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Casino Intense - I have been waiting for my withdrawal for more than 20 working days


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lxd_fr France
Posted on January 20, 2021

My problem starts in September 2020. After a series of successful sessions, I put 800 € back.
After two weeks of waiting for news, I request information from support and I learn that some documents are not validated. I am surprised because I have not had a notification on the subject.

Surprise when I go to consult the missing documents, I am asked for my bank card, one of which I am sure I have already validated.
validation takes more than a week. I take advantage of the weekend to replay part of my winnings.
I therefore cancel my withdrawal of € 800 to replay, tired of waiting for the documents to be validated.
When the documents are validated, I make my withdrawal request again at the end of the week. I check once again that ALL the documents are correct and everything is fine at this time.
When the weekend arrives, I put part of my winnings back into play by canceling the withdrawal and withdrawing the amount I want to keep. SURPRISE! a document which was validated 2 or 3 days earlier has disappeared, it is about my bank RIB.
this confirms my suspicions, this casino does not hide its dishonesty. nothing justifies the disappearance of such a document. Except to waste time on the endless 14 working days of validation of withdrawal.

since December 15, 2020 I have been waiting for my withdrawal which I have not canceled since of course. the 14 working days of waiting are very much exceeded. And support tells me just to wait.
This casino does not care about these players and does not respect these own commitments.

now I am waiting for this withdrawal to be VALIDATED AND PAID very quickly.