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Ace Live Casino - Don't pay 7000 EUR


Complaint Info

Disputed casino

Ace Live Casino
Posted on May 16, 2014

Acelive Casino sent me an exclusive offer of 500 for 500 in the mail.

They sent after I lost before in their casino and they could see exactly how I play and my play style which was all ok according to their terms and condition.

I placed a risky bet with the 1000 I had and won big then I continued over 100 a spin all in their live roulette to complete over 40,000 in wagering and won 7000.

The bet at the beginning was a risky bet while the wagering bets were less risky but still on 12 numbers or less over 100 per spin which is still very risky.

It is not against their terms so they had to bring the "We reserve the right" well known bullshit.

Again, I say I played the welcome bonus exactly the same but they still wanted me back with an exclusive offer coming from the casino manager Gordon Allan.

These people will steal your money once you win and once you lose, avoid this deceptive operation.

Dear S

In relation to your membership on Ace Live Casino we have carefully studied your recent gaming activity and have determined that you are clearly not a recreational player but rather abusing our bonus offers for profit. Your wagering behavior is in violation of our Bonus Terms & Conditions, which you agreed to upon registering your account.

Below you can find reference to the term you violated:

11.1 All our promotions are designed for those genuine players who may be interested in continuing their membership and playing at the casino and are not averse to betting with and gambling their own money. Any and all promotion may be considered void at any moment to those persons or groups suspected of abuse or having a record of promotional abuse or fraud at Ace LiveCasino or with any of their merchant affiliates. Any winnings accrued by such persons or groups shall be considered null and void and shall be withheld.

In summary:

- You only deposit when there is a 100% match bonus available.

- After depositing and receiving your bonus you wager your entire balance on 1 or 2 spins of roulette in an effort to maximize a win with bonus funds. This is very unusual bankroll management for a genuine player and is classic behavior of bonus abusers.

- If you win your first few spins, you seek only to meet the wagering requirement at which point you request a withdrawal, profiting from the use of bonus funds.

Since May you have deposited €1,000 via Neteller and received €1,100 in bonuses. While playing our games you have made a €5,400 profit since May by abusing our generous bonuses and at this point we are closing your account indefinitely. We will refund your €1,000 of Neteller deposits so that you remain financially neutral. All further winnings have been voided.

I would like to say that we sincerely regret having to take this decision, which is not taken lightly but given the above transgressions we have no choice in order that we meet the compliance regulations stipulated clearly in our terms and conditions.

We have spent an extensive amount of time reviewing your activity and this decision is final.


John < surname removed >

Ace Live Casino Senior Compliance Officer

Posted on September 6, 2013


Ace Live Casino does not steal money and make small and large payouts on a daily basis to recreational players.

However we regret to advise that in this case and having studied the gaming activity of this player in detail we determined that this was clearly not recreational play as we see with other players but rather bonus abuse with the differences in the game play given in our email to the player.

John < surname removed >

Ace Live Casino Senior Compliance Officer

Posted on September 6, 2013

I am not a new player and the account was not new. You saw how I am playing, how come you sent me an exclusive offer in the Email indicating it is exclusive for me while you think I am a professional player or is it as long as you lose you are a great player and most valuable but once you win you become a professional and we decide not to pay.

I got special invitation from Gordon Allan the casino manager, he is not stupid, he is the casino manager.

He saw how I played and sent an exclusive invitation and all of a sudden when I win I become a pro player.

I played the welcome offer exactly the same, and it is you that kept spamming my email with many exclusive offer from the casino manager.

Please askgamblers.com can you check whats going on with this place and stop advertise them, this place say clearly that once you are a professional gambler other word responsible gambler that adhere to the rules, they reserve the right not to pay even after they design a special 500 for 500 offer for you.

Posted on September 8, 2013

Please be advised that a reply will be posted tomorrow.

Ace Live Casino

Posted on September 10, 2013

You say you are a respected casino that never steal but I don't see any reply although you said " tomorrow we will respond"

Please pay my winnings or you find your casino with zero players.

I had no problem with other casinos I played. I always honor my losses big or small while you can't pay a player you spammed with special designed for you sweet bonuses.

Why would I deposit without a bonus if everyday you send spam and spam - with this kind of attitude I don't see your casino last long

Posted on September 10, 2013


It was clear after extensive analysis instigated and conducted by our platform provider that the playing patterns were not that of our normal recreational player and it is on that basis that the decision was made.

We must therefore re-iterate that our position has to remain unchanged I'm afraid.

Ace Live Casino

Posted on September 11, 2013

There is no such thing professional player in Roulette.

I played and won - bu not paying you say only losers are welcome in our casino which is rogue.

I didn't apply any system and you also never answered to my question - why did you send an exclusive bonus designed especially for me as being said in Email ?

You could see how I played the welcome bonus, why ?

I wagered over 40,000 and you don't honor your own Roulette your own bonus offer.

No term was breached, all terms were met and I risked my funds toward the whole process of playing.

I didn't play low bets to save my balance but over 120 on 12 numbers and less which is 1/3 of the roulette I could lose it all

Posted on September 14, 2013

We sincerely regret that this decision had to be taken but it was done so after an extensive accounting analysis and review and comparison against the game play of our recreational players.

Given the transgressions there was no other choice in order that our terms and conditions.

were met.

I'm afraid that the decision has to remain unchanged.

Ace Live Casino

Posted on September 14, 2013

You got a 7000 winner and you started to compare me to all the losers you adopted and telling me that because I didn't play like them you decide not to pay, this is exactly the stealing I am talking about.

Show me one specific term I broke. DId I risk my funds? Yes,Did I trust your firm with thousands in deposits and losses before ? Yes

Did I ask for a bonus ? no, you sent me an exclusive invitation specially designed for me.

Look at the email you sent, look what you wrote " if a player place his whole balance in 1 or 2 bets" why did you say or 2 because I didn't place it in one bet so you said or 2, if I had placed it in 3 times, you would say 1 or 2 or 3, other words - no specific term was breached.

All I did is the following, correct me if I am wrong.

deposit 500 got 500 bonus, place 2,3 risky bets to win big and then continue to play 120 a spin on 12 numbers or less which is still very risky, is it bonus abuse ?

How exactly is it bonus abuse if no term or software limit your bet size ?

It is up to me how much I want to bet on each spin and once I win you should pay.

Comparning my bets to all the losers at your casino means nothing and nobody is going to buy these kind of stupid deceptive stories.

The only way to go down the hill to go bankrupt is to use such tactics.

You will be left with no players, remember my words.

Posted on September 17, 2013

We regret to advise that in this case and having studied the gaming activity of this player in detail our platform provider determined that this was clearly not recreational play as seen with other players but rather bonus abuse.

Our decision must therefore remain unchanged.

Ace Live Casino

Posted on September 18, 2013

What exactaly did you compare and why after you sent me exclusive offer ??

I want to convince people here you compared and checked before you sent the offer ?

Why did you offer such a player bonuses and such attractive one, 500 deposit is a very serious deposit, why did you send such a special bonus to me why ?

I lost at yourcasino before and you knew how I played, all was ok when my money came towards your deceptive operation but once you saw the stleaing stopped and the flow of cash you decided to check a 7000 winner and steal his winninsg using deceptive excuses, this guy is a winner and not a loser like our other players.

You are a casino that decide not to pay a winner at your Roulette table, you should be shamed.

There is no such thing professional player, how can I control the Roulette , the numbers are coming rom your stupid casino not from me

Poeple will refrain from player at your place because you may not pay, saying after comparing this winner to our usual loser we found out that he looked like the other winner and we don't pay winners, only small cashouts loser.

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