BetCruise - Verification issues

posted on February 15, 2014.


Please someone help account on Betraiser was blocked because they detected 3 hardware intersection from the same IP adress.The problem is that I live in a student campus and there several students work with the same ip adress...Nobody from Betraiser dont listen me.....When i playing a tournament my notebook software was crashed and i tried quickly to login from another notebook and probably this is the reason that im accused by "hardware intersection".

I dont have several accounts on Betraiser....please someone help me because i want justice.

posted on February 20, 2014.

My login is guzzyetc

posted on February 21, 2014.

A final decision was made in 2011. Our security team has indisputable evidence that the terms and conditions were violated. In the terms and conditions it is written that only one account can come from a computer. An investigation was made, and the decision was final.

posted on February 21, 2014.

I see that again you don't want to read and analyze my explanation.The only account on betraiser is guzzyetc...i will continue with my complaint until someone will read my explanation...and i will continue because i know that im not guilty.Is not my guilty that i live in a student campus...if you have experts in IT probably can understand my explanation.

Please give me a website with your gambling commision....