Eurofortune Casino - Took almost half of my withdrawal for no reason

Luna08 Germany
posted on February 21, 2015.

Hello, on 30. Jan 15 i have Withdrawal of 200 EUR from a Free Chip( 20EUR). The Maximum Withdrawal was 200. But i only got 70 EUR. I do not understand. In there Terms says the Maximum Withdrawal was 150. And with all the Fees and the 20 from the Freechip, the Minimum to pay where 140 and not 70
I Hate it really. I got no information, nobody can help me and nobody can tell me the Reason.
Sorry my English is not well, but ihope you understand me.
And i Deposit bevor 2 Times.
For this 70 EUR i wait 19 Days!!!
Bad the Casino need to pay 70 more.
My regulär Withdrawal of 200 are cancelled from the Casino.
But the Maximum Withdrawal was 200!!!!!

Thank you very much

Can you help
Thank you very much

posted on February 23, 2015.

Hello there,

The miscommunication seems to be caused by the max amount. Since this is a FREE chip, you have a max withdrawal amount of 100.

See term 4.8 of our terms and conditions:

"4.8. Free bonuses (Comps, Free Chips) are playable bonuses awarded to player so they may play free of charge. Free bonuses have a different wagering requirement than other bonuses, and have a fixed withdrawal limit of no more than 100 Credits (100 $,€,£,AUD, or 1000 ZAR). Any remaining or extra balance is 'Non-Withdrawable' and is to be cleared from a player's balance. Each player is allowed to withdraw winnings from a free bonus only once during his/her gaming lifetime unless specifically approved by the casino manager."

Since all withdrawals have a processing fee of 10-40, the amount sent was 70.

Kind Regards,

Casino Support

posted on February 23, 2015.

This complaint is resolved. We recommend to the player to read Terms and Conditions more carefully before he/she claim a bonus.