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BitcoinPenguin Casino - Cashouts still not processed after weeks

Complaint Info
Disputed casino BitcoinPenguin Casino
Reason Delayed payment
Amount $ 3778
fehfeh Suriname Message
Posted on August 1, 2017

Hello Sir/Madame,

I have been playing at bitcoinpenguin and i have won some LTC. I have a few withdrawals pending. It has been pending for weeks now. I have a withdrawal pending from July 3th 2017.
I have joined their livechat on friday 28th of July and they tell me to wait a little bit. Today Monday the 31st of July. They tell me managers are checking my withdrawals but no one can tell me how long i am supposed to wait.


fehfeh Suriname Message
Posted on August 1, 2017

Today Bitcoinpenguin closed my account because they don't want to pay out my winnings.

Their reason for closing the account: "Fraudulant practise."

I did not use any fraudulent practise. I have talked to bitcoinpenguin live chat. All they can say is that the administration has decided that the account is closed because of fraudulent practise. And the decision is final.

When asked to provide proof of this fraudulent practise there is no answer. After a while, they say: we don't provide that information and the decision is final.
Below i will post screenshots from the chat and a screenshot of my account balance and pending cashout. A total of more then 200 LTC.

I don't expect bitcoin penguin to reply because they know that they are scamming people and i am one of their victims.

Posted on August 2, 2017

Hi Sir,

You have duplicated accounts which is not allowed on our website, on our websites casino duplicate accounts are strictly prohibited.

Please see the attachment for the screenshot for your duplicate account information.

Recently, we did pay more efforts to close the duplicate accounts to keep everything fair for other players who follow the rules.

fehfeh Suriname Message
Posted on August 3, 2017

Hello Bitcoin Penguin,

You are mistaken. These are NOT duplicate accounts. I do know these accoun­ts/­acc­oun­tho­lders but they do NOT belong to me.
They belong to friends of mine. As far as i know, it is not against the rules to tell my friends about an online casino and recommend some games that are more likely to win/payout.

Secondly I don't for-see any problems if my friends come by and logs on to my pc to show off his balance.

I am 100% sure that my friends and i never played at the same location simultaneously. Therefor i don't see why it would be unfair to other players.

Having this information, i am hopeful that bitcoinpenguin will reconsider disabling my account.
I am however disappointed that i NEVER received an email/notice about any suspicious activities and never got the chance to clear up any misunderstandings.


fehfeh Suriname
Posted on August 4, 2017

Evidence supporting my claim that no duplicate accounts were made.
Attached you will see screenshots of me and my friends, chatting and showing eachother about the nice freespins and wins we got.

Posted on August 6, 2017

Please read our term as below:
Each player is limited to 1 player account, and each player agrees to only play on their own behalf with their own funds. The casino is for entertainment purposes only, and any attempt to manipulate the outcome of games by using bots or any other attempted exploit is strictly prohibited and will result in possible termination of account and voiding of any winnings and/or account balance. The casino reserves the right to terminate any account that appears to abuse the casino or our terms and conditions. This includes abuses of the refer-a-friend or affiliate program by attempting to refer yourself or others multiple times.


fehfeh Suriname
Posted on August 8, 2017

Bitcoin penguin,

First of all, I have read your terms multiple times. Just stating that i should read your terms and be done with it is both rude and
Please reply with answers to my comments.

It is offensive that you are ignoring the comments being made. Instead of avoiding the comments you should start an investigations and see that my comments are true.
I am sure and confident that a good impartial investigation will proof that these accounts are not duplicates.
Bitcoin penguin does not want to investigate, they just do NOT want to pay out.


Posted on August 9, 2017

Sorry sir,

We don't think it is offensive.
We do see your comment and the reason we don't investigate is very simple:
Our casino only allow one account from an IP.
We are also sure that and confident that a good impartial investigation will prove that we treat all the users who have more than one accounts in a single IP no matter they win or loose the money in our casino.

Besides, the chatting history cannot hardly to prove anything.
We already state this opinion to the AskGambler.

In our casino, to cash out the winning is never a problem only if the player follows the terms.
It is clear that we can never reach any agreement on this.
So maybe we should ask AskGambler how to deal with this issue.

fehfeh Suriname Message
Posted on August 11, 2017

Hello Bitcoin Penguin,

You say that you have read my comments and you admit that you did not investigate the problem.
I try to deliver proof that i did NOT use multiple/duplicate accounts. This is the reason why i sent you the chats. You do not accept the chats as evidence.
Bitcoinpenguin, you say only 1 account per IP.
I have already stated that it is IMPOSSIBLE that these socalled duplicate accounts have been playing from the same IP at the same time.
Bitcoin penguin, you did not provide ANY evidence to proof me wrong and you have also not asked me if i could provide any other evidence to proof that i am right.

If Askgamblers does not mind to conduct an impartial investigation, I have no problems with that.
But i will not have anyone judge solely on what is stated here. A proper investigation is needed and it will proof that you are wrong.

Posted on August 15, 2017

Unfortunately, Casino BitcoinPenguin Casino team failed to provide enough solid and reasonable proofs that could justify their decision to confiscate legitimate winnings. Therefore, AskGamblers Complaints Team have no other options, but to close the case as Unresolved and advise player that further assistance on the disputed issue could be requested from the relevant regulatory body.

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