Casino confiscated whole balance of 3700!

slotoalan Canada
posted on April 23, 2012.

I recently played at

I claimed the deopsited 500 and claimed the sign up bonus of 1000.

Played slots and reached balance of 3700. (was half way through wagering requirements).

Stopped playing and logged in next day to continue playing.

Kept playing and notice that the wagering bar is not decreasing after playing through for a long time.

Notify support and support told me that bonuses don't count towards wagering requirements.

Didn't know what to do because I never thought that my balance was bonus because those are my winngs, not my bonus. Therefore thought that my balance could never be withdrawn if i continue playing and the only outcome would be to lose everything because according to them my whole balance is bonus. (they did not let me know that I could deposit real money to finish the wagering)

after that I tried to cancel the bonus of 1000, because I think their rules doesn't make sense and just would like to cash out my own deposit and winnings, after pressing cancel, both my balance and bonus disappeared, which left me with 0 balance.

Tried to contact them and tell them i didn't want that and they say that because my whole balance is bonus it has been cancel.

I don't understand how they could take everything, my whole balance of 3700 without my consent and won't even let me finish my wagering.

If they have explained to me that i should deposit and finish the wagering, i would do so. But at other online casinos when u make a new deposit , it will screw up the current balance.

I want them to reinstate my balance of 3700 and let me finish the wagering requirements.

posted on June 5, 2012.

 This case has been resolved - 

ASK GAMBLERS - where cn i respond to this complaint? you have no respond button available, i can only comment!

posted on June 9, 2012.

 slotoalan, please, can you confirm this complaint is solved?

slotoalan Canada
posted on June 9, 2012.

Hi there

Sorry for the slow reply

Casino is very good and honest.,

Payout is very fast after finishing the wagering requirements with my deposit ONLY.

Manager Igor is very honest person and handles my case very well.

I can recommend this casino to other players!

Once again, sorry for the slow response in replying to this complaint because I was on a business trip. They fix my case right away after the complaint.

Thank you askgamblers and Igor

posted on June 13, 2012.

 This complaint is solved!