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Casino Mira - Where's my money?

dycesickle Canada
Posted on July 31, 2015.

I recieved an ad from a poker forum i am a member of advertising this ndb for poker mira which i signed up, i decided after a month of being a member and playing the freerolls, to make a deposit and take advantage of the bonus they had offered.100% this dayI made 3 deposits totalling 200$ usd and played their microgaming slots. I lost the first amount which and bonus very quick and then made another deposit and lost that i then made my 3rd and final depositwith them and continued to play football star slot. I was up a bit down alot and then just hanging on for deal life idecided to give it the all or nothing attitude and made some large bets to which my surprise started to pay. I think I was up a couuple hundred us dollars and all of a sudden, on a 5$usd wager , i hit 4 scatters or at least 3 and then i begin the free spins. Im having a good round and Im up close to 350 from the free spins plus the 250 already won when about 6 or 7 spins into the free spins i get the client log me off and close me out. i then immediately try to log back in to resume the free spins i was enjoying and cant log in. i contact live chat which took forever to even acknowledge me or my questions regarding what happend and what to do and am told to contact support through email. I ask why and what happend and he simply replies cntact support. so i did. I contacted them and they requested my identification and all this nonsense like bank statements and with account numberss and names and the card front and back and id pass-prts. all to which i immidiatly did. i was slightly hesitant to send some of the doccuments as to having my identity being stolen by this site. but i felt that it was trustworthy as the gforum i am a part of wouldnt have advertised with them if it wasnt legitamite and honest. so i was told my stuff would not be accepted and no real reason as to why i then sent more personal things and even whent to my bank to have them give me a ban k profile which had al my numbers and name and such to it and im in a wheelchair and just gegtting to the mailbox iis hard eneough after my accident and then having to wheel all the way to my bank and then be told that it wasnt ccepted again was begining to make me panic. i then set a couple emails asking what is it i was to do and what it was that was the real issiue and they somhow approved my id verification. I then opened up football star and then whent to continue my spins and winnings and then to my surprise had 50 dollars in my account and no free spins. i even played the 50 dollars thinking i would be where i was before i was logged out ive experience before but lost the 50 dollars and then when i went to ask them for a resonable and fair explaination had my emails replied with only auto replies giving the 24 hrs response time .... blah blah blah, and never heard bacvk and only got 1 word answers and stuff. it to me sounded like they support would make themsefves out to be god and whatever they say goes even if its completly unreasonable like the situation im in.. i have the transcript of the emails sent and recieved somewhere and also i hope i can get the screeshot of after i was verified the over 350.00 usd on a game still in play and i sent it to the support and they then confiscated it or deleted it i dont know exactly but they then wouldnt acknowledge mmyu issue at all. and then they wonder why i never deposit again with them. this happend a couple months ago and ive done everything i could do and thought someone could help with more experience in this, and seeing as they are opening up a new sports book and expanding their operation, i would hope that people have a fair and honest recount of the type of treatment they give to someone whos a paying playing customer and not to mention paraplegic one and in a wheelchair.

Posted on July 31, 2015.

Any update considering your complaint? Thank you.

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