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Wayne Casino - Bet amount changed automatically

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Wayne Casino
Reason Software glitch
Inactive user
Posted on April 26, 2016

First of all I would like to say that my experience at waynecasino was very good. Nice casino, good games and swift withdrawals.

However I did run into a software error. I've played 1.000's of spins at WayneCasino as is stated in my gaming history. All of those spins were made between 0,20€ and 1,00€ each never higher.

When my balance was at €260 something I started playing Starmania slot at 0,50€ a spin on autoplay. When the autoplay stopped i chose to push a few more spins manually at 0,50€ because I was still up. After a few spins I literally saw my balance change from €260, to €148 at once. The spin was valued at 20,00€ and apparentelly i spin for 6 times and won 8,00€ on the final spin. Or 112€ lost.
I never ever adjusted the bet nor did I ever even went to settings.

I immediatly contacted support and asked them to check in to the problem.
They acknowlidged the problem and could check my history.
They said they would ask the gamesprovider (NYX) to see what happened and maybe I accidentelly hit the Maxbet button (hiwever I never adjusted the bet and the game history can support that, due to the times in beteeen spins is only 4/5 seconds) After contacting support the stated that I would get an answer soon and probably the same day,they were waiting for NYX to look into the game.
After a day I didn't get any answer and contacted support again. Still no answer.
The same after 3 days and a week.

After a week I asked them to preasure the provider and if the provider couldn't respond in a desent timeframe the casino should take action on it's own (i'm a customer of the casino not of the gameprovider).
Still I only heared that they were waiting for an answer from the gameprovider and would like to know what happened before they could offer a solution a give me my money back.

Now two weeks later I still got the same response; we are waiting for NYX to respond.
I don't think this is any way of customer care and i'm very dissapointed in WayneCasino. The only hide behind the software developer, but what if they don't ever answer. A good Casino should act on it's own if this is taking to long. Specialy since my game history clearly shows I would never ever bet that high. However WayneCasino doesn't answer me in any way and only hides behind the software developer. This is ridiculous since i'm not a customer of NYX but a customer of WayneCasino.
NYX didn't steel my 112€ but WayneCasino took it of my balance.

I would like this issue to be resolved as soon as possible since it's been two weeks already and I still haven't got any answer.
But i'm still "robbed" of 112€

I was a frequent player and depositor at WayneCasino and was probably going to play there for a long time, however after this incident I totally lost any faith of good customer care / support by WayneCasino in every way.

Posted on April 27, 2016

Hi Joebanjo88,

Thank you for your complaint and your patience.

The game provider has finally answered us regarding to the issue with your game, and they did not find any errors or malfunction of the game at the time you were playing. They therefore conclude that you must have accidentally clicked the Max Bet button (the image with the coins, next to up/down bet buttons), which determined the stake to change.

It's an easy mistake to make when those bet buttons are so close to each other.

We're sorry there's not much we can do in this issue, but we hope this will not stop you in having a good time again at our casino.

Best Regards,

Posted on April 30, 2016

Based on evidence provided by Wayne Casino management, AskGamblers Complaints Team can confirm that there was no malfunction of the game at the time when a player was playing.

AskGamblers Complaints Team considers this case as Resolved and it is now officially closed. In the case of a disagreement with our decision we remind the player that further assistance on this matter could be requested from the relevant licensing authority responsible for Wayne Casino.

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