Jackpot Jungle Casino - Advertises Free Bank Wire, but says there's fee?

posted on June 5, 2015.

Off a $60.00 deposit without a bonus attached. I won $651.63 at JackpotJungle Casino. I found out after placing a withdrawal that as per there terms and rules, I would only be able to cash out 5x my deposit amount no matter how much money i won. So $60 deposit x 5X = $300 , and the rest of my $351.63 winnings would be removed from my casino balance and forfieted by the casino. So during my chat with jackpot Jungle Rep., I am told that a Bank Wire Fee will be deducted from my withdrawal. However, the Jackpot Jungle withdrawal page displays Bank Wire withdrawals are free. I am requesting that winnings be sent Fee Free as advertised on the Jackpot Jungle Casino withdrawal page.

posted on June 8, 2015.

After finding out by Jackpot Jungle Casino Rep., that they would be charging me a Bank Wire fee to send my withdrawal, when the casino advertises FEE FREE Bank Wire Withdrawals, (see attached picture) I now have found out my account has been closed by Jackpot Jungle Casino, and i have not received my withdrawal/payment. So not only is this casino screwing me over by capping my withdrawal amount to 5x my deposit, screwing me over by telling me they are going to charge me a fee for bank wire, they have now closed my account and i have not received paymet. Absolutely horrible.... All Player Do Note: "If a player deposits $100.00 of their OWN MONEY, and wins $5,000.00, Jackpot Jungle Casino will only allow player to withdrawal $500.00 of their $5,000.00 winnings or 5x there deposit amount. And the remainder of winnings $4,500.00 will go back into players account balance to be left their unwithdrawable, or as the Jackpot Jungle Casino rep, indicated to me during live chat, at the discretion of the casino remaining funds/winnings can be removed from the players balance and forfieted. Another example, you deposit $50.00 of your own money and hit a large Jackpot for $50,000 , guess what you will only be able to withdraw $250.00 of that 50K jackpot and the rest of your money/winnings will be left unwithdrawable forever. For me they closed my account, and i haven't even got paid yet, and trying to rob me more by charging me a bank wire fee, when they advertise Fee Free Bank Wires. I am requesting that Jackpot Jungle refund me back all of my deposits i made into my casino account within a one - two day period, which equates: $500, $40, $25, $60 = $625.00 I'd much rather get all my deposits back rather than get screwed over by having my winnings capped to 5x my deposit amount.

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