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LeoVegas Casino - Account closed without any further information after day of waiting

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Posted on April 25, 2018

Hello I have made some deposits of over 250 pounds with leo account got locked and I have not been able to get back in to the account...spoken on live chat over 5 times as it's now 5 days...every time I'm told it's being looked at and u might of had a previous account.

They have my deposits still in the account and all I want to do is get back my money and foget this company.

Below is a screen shot as to the emails I've below

Your chat transcript with (23 Apr 2018, 11:54 AM GMT)

Chat Transcript
Mon 23/04/2018 05:24
xxxxxx­xxx­xxx­[email protected]­out­loo­;

You forwarded this message on 23/04/2018 06:52
Chat Transcript with mick xxxxxx
Chat started on 23 Apr 2018, 11:54 AM (GMT+0)
(11:54:24) *** mick xxxxxxjoined the chat ***
(11:54:24) mick xxxxxx: Account still locked
(11:54:26) *** Emma joined the chat ***
(11:54:32) Emma: Hello Mick
(11:54:38) Emma: How can I help?
(11:54:52) mick xxxxxx: Been waiting 3 days my account is still locked
(11:55:04) mick xxxxxx: Not sure why no one is replying
(11:55:51) Emma: Let me take a look for you
(11:55:59) mick xxxxxx: Thanks
(11:58:52) Emma: Before we continue, I will need to ask you some security questions relating to your account. Can I have your date of birth, Can you confirm for me which welcome offer you signed up with when joining LeoVegas and can you confirm if you have any gaming limits on your account
(11:59:21) mick < personal info removed >
(12:01:12) Emma: What device did you use to login last?
(12:01:24) mick xxxxxx: Mobile
(12:01:30) Emma: Thank you
(12:04:13) Emma: Thank you for your patience, I can see that your account is still being looked at by the relevant department
(12:04:52) Emma: as soon as we do have an update we will be in contact with yourself via email
(12:05:09) mick xxxxxx: Could u chase them up as it's taking a long time
(12:06:35) Emma: I can understand your frustration, however there is a queue system and to ensure that all accounts are dealt with efficiently they do require the necessary time,
(12:08:05) mick xxxxxx: In all the sites leo is the slowest for communication...I will raise this as a complaint with ask as I just keep getting the same response
(12:08:30) mick xxxxxx: Also can u email the chat log as I cannot do it from here
(12:09:07) Emma: That is well within your rights Mick, unfortunately we do have to deal with these queries in the same way they came in to ensure a fair and sufficient service and to ensure we will always be the safe casino which we pride ourselves on
(12:10:23) mick xxxxxx: But you have 250 pounds of my money I either want to play with it or you to refund it
(12:11:02) Emma: As soon as we have an answer for you Mick, we will be in contact,
(12:11:17) mick xxxxxx: Will I receive my funds back
(12:11:25) Emma: I am unable to give any more information at this stage
(12:11:35) mick xxxxxx: Pls email me the chat log
(12:12:33) Emma: I have just sent that to your email Mick
(12:12:39) mick xxxxxx: Just so you are aware this is what you will have to deal with at leo stream viewers
(12:12:52) mick xxxxxx: Ok thanks
(12:13:21) Emma: Once again I do apologise for the inconvenience,
(12:14:51) mick xxxxxx: All I keep hearing just resolve the issue I'm confused as to how long this is taking....I'm a live streamer and promote sites but this is terrible customer service and won't advise if I will receive my money back
(12:15:11) mick xxxxxx: It's my money what right do u have
(12:16:34) mick xxxxxx: Does leo have twitter
(12:16:56) Emma: I can only advise what update we have at this time unfortunately
(12:17:15) mick xxxxxx: There is no update
(12:17:24) mick xxxxxx: Does leo have twitter
(12:18:33) mick xxxxxx: Hello
(12:18:51) Emma: Yes, we do
(12:18:59) mick xxxxxx: Can u advise
(12:19:31) mick xxxxxx: Also not received email
(12:19:39) Emma: https:­//t­wit­­m/L­eoV­egasUK
(12:21:38) Emma: I have emailed the transcript to you, i can send it again now for you, I am truly sorry about the delay but we do have many customers we need to deal with, and to ensure fairness they need to be dealt with in a queue
(12:23:39) mick xxxxxx: I understand but treatment like this is terrible and I'm just letting others know about it as a live streamer and youtuber I have the option to promote or to give negative feedback and this is terrible service other people should be warned
(12:24:27) *** mick xxxxxx left the chat

Posted on April 25, 2018

Hello LUCKYMAN655,

Thank you for taking the time to leave this review.

I have thoroughly looked into this on your behalf and I'm pleased to confirm that our complaints team have sent you an email this morning with a full resolution to your inquiry.

I would ask you to kindly check your personal emails as I would not wish to provide you with any specifics on here as it is a public forum.

However, should you have any further questions with regards to the email that was sent to you, I would ask you to kindly respond directly to the complaints department who will be able to respond accordingly.

I wish you all the very best and a lovely day ahead!

Posted on April 29, 2018

Dear @Luckyman655,

Please let us know if there's an update regarding your ongoing complaint. Please keep in mind that you are supposed to reply within the given 96-hours time frame, otherwise AskGamblers Complaints Team will consider the case as Resolved and it will be closed accordingly.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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