Vegas Strip Casino - Approved Withdrawal Split Without My Consent

bg1221 United States
posted on May 6, 2015.

On 04/29/2015, I requested a bank wire withdrawal for $2,252.00 On 05/06/2015, my withdrawal was approved surprisingly for only half of the amount $1,126.00 , and the remainder amount or other half $1,126.00 was setup/resetted by Vegas Strip as a check withdrawal request dated 05/06/2015. I consider Vegas Strip to be a reputable casino. I am requesting that my $2,252.00 winnings be paid in full, via bank wire as originally requested.

bg1221 United States
posted on May 9, 2015.

Today, 05/08/2015, I tried logging into my Vegas Strip Casino account. I was denied login, and access to account. A pop-up message instructed me to contact the casino's customer service number. A great gaming experience has now turned into frustration, and confusion. I'm perplexed, and shocked... I risked my money, and won. I am single mom and requesting that the remainder of my winnings in the amount of $2,252.00 be paid out in full, and sent to me as requested via bank wire by Vegas Strip Casino.

bg1221 United States
posted on May 12, 2015.

I have just found out from other gamblers that VegasStrip rob players money too, I am very furious about this, i win and VegasStrip steal my money/winnings and close my account for no reason because i won, I request that my winnings be sent to me by Vegas Strip Casino immediately. This is not right what they do to player , they are related to the other casinos i did not know, they steal player money. This not right.