Gibson Casino - After wagering requirement met, all winning and bonus removed

alekviolet United Kingdom
posted on February 10, 2015.

I have deposited £30 and use special bonus (8333%) when in the end when all wagering requirement are met you can withdrawal 0,25 of bonus amount (in my case £625). I did met wagering requirement and requested to withdrawal the money (£620). I have been asked to send scan of ID and Utility Bill which I also did. Then I have received an email (please find attached) that the withdrawal has been cancelled due to some T&C. It says that people from some country including Poland had some restriction, however I do not leave in Poland i am resident of UK (almost 10 years) and UK is not on this list. I had never this issue before on any other casino therefore I am writing to you for some help.

alekviolet United Kingdom
posted on February 13, 2015.

Seems like there is nothing 'ask gamblers' can do here as I have received following response from gibson casino:
We will not respond on Askgamblers as we do not recognise that site as
it allowing liars and cheats to post whatever they feel like to
discredit a casino.

Anyone can post whatever they feel like and the owner, I*** S*********
allows it, because page views are more important to him than the
credibility of the casinos that pay his salary.


I will try to seek help elsewhere. As per suggestion, I am contacting Internet Gambling Assosiation (+ some other advisors). Also Customer Service level is terrible there - they called me "just another bonus abuser..." I played a lot in casino, lost some money here and gain elsewhere, unfortunately like probably most of players I generally losing, so it is really frustrating that when I won something I am not able to withdraw it...

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