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Betmotion Casino - Failed to credit my deposit + bonus after 3 days!

chaser1122 Canada
posted on November 4, 2014.

casino hold my deposit and bonus this is never happened to me this is something new why would you hold my deposit to be verified only withdraw should be hold not deposits i waited 3 days almost 4 days sent id and everything and i get email back saying send id please and i sent id 3 times and chat support didnt help look at this chat i was with chat for over an hour

Your Question: i have sent my id from my email and have not got my deposit and bonus yet im very unhappy this isnt profetional ill post this on ask gamblers this is very dispointing my first deposit and waiting 3 days and i get email saying i didnt send id but i did
Please wait, an operator will be with you shortly.
You are now chatting with Manuela Dutra (Staff) - Liberação créditos
19:30evan shabo: any english starffr
19:31Manuela Dutra: Hello. How may I assist you?
19:31Manuela Dutra: Please hold one moment while I check your account.
19:31evan shabo: i have sent my id 3 times now and after waiting 3 days
19:31evan shabo: i get message saying please send back and front of id
19:31evan shabo: i have sent it 3 times already
Leandro da Silva (CS staff) has joined the conference.
Manuela Dutra has left the conversation.
19:32Leandro da Silva: Would you please confirm me your user name ?
19:32evan shabo: evanoevanob1
19:32evan shabo: my deposit and bonus not added
19:33evan shabo: this never happened to me before and waiting 3 days just to get wrong answer
19:34Leandro da Silva: Please hold one moment while I check your account.
19:37Leandro da Silva: Thanks for wait.
19:37Leandro da Silva: By what method did the deposit?
19:38evan shabo: visa
19:38evan shabo: preapaid visa
19:43Leandro da Silva: Plase send for us your, residence proof, document ID and the front of the card to suppor­[email protected]­etm­oti­ We released your deposit on few 48 business hours.
19:44evan shabo: id id
19:44evan shabo: 3 times now
19:44evan shabo: and i waited 3 days
19:44Leandro da Silva: Let me check.
19:44evan shabo: i have sent it just now and friday
19:44Leandro da Silva: We send of your personal email?
19:44evan shabo: you send me an email asking me for the same thing
19:45evan shabo: and i cant call nothing there is no number
19:45evan shabo: i have to wait another 2 days just to hear wrong answer like i waited 3 days now my deposit on hold and bonus
19:46evan shabo: i was supposed to get 80?$ bonus i put bonus code too
19:46Leandro da Silva: Sir.
19:47Leandro da Silva: You send the front of your credit card?
19:47evan shabo: no id
19:47evan shabo: why you need credit card now
19:47evan shabo: they asked me for proof of id not credit card
19:47Leandro da Silva: Plase send for us.
19:47evan shabo: ok can you check it now
19:48evan shabo: i dont wanna wait 3 days again
19:48evan shabo: are you going to check it now
19:48Leandro da Silva: Send now and i send to the relevant department to released now.
19:48evan shabo: ok one minute
19:48evan shabo: stay please i dont wanna wait 3 days again and its prepaid card give me a minute ill send it thank you
19:48Leandro da Silva: No Sir.
19:49Leandro da Silva: I wil be wait.
19:49evan shabo: ok ty
20:00evan shabo: hello ok im sending it now
20:00evan shabo: 2 seconds will be sent
20:00evan shabo: ok i sent it now
20:00evan shabo: its vanilla visa card
20:03evan shabo: i have emailed you the visa pictures
20:06Leandro da Silva: Ok-
20:16evan shabo: are you working on it?
20:17Leandro da Silva: Yes Sr.
20:17evan shabo: thank you
20:17evan shabo: i deposit and play alot so in the future i dont wanna have problems
20:18evan shabo: i heard good review about this casnino and i dont wanna be dispointed
20:20Leandro da Silva: I understand Sir.
20:20Leandro da Silva: But its about your security.
20:20evan shabo: ok its ok but i just dont wanna be days
20:21Leandro da Silva: On future you dont have any problems with this method.
20:21evan shabo: ok
20:21evan shabo: but i use gift visa cards alot though
20:21evan shabo: because they are easy and i use them one time and hope that wont be a problem
20:44Leandro da Silva: Sir?
20:44evan shabo: hi
20:45evan shabo: im still waiting
20:48evan shabo: are they going to release my bonus today
20:48evan shabo: and my deposit
20:53evan shabo: ?
20:57Leandro da Silva: Sorry Sir. but i send your case to the relevant departament.
20:57evan shabo: omg
20:57evan shabo: this is too much i gotta wait now another 3 days
20:57Leandro da Silva: At the moment i dont have answer.
20:57Leandro da Silva: Please.
20:57evan shabo: ok but i waited for you and i just got an answer now
20:57Leandro da Silva: Enter tomorrow on the customer.
20:58evan shabo: i wont deposit here gain for sure
20:58Leandro da Silva: On the morning.
20:58Leandro da Silva: I do the possible to release now.
20:58Leandro da Silva: No, please enter in the moring on business hours.
20:58evan shabo: yes but i waited 3 days already and they told me i didnt saend id
20:59evan shabo: they shouldnt hold my deposit
20:59evan shabo: all casinos dont hold any deposit this is the only casino holding deposit
20:59evan shabo: caisnos only hold withdraws when someone has to verify their account not hold deposit and bonuses this is something new
21:00Leandro da Silva: Yes Sir. i understand
21:00Leandro da Silva: .
21:00evan shabo: if they dont realease the deposit or bonus why do they take it
21:00evan shabo: so its ok to take the money but its not ok to release it
21:00Leandro da Silva: Sir. I understand your case. But i do the possible to liberate your deposit now.
21:01Leandro da Silva: Please tomorrow access the customer.
21:01Leandro da Silva: On morning.
21:01Leandro da Silva: Sorry for the inconvenience.

posted on November 6, 2014.

Dear Mr. Shabo,
We'd like to apologise for the inconvenience, but we´d like to inform you that our employee acted according to our security policies related to first deposits made by Credit Card that request the required documents in order to release the deposit and allow the method to your account. So there´s no need to send us any other document.
According to our Support, we received your documents on the Saturday, the 1st. As informed in the chat and via email, we manage a 48 business hours term to release your first deposit. In our registrations we verify that your deposit was released on Tuesday, the 4th. Therefore, your deposit was released within our regular term.
Any doubt, please feel free to contact us anytime.
Your sincerely,

posted on November 7, 2014.

Dear @chaser1122,
Can you please confirm that this issue is resolved? Thank you.