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SASHP12 United Kingdom Message
Posted on June 13, 2016


3 days ago I logged into my Kerching casino account with no problems at all deposited £30 and won after a couple of hours £201 i requested a withdrawal. Having not played on this site in a while nor ever having a withdrawal from there company i phoned up just to see how long the withdrawal process takes etc they looked into my account and said 3 working days which was today Friday 10th June. I logged into my account around 10am this morning to discover the Withdrawal said void so again i phoned to be told i had requested a self exclusion back in February (which i didnt specifically remember as i play on many sites and sometimes exclude to restrict myself a little for a while) as i could log in and deposit and played never would have guessed i had requested exclusion on this. i was told there system obviously hadnt processed the exclusion properly to my reply was well then if you will let me deposit play and win then my withdrawal should be honored they have so far declined my withdrawal and said i can have my deposit back. Although i originally requested the exclude it is not my error that it wasnt processed i have never had the exclusion email acknowledged signed clicked anything from there end it was a sent email from me with no response and no action. i believe as its there error the withdrawal of £201 won fairly should be honored!

Posted on June 16, 2016

Dear @SASHP12,

Please let us know if there's some update on your issue.