Casino Royal Club - Awaiting payment from almost a month!

posted on August 1, 2016.

Well, I think there is little to say, I started to play with this deposit :

205348359115285 300.00 Skrill COMPLETE Jul 4, 06:24:29 PM .

I suceeded in finishing the wagering after 2 days, I checked with Chat that I did my wagering and so I ask for this withdrawal :

205348366421114 2,137.00 Skrill PROCESSING Jul 6, 02:24:24 AM

Now after 25 days I am still waiting, and I am quite sure I have lost that money...

Of course I went in chat every day to ask an update, and as usual the guys told me : "Be patient" "you will get soon" "We pay all our customers" or something like that, until Miss Stephanie, 10 days ago (more or less) revealed that their Payment processor was not working for last 2 months !!!
According to her, the, they would have a lot of payments to process but , as this processer is now working they will dispose all the accumulated work...
But now no one is any longer avaible in Chat, I tried in vain to talk to them at any time of the day : no one "comes" in chat...
I attach all the email I sent to all their support or any other email adress I found, of course I never got a reply to these emails...
I know that thhis Casino has not an immaculated reputation, but I am asking you if you help me at least to ask for an explanation for this incredible delay and this inability to talk to them.
Thank you
Luca S.

posted on August 6, 2016.

Dear Luca,

Please let us know if there's some update on your issue.