Kaboo Casino - Account closure and loss of winnings due to an active self-exclusion with another brand

posted on November 9, 2015.

I recently opened an account with Kaboo and deposited,verified and played on the site. after withdrawing £250 and leaving around £70 still in my account i tried to log in today. I was informed that Kaboo was confiscating my winnings and hoped to refund my deposit due to me closing an account with a sister company(either Thrills or Superlenny). Obviously shocked at this, i have looked everywhere in the T&C's to see where it links all these sites together. Can i also ask, if i had played and lost, lets say 100 pounds worth, would i still have been refunded??
The chat person has said this will not be overturned and i basically have no right to reply.
If this is the case, why was i allowed to open up an account in the first place? Why was i allowed to deposit?? Why did it take 2 days of my playing(hours upon hours no wasted).
I am bitterly dissapointed and would like to know where i stand.

posted on November 10, 2015.

Hi there

This case will remain unresolved I am afraid. We had several similar cases on Kaboo.



posted on November 10, 2015.

Zero of my questions were answered. Why was i able to deposit, verify my account and play for 2 days? Would my deposited have been refunded had i lost??
it does not tell me anywhere i cannot open up an account having previously held one with your sister sites. I will ensure that this case is not forgotten and will continue to seek answers regarding my terrible treatment.

posted on November 12, 2015.

Askgamblers, no need for this one to be open. It will remain unresolved.

posted on November 12, 2015.

This complaint shall be unresolved as well as all others that are related to self-exclusion issue please see: http:/­/ww­w.a­skg­amb­ler­s.c­om/­cas­ino­-co­mpl­ain­ts/­acc­oun­t-c­los­ed-­due­-to­-se­lf-­exc­lus­ion­-on­-an­oth­er-­site. We recommend to the player to seek further help with licence authority of Kaboo casino.