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Tropicana Gold Casino - Money disappeared from my balance

posted on July 2, 2015.

I have a NDB for $150 available for withdrawal. I've verified my master card credit card and realised they only accept VISA. I asked the customer service via email that what they advise? but I've not receive any reply from them at all even tip this moment. ALL the reply is a support ticket is created...

As i desperately want to withdraw my money, I tried to withdraw $50 to my eco pay account as the maximum is $100 for eco pay withdrawal and minimum withdrawal from the casino is $100. SO I just Trying if i can withdrawal just $50 first. So i proceeded and it pops up an notice stating that I do not have the minimum amount to withdraw. So i continue to try to withdraw $100 and I relies my withdrawal balance becomes $50 instead of the $150. Then I saw there is a pending withdrawal via eco pay at $50. SO WHERE DID my $50 gone? I panicked and I thought there's a glitch, thus I cancelled the eco pay withdrawal and hope that my $150 will be back in my available account. To my horror, Now my account is left with $50 and the eco pay withdrawal is cancelled. So I lost $100 just trying to withdraw.... now my available balance is $50 and I have since emailed the support and customer service and accounts department which I'm advise to contact them by the chat room in the casino. Until today. there is no reply. it has been 1 week. Can someone please advise? my ticket number is 5762897

posted on July 6, 2015.

Any update considering your compliant? Thank you.

posted on July 6, 2015.


No reply from them yet. Considered I've sent another email to the support,accounts and customer service departments, all I received is an automated email from the customer service department.

posted on July 8, 2015.


I've got a reply from the casino. and here's what they said:

"Good day! We apologize for late replay.
Upon canceling payout request your real money balance moves to bonus balance.

You can continue playing, and when you wager another bonus you will be eligible for cashout."

Basically, the ecopayz withdrawal that is cancelled is so called return to my bonus balance. however my balance is still $50.

I gave up on emailing them and waiting a week for reply so I wager that remaining $50 and once i met the maximum withdrawal amount for NDB which is $150, I withdrawed out. At the withdrawal page, I also realised their system has changed. previously using ECOPAYZ has no service charge and the Maximum withdrawal is $100, however now it has a $31 +1% procesing fee and the minimum withdrawal is $100. Let's see how long it takes for the withdrawal to reach my account.

I'm not sure if this is considered RESOLVED as they have not done anything regarding my missing $100 balance. Oh well, it's a NDB anyway, I guess I'm lucky enough to able to get it withdraw.