonus 100% by giving another unadvertised one.

I put in £30 and quickly lost. so that was £30 "no lose" lost.

2. Put in another £30 to claim the no lose this time hopefully. While playing this I got to about £72.50 and then started losing. It seemed to my highly intuitive mind that there was something dodgy about this. Experienced gamble­rs/­int­uit­ion­-users will know what I mean.

3. When getting back down I decided to bet the final £30 on Roulette in one go and won to take it to £55 (£25 Red/Black and £5 bets on individual numbers) and tried to withdraw. I couldn't!

Casino770 had 'messed up' its withdrawal page in its own interest. Even among some of the worse scam casinos out there they won't try this.

4. Realising it was going to be difficult to impossible to get any money out of this casino I put £55 on one spin of Roulette which WON but of course they wouldn't let me withdraw it.

5. After many complaints someone called Pascal e-mailed to say "as you can see you can withdraw", actually correcting an error on their mainstream Withdrawals page (Yikes!) about 72 hours late.

6. So ok I after lots of messing around by Casino770 "withdrew" £110. Did they pay it? No.

7. Despite being quite well known in the software industry and quoted in over 100 news pages in the last 5 days, and EVEN AFTER providing 4 scanned copies of the debit card used... they STILL won't pay. This is EVERYTHING they initially ASKED for.

8. They then rang up to say "we do not have photo id". I said "send me an e-mail about it" and they said "we already have". No you DIDN'T. You said to provide debit card scans and that is fine, then CHANGED YOUR MIND when it meant you had to pay out.

Seriously one of the most incompetent, direct­ly-­con­tra­dicting and "bad feeling there may be something fraudulent going on" casinos out there! And I've dealt with Golden Palace!!

Posted on May 10, 2013

Dear David,

Following your post we would like to remind you that the 100% 1st deposit bonus is advertised on our site on both home page and promotions page, therefore you were informed about receiving this bonus once making your 1st deposit on Casino770.

Moreover, since you received the Cashback offer by e-mail, made the deposit of 30GBP and lost, you should have claimed the refund before registering your 2nd deposit on the site.

Please note that you received all the necessary details regarding the Cashback offer and how it should be claimed by e-mail:

"If you’re unlucky, email promot­ion­[email protected]­asi­no7­70.c­ with the subject “CASHBACKSKY” and you will get your cash back. To receive cashback on losses, player must send an email to promot­ion­[email protected]­asi­no7­70.c­ with the subject “CASHBACKSKY”.

As concerns your bets at Roulette, we remind you that Roulette does not count for wagering, as it is stated in our Terms and Conditions that you agreed upon registration:

“The player may cumulate bonuses; however, in order to cumulate bonus, the player acknowledges and understands that bonuses’ playthrough are cumulative and that all playthrough must be played for any withdrawal request to be approved by Casino770. Bets on the following games won't contribute to the bonus playthrough requirements: Roulettes, BlackJack, BlackJack Multihand, Craps, Baccarat, Red Dog, Let Them Ride, Speed Wheel, Heads or Tails, Easy Roulette, Hot Dice, Football Scores, Wheel of Fortune, Rock Paper Scissors, Boule, 100x Poker Play, 25x Deuce Poker, Poker Pursuit, Stud Poker, Caribbean Poker, Casino Hold'em, Poker 3 Cartes.”

With regards to your pending withdrawal request of 110GBP, we would like to emphasize that it will be validated once we receive the copy of your identity card, driver’s license or passport.

Please be reminded that that both the copy of your bank card and copy of your identity card were requested once you have registered the deposit and the withdrawal request, which was on the 25th of April 2013.

In case you cannot retrieve the e-mails ‘Inbox’ folder of your email, we kindly ask you to also look into the ‘Spam’ folder as the messages might have been redirected due to email filters.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email, chat or phone!

Posted on May 13, 2013

Nice words but:

1. The bonus was set up wrong, and they don't acknowledge

b) The system was also slow to update the other bonus that knocked out the £30 bonus.

2. I did what they asked - they still won't PAY it.


1. Big problem seems to be refusing to admit they made a mistake let alone do anything about it.

2. 2nd problem is asking me to send Passport to Malta, a notorious land of criminals, where even the Prime Minister is a member of secret organisations who enjoy the company of young people let us say.

If you want to pay £100 for a digital camera or send your passport to their 'a bit dodgy' country as well as have them never admit their mistakes like Gangsters is great casino!

MAY 11, 2013 | 07:48AM BST

Dear ,

By means of this message, we wish to inform you that this promotion implies the refund of your first deposit, meaning that the corresponding bonus is solely offered in case you do not have the luck to register winnings on our website.

Moreover, please note that the offer should have been claimed in the promotional period only.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,


Customer Service


Click Here to contact us

13/05/2013: Despite having it for 1 week+, they have not acknowledged receipt of Passport in post, paid another 'bonus' for doing that, or paid the money out that they were complaining the only reason they weren't doing was they didn't have the identification!

Posted on May 15, 2013

Hello David,

Please note that when a player registers his first withdrawal request on the site, as in your case, the verification procedures imposed by our payment agent are more complex and take a little more time than the standard withdrawal processing required for our loyal players.

The security of player's on-line transactions is our top-priority, which is why at a first withdrawal, the standard procedure imposes certain verifications.

As for sending the copy of your Passport by post, to our billing address, we remind you that it was only your decision to do so. Our Customer Service had presented to you, by email, all the means by which you can send us copies.

Here is a reminder of the email you were sent in this regard:

"[...]Following your message we wish to advise you to send the copy of your passport via one of the other methods available:

• By e-mail: financ­ial­@ca­sin­o77­

• By fax at: (+44) 207 419 5711

Also you have the possibility to send your copy​by using the two options available on our website. After logging in, using your usual details:

1. Go to the HELP section (on the right hand side of the screen), and select the Documents tab,

2. Click on Cashier, then Preferences, then click on My Document Sender.[...]"

These were the first methods you were presented, and it was you who decided to send the copy by post. We respect your decision and do not interfere with it, but it is not our Customer Service the one who constrained you or insisted on you sending any copy by post, as you surprisingly state.

We can assure you that your document will be processed in strict confidentiality and your withdrawal request will be validated as soon as the copy of your identity document reaches the address you sent it to.

Please be informed that our determination to deal with your withdrawals in a more efficient manner will be exemplified on your future cash-outs, when your file is complete and you will no longer be asked for identification documents.

We appreciate your patience and understanding and remain at your service for any further assistance needed.


Customer Service



Posted on May 16, 2013

They have still not paid the money they owe.

They are asking me to wait a few days to see if the passport I sent turns up.

Royal Mail delivers over 99.9% of packages without losing. (much less than 1 in 100 chance of something going missing).

You decide whether this problem is with Royal Mail or with Casino770 who would have to pay money if it arrives safely.

There's the information. You decide.

Posted on May 18, 2013

Dear David,

Please be reminded that your withdrawal request will be validated as soon as the copy of your identity document reaches our address.

In order to speed up the validation process, we recomend using the other methods of sending the documents, that you have already been advised so many times: faxe, e-mail or directly from the site.

Given the fact that in April 2013 you have sent us scanned copies of your documents, we suggest that you use the same method now.

Rest assured that we are using the best encryption technology available on the internet, thus ensuring that your data is safe and that it is absolutely impossible for a third party to obtain the information about one of our customers on the web.

Moreover, we inform you that it might take longer for us to receive the document if you insist to send it by post.

Therefore, please send us the required document by one of the means already mentioned above, so that our payment agent should be able to validate your withdrawal request as soon as possible.

We look forward to your reply,



Posted on May 22, 2013

Dear @Royal Arch Freemason,

Please let us know if there's an update regarding your ongoing complaint. 

Posted on May 26, 2013

Dear @Royal Arch Freemason,

Please confirm if the issue has been resolved. Please be in aware in case you fail to respond within the given time frame we will consider your issue as resolved and your complaint will be closed accordingly.

Thank you for your cooperation

Posted on May 30, 2013

Unfortunately, player failed to provide adequate feedback within the given 96-hours time frame for response. As per the AskGamblers Casino Complaints Service terms and guidelines, player is supposed to provide updates on their issues in a timely and responsible manner, something that player did not do regrettably.

Based on the above AskGamblers Complaints Team consider the case as resolved and it being officially closed now.

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