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Casino 770 - Won't pay my withdraw of £900

Complaint Info
Disputed casino NetBet Casino
Reason Casino terms violation
Posted on June 3, 2015

I have just read this e- mail and to say I'm very upset is an understatement!. You say I can't withdraw my funds because I broke terms and conditions by apparently opening multiple accounts from my address, which I would like to point out I know nothing about, yet u deposit £30 back into my account even though I cant withdraw?.

U would known from the start about these accounts but failed to mention or ban me even after talking to ur staff on numerous occasions.

I first tried to withdraw funds and got told I actually had to deposit £30 of my own money into the account to withdrew which I then did. Tryed to withdrew again and was told I had to bet 60x my bonus which I then did also. Again tryed to withdraw and was told roulette didn't count. So played slots and had a balance of £900 finally tryed to withdraw and it allowed it and said wud be in my bank within 24-48 hours. I then had calls from you saying I needed to send u id for proof of who I am which I did 4 times as they kept saying they didn't recieve it. At this point still no mention about multiple accounts in my name. Finally I phoned again as still to this day no confirmation as to receiving my id, and this is when i was told u won't pay out because I broke terms and conditions. I'm absolutely discusted with the way I've been treated feel like I've been scammed.

I won this money fairly and Expected to be payed just as u do.

Adam brown


Posted on April 1, 2013


Considering that we have offered you all the necessary information regarding your player account by e-mail as well as by phone, we find your complaint quite surprising.

Please be reminded that we decided not to proceed with your withdrawal request on the following grounds:

- after you registered an account on Casino770, several other accounts were opened sharing the same billing address and IP address;

- the SKY no deposit bonus code was used on all accounts;

- all the accounts had the same betting pattern.

As already stated in our Terms and Conditions, in case of breach of contract, we reserve the right to investigate, cancel or suspend any player account:

3.4 By registering on Casino770, the user irrevocably authorizes Casino770 to limit to a maximum of three (3) the number of registered accounts with Casino770 per IP addresses. The user acknowledges and agrees that he shall not use an IP address that has more than three registered accounts and that it is his sole responsibility to verify the number of registered accounts with Casino770 prior to registering his own personal account. In the event a user uses an IP address that has three or more registered accounts with Casino770, the user irrevocably agrees to authorize Casino770 to block at its sole discretion any payment request(s) and to forfeit fully any amount in dispute to Casino770.

4.1.13. You certify that you will not abuse the ability of opening accounts in order to benefit from bonus credits and promotional offers by Casino770 (use of 100%, 20% of initial deposits, or use of certificates and promotional codes). Casino770 reserves the right, in case of abusive behavior on your part as related to bonus credits and/or to promotional offers by Casino770, at its sole discretion, to rescind or block client accounts created to that end, as well as their transactions;

Therefore, we consider that our offer to compensate 10% of your winnings was more than generous considering that you breached our Terms and Conditions.

As we have provided all the relevant information in the hope of solving this complaint, we remain available by e-mail or by phone for any further details.

Kind regards,


Posted on June 3, 2015

We got evidence from casino management and we can confirm that this player breach casino's Terms and conditions. He had multiple accounts. We consider this complaint resolved and officially closed.

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