Casino Royal Club - Bonus given and then changed terms

dleroy46 United States
posted on June 14, 2015.

I was offered a promotion last night by David to play with 100 dollar deposit and he would give me 666 bonus and the playthrough was 30x or 22,980. I asked him how would I know where I was on the promotion and he said go to the lobby and look at the comp points or go to live chat which of course was closed shortly after I started. I played and won $1,389.40 and contacted live chat and told them I had met promotion since my points were at 25,915 and couldn't withdraw. The rep said I hadn't met promotion. I said I did the math and based on the promotion which wasn't on the site but conveyed to me re chat, I had met it. He told me to talk to David who was the one who gave it in 12 hours. I get on today and David advises the promotion he gave me was some type of competition and the highest people win. I said what are you talking about - he then said he called me and told me about it. I never talked to him and the only reason I took the promotion he stated on chat was because it was written down and there was no mention of a tournament. Then he says to me the day before I got $200 free play and he kept track of my comp points on a piece of paper and they weren't listed on my acct. and I would have another 13,275 to play. I have an email from cashier with the comp points I had before I started promotion but new nothing about this written down one. So I played and went down to 448 once I met his 13,275 and then he comes back and says I have to earn another 8,000 comp points before I withdraw.

I read the reviews of the casinos in this country and I should of believed them but this guy was convincing when he called me last week. Don't be a fool like me. This is the second time this has happened to me that I get offered a promotion, they state it in chat, and then make up things when they go along. I am done with casinos like this. EVERYONE IN THE US STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted on June 22, 2015.

Any update considering this complaint? Thank you.