casino rewards ??

posted on December 21, 2010. They reward play for a variety of casinos...however most recently I only play at Nostalgia / Golden Tiger. Casino rewards has in the past always been fair and I have enjoyed earning rewards to play the casinos. However... Most recently they have put a temporary suspension on my rewards. This seems totally unfair as the way you earn the rewards is by gambling..(spending my own $$ ). Or.. I have also won points thru various contests etc... I now have over $170. in rewards that they will not let me claim !! I have written to the help desk several times trying to resolve, and each time I get a very generic (copied & pasted) response. They say I have been winning TOO OFTEN and have made too many cash ins recently... what ??? I thought that was the idea of gambling ???? Anyway... I continue to gamble.... and to build up casino rewards.... but I can't use the rewards & Im very frustrated !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!