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Buzzluck Casino - Failures with processing my withdrawal

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Buzzluck Casino
Reason Declined payment
dawynsmith United States Message
Posted on May 16, 2014

I had hoped I could avoid filing another complaint, but it seems it is a required function when trying to withdraw. Although Buzzluck denies I signed up through they are indeed falsifying information. Can they prove I signed up more than 6 months ago? Upgrading a hard drive should not constitute losing the casino deal stamp. I had never heard of their casino until I saw it on this website. Nevertheless my withdrawal request has taken longer than I want. They received my documents on November 19th. Approved them on the 21st, and still have not approved the withdrawal. I contacted them via chat and was told to sign up through OKPAY to get my money faster, but OKPAY is worse! I sent the very same documents that I sent to the casino with more detail, and they still haven’t authorized my documents! What I got was more delays and stress. Anyway, I went on chat again this morning (November 28th) to ask for a check to be mailed only to be told that their check system is not working. What is this about? I decided to go through them because they had more options than some named casinos on this site, so why is it that when you go to use the listed withdrawal options do they mysteriously no longer available? Guys please handle this for me. This complaining is becoming so tedious and aggravating.

November 6th- I contacted Buzzluck again via chat regarding my withdrawal, and even after changing my method again to PAYMYCARD, the funds still sit. Now I am being told that "the cashier" will be emailed (again) tomorrow for processing. Do I need to go over the timelines again? Business Day 12 gone

November 11th- I have been very patient with the handling of this complaint. I now feel that I have to go out to other blogs about the continuous failures to process my withdrawal. November 19th was my initial request, and here it is December 11th and all I get is we will contact the cashier to make it urgent…allow 2 business days. THIS IS A TRAVESTY!

What is going on? I will just say BUZZLUCK has no money to pay on their withdrawals and call it a day.

Posted on February 25, 2014

Hi dawynsmith,

I am a new rep here running through unresolved complaints, I have checked your account and I can see that your withdrawal was processed shortly after the complaint was lodged.

Also I can see that you are still playing with us, so I am guessing that you are happy at BuzzLuck and we can close down this complaint?

Best Regards


Posted on February 25, 2014


I hope you are well?

I can see that the withdrawal was paid shortly after the complaint was made, also I can see that you are still playing with BuzzLuck so I am guessing that all issues are resolved and we can close down this complaint.



Posted on March 4, 2014

 dawynsmith, is this issue resolved? Please declare!

Posted on March 5, 2014

 Player informed our support that the case is resolved!

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