Planet 7 Casino - Approved payment on April 22 still unpaid

mhvilla10 United States
posted on August 3, 2016.

Planet 7 Casino approved my winning on April 22, 2016 for $1,703.00. The problem I experienced was during that week I received a fake IRS called and not knowing how to handle this problem I called Planet 7 to ask for help. They were very pleasant and said they would investigate. I've written numerous emails and made several calls to see what is taking so long. They said they've assigned someone to my case and would get back to me in a week. This is now August, 2016 and no calls or emails giving me any updates on when they would pay me. My casino name is mhwinner, and they have this email mrs***­***­***­@gm­ My old phone # was (951)292-**** and my new phone # is now (951) 603-****.
I tried to work with Ally, Escalations Manager and Shane Smith, Manager from Planet 7. They both have said to wait but now it's been too long and they haven't paid me.
I do have a copy of their congratulations letter to me for the $1,703.00 that Planet 7 has not paid. They also requested I include this reference #LTK12166018954218X when I send any emails.
Maria **************

posted on August 4, 2016.

Hi MHVilla--

I've spent the better part of the afternoon digging through live chats and emails, trying to understand what has happened here. I'll address most of it here, but I'm also asking Lea, our top Escalations Manager to contact you, tomorrow. I'll explain:

All of the problems you're experiencing stem from your decision to state that the IRS contacted you regarding a wire you were receiving (I have the chat transcripts should AskGamblers require them). You pointedly asked if this was some sort of scam, because of this so-called call from the IRS.

We take issues VERY seriously when someone mentions the IRS. As a result, we've closed your account--whether you received a call from the IRS (which is highly unlikely, as the IRS does not make random phone calls) or this was some sort of phishing call, we're not going to take any chances. This protects the interest of everyone involved.

We do need to get you paid, however, we're going to have to find an alternative to checks or wires at this point. To that end, I'm asking Lea to get in touch with you, tomorrow (she's already gone home for the day).

Last, you made a comment in one of your emails that I feel strongly must be addressed. You stated: "I wanted to know if Planet 7 will pay me regardless of the time waisted on trying to discourage a professional Hispanic female from getting paid what I won fairly on Planet 7."

I'm not certain what you were getting at by stating you were Hispanic--this makes ZERO difference to anyone within our operations and it's insulting and offensive that you should bring this into the situation. Further, our operations are based in Costa Rica, where nearly 90% of the company's employees are Hispanic. I'm just left scratching my head that you would have made such an inference.

I'll speak with Lea in the morning and I will follow this until all is resolved.


mhvilla10 United States
posted on August 6, 2016.

Hi Tawni,
Thank you for your quick response concerning my complaint that Planet 7 has not paid my approved winnings April 22 for $1,703.00. My Planet 7 username: m***********, email I use: mrs***­***­***­***­***­@ga­ I totally agree with you that anyone receiving IRS calls should be taken seriously. Unfortunately, I did get a scam recorded call claiming to be the IRS. Planet 7 closed my on line gambling account without notification and when I asked why they said they needed time to investigate this matter. I'm not sure 3 months later Planet 7 casino has had enough time to investigate this scam call. Secondly, regarding a comment regarding my Mexican Female Heritage as a possible problem was directed to Planet 7 Management who kept ignoring my emails. Then after sending them several emails would

I finally received a pre-made email from Planet 7 Management department saying they've referred my case to someone who would get back to me in a week. Well, that week is now 3 months later and no written response or a phone call to inform me of their findings. I hope Planet 7 will contact me when they'll pay me because I won fairly before any scam call was made to my home. I do hope Ally, Escalation manager contacts me with good news or Shane Smith, Manager at Planet 7. However, it's Saturday and no one from Planet 7 has contact me so far. Thank you Tawni for all your support to help me resolve my no payment compliant.
Maria ***************

posted on August 10, 2016.

Hi MHVilla--

I've spoken with Lea and I do see that this issue is now on better footing. She's received your Bitcoin information and I'm quite certain you should receive payment within the next 24-48 hours.

Thank you for your understanding with this.


posted on August 12, 2016.

Hi MHVilla--

I've checked on things and I see that we've now made the payment to you via Bitcoin--I'm very happy we've been able to resolve this. ;-)

All the best,