Captain Jack Casino - bonus scam

posted on March 30, 2014.

I was sent a bonus to be able to try out a new slot game. I was playing and had some good luck so I wanted to see how I was doing as far as fulfilling the requirements to be able to with draw the max. The customer service person said I was just playing for fun and the I am not eligible for any withdrawal. That is not what the email stated and they allowed me to play like it was for real. I expect to be given the 200.00 max allowed under the bonus bigbite100.

posted on April 2, 2014.

Hi crashe22,

There is no 'bonus scam'. Had you read our Terms & Conditions, we state clearly that using multiple free chips in a row would disqualify you from withdrawing. If you use a free chip and whether you win on that chip or lose, you would need to make a real money deposit if you expect to withdraw on your next free chip. In your case, you had NO real money deposits but had several free chips in succession:

02-08-2014 COUPON WELCOME50 $ 50 lost

03-07-2014 COUPON HAPPYBIRTHDAY $ 50 lost

03-16-2014 COUPON 50GETLUCKY $ 50 lost

03-16-2014 COUPON CHARTER $ 100 lost

03-20-2014 COUPON MOBILECASINOPARTY $ 100 lost

03-20-2014 COUPON IRELAND $ 100 lost

03-29-2014 COUPON BIGBITE100 $ 100 WON

I'm sorry, but I believe it's clear why your withdrawal would be declined.


posted on April 3, 2014.

I was notified of any of the information you stated in your reply. I was allowed to redeem bonus and it showed the balance as real money the whole time. You should not send free bonus chips to emails if you are just trying to lure people in so you can ripoff their money. Make sure I am taken off of your email list. I would not do business with a shady operation such as yours. I will make sure to tell all my blog readers about your corrupt practices.