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Berrycasino - Terrible refund experience about $50


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$ 50

gator3030 Quebec
Posted on August 5, 2022

Joined Berrycasino well over a month ago, July 1st. Decided to take advantage of the welcome package and deposited 50 cad.

Played my wager for over an hour perhaps even 90 mins only to receive a message to the effect that I wasn’t allowed to play on the casino. I was on a profit, at that time. It should be noted. I guess if one loses their money right away, it would go down differently… so Berrycasino is owned by N1, and not being allowed to play there, end up having to ask for a refund of my deposit. Fair enough.

Then, the real nightmare begins. First casino access is quickly cut off, meaning I can only communicate with the casino via email… or live chat when it’s even open. How very efficient. So I proceed with my request first using their live chat support line and then a lot of time passes, I get contacted on July the 18th by their support member, Mike. After explaining my situation, he asks me to somehow login to the casino and upload my documents there….. not kidding. I then explain to him that my access had been revoked and he tells me that I should upload my documents straight to e-mail, obviously not encrypted in any way. At this moment I thought, the sheer amateurism is puzzling….

But having no other choice I proceed to upload all documents. IDs pictures, front and back. Debit card screenshots, Bank screenshots, proof of address… you name it. I send all of these over e-mail. All of these are sent their way, we are July 14th. Then the casino communication gets worse to absolutely bad. They are telling me they will take care of it, they ask me for my full bank information in order to process with a wire. I go ahead and give my information. At one point a certain Simon S from slotman which is another casino owned by another group (go figure…) steps in to help, or so I thought. Simons tells me they had kicked back the transaction. Except my method of deposit is Interac and they are merely a payment processor, they do not hold funds whatsoever. It was a made up reason. Then Simon assures me on July the 26th that the next day, it would get taken care of. And then, complete silence.

Many attempts to reach either Simon or Anyone at Berrycasino support getting completely ignored. In my (rough estimate) 20 years or so gambling online, I have never witnessed such bad faith behavior or at times at the very least complete amateurism and lack of understanding or will to actually fix my very simple problem, getting a mere 50 dollars refund. Absolutely mind boggling and shocking to be treated like that especially when you comply with everything they have been asking of you. I’m hoping for a quick resolve, because at this point I am completely drained and will escalate to further, more concrete means if this doesn’t get dealt with promptly. It’s been 34 days. Regards

gator3030 Quebec
Posted on August 5, 2022

Complaint no longer requited given that the casino has reached out to me and is finalizing the refund.
I confirm the cancelling of the complaint.

Posted on April 20, 2024

The complaint has been rejected as per submitter's own request.