Crown Europe Casino took my £1250 winnings and wont pay me.

posted on June 8, 2014.

After visiting the casino dozens of times I eventually win. I deposited twenty pounds into my account and was shocked to see i had twenty five pounds in my account as i expected it to be forty as the casino sent me email saying 100% deposit bonus only for today. So after i deposited 20 chat box appears and live chat girls asks if everything ok. I told her i expected a 100% deposit bonus. She checked and told me there was a five pound slots only bonus in my account and she would remove that bonus and give me my 100%. She did this. After playing for days and days and meeting all the wagering requirements I went to cash out. I asked live support if i had played through the playthrough barrier. Yes was the reply, and I could now withdraw. I promptly withdrew my £1250 and waited for casino to send to my bank. On the day the funds should have went into my account I received a call from MICHAEL ANDREWS at Crown Europe. He told me becuase I played a slots only bonus (£5) on board game Keno and not slots that all my winnings were being withdrawn! I dint even receive the £5 slots bonus. It was withdrawn before i played a penny! They wont listen to me or reply my emails. The telephone number on their website does not exist! £1250 is a lot of money to me. I had made plans with the grand children. This is unacceptable what they are doing! Please help me. Dont let Crown Europe do this to me. They are wrong. They made the mistakes not me. And even though i did use their five pound, ( i did not though) they are taking twelve hundred and fifty pounds from me for a five pound bonus!!!!!!! No. It's just wrong. Please help

posted on June 10, 2014.

Dear @shug.williamson,
Any update considering this issue?