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Ace Live Casino - Confiscated winnings

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Ace Live Casino
Reason Bonus abuse
Posted on May 16, 2014

Ace Live Casino stole my winnings after playing Live roulette.

I claim the bonus offer ACELIVE 150 via email and after playing according their terms of bonus i won 11k.

I send all the asked documents and after that an email came to me from support and i anwser with no reply from them

Below are these 2 emails.

Please i need your help.

''Dear Konstantinos,

In relation to your membership of Ace Live Casino we have carefully studied your recent gaming activity and have regretfully determined that you are NOT a recreational player.

Our Bonus Terms & Conditions have clearly been broken in respect of bonus abuse.

Below you can find our T&C related to bonus abuse:

11.1. All our promotions are designed for those genuine players who may be interested in continuing their membership and playing at the casino and are not averse to betting with and gambling their own money. Any and all promotion may be considered void at any moment to those persons or groups suspected of abuse or having a record of promotional abuse or fraud (charge-back transactions) at Ace Live Casino or with any of their merchant affiliates. Any winnings accrued by such persons or groups shall be considered null and void and shall be withheld.

- You waited for the bonus to be credited before you started playing.

- You stopped playing as soon as the wagering requirements were met.

- You requested a €2,500 payout as soon as the WR were met.

Your game activity is very similar if not identical to other players showing the same bonus abuse behavior.

We believe that you may be part of a bonus abuse team.

Regretfully I must advise that this is not recreational gambling and therefore your winnings will be voided and your deposit returned to you.''

My answer

Hello,im not a part of bonus abuse,im playing alone from my home.I have played according your terms and conditions of your site.

Firstly i thought i must wait to play after you credit me the bonus

2nd i play over the 40 times wagering you have at your bonus terms( Please check the wagering)

and after playing about 3 hours i left from my computer to go to my job and of course my plan is continue playing with my winnings.

Nowhere at your site reffering how much time needed to play before withdraw my funds.

I believe that i played exactly according your general terms and i want to send me my winnings and reopen my account to continue play.

Please inform me further and try to understand i am not the person you reffer below.

I hope your cooperation

Posted on November 13, 2012


We are disappointed to note the complaint lodged against Ace Live Casino.

We have substantial evidence to support our decision with regards this players activity and as a general policy, Ace Live Casino will not discuss or reveal such findings on a public forum even one as well respected as Ask Gamblers.

We regularly pay-out substantial winnings to players but not to those who we feel have abused the bonus T&C’s

We would request that the player directs his concerns directly to suppor­[email protected]­cel­ive­cas­

Posted on November 14, 2012

Hello,i agree the support team of ask gamblers to contact with the Ace live support and see the presumable-supposed evidence!


Posted on November 14, 2012

 Hello Vouvas55,

please contact support as casino representative told you! Any evidence that you have, you can sent to us to suppor­[email protected]­skg­amb­ler­

Posted on November 15, 2012

Hi, i send the email to acelivecasino, and i am waiting response, Thanks

Hello, i'm writing to you again after my complaint to Askgamblers.

I had send an email at 31/10 and noone answer to me, so i decide to make a complaint to Askgamblers.

Askgambler told me now to contact to you and ask from you to show me the evidence.

I wait your response.

Posted on November 15, 2012

We stand by our decision to have refunded your initial deposit and void your winnings based on the fact that we have clearly identified an identical pattern of behaviour by 4 gentlemen from Athens, Greece.

Within 1 day all made the same deposit, all claimed exactly the same bonus and all displayed exactly the same betting and pay-out request patterns, none of which we consider to be the activity of recreational gamblers and all of which we consider to be systematic betting and additionally we strongly believe you are part of a group or syndicate.

When you play with our Ace Live bonus funds there are terms and conditions which are in place to specifically protect us from this type of co-ordinated bonus abuse.

Our terms state

‘Any and all promotions may be considered void at any moment to those persons or groups suspected of abuse or having a record of promotional abuse’

We are delighted to be making daily pay-outs to winners at Ace Live Casino and we have a very good reputation for making such payments in a timely fashion and are therefore disappointed that our reputation is being put in question.


Ace Live Casino

Posted on November 17, 2012

Hi again, i don't know what the other <<4 gentlemen>> did.

I play alone from my home.

I saw the promotion from the site of ask gamble­rs(­htt­p:/­/ww­w.a­skg­amb­ler­s.c­om/­cas­ino­/ac­e-l­ive­-ca­sin­o-r­evi­ew-­r4365) and followed the notes i claimed via email the promo code.

Acelive didn't shows any evidence and i believe that they want to stole my winnings.

Why acelive didn't show the evidence to support of askgamblers?

Obviously if i had lost my deposit the casino won't say a word about that.

So please ask for acelive to show you evidence: (Within 1 day all made the same deposit, all claimed exactly the same bonus and all displayed exactly the same betting and pay-out request patterns).


Posted on November 19, 2012

Again we must reiterate that we stand by our decision and would draw your attention to our very clear terms & conditions.

‘Any and all promotions may be considered void at any moment to those persons or groups suspected of abuse or having a record of promotional abuse’

Posted on November 20, 2012

Hi, i believe that the term acelive casino use for this complaint can be used to deny any win of all players and it should be consider illegal. So for this reason i urge Ask Gamblers to take a stance against acelive casino or other casinos using catch all terms like that by replying to my complaint.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Posted on November 30, 2012

Hello,at my previus response i ask the Askgamblers team to take a stance against acelive casino using these terms.

Also Acelive casino didn't respond

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