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Account Balance (56,000$) being witheld by Ladbrokes Casino

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Ladbrokes Casino
Reason Declined payment
Amount $ 56000
Posted on June 11, 2014

Aproximatly 2 monthes ago I made my first deposit using Skrill on ladbrokes casino. At one point I was up 180,000$ after winning a jackpot but I continued playing blackjack and lost most of it. When I had 56,000$ left I made my first withdraw which could only be 7,000$ per day. The next day my account was suspened. Customer service asked for my documents and proof of adress. I sent them all requested documents. They opened my account again but it was not possible to make withdraws. I contacted customer service and they sent me instructions. They said to transfer all my casino funds to the sportsbook and send an email to customer support when I wished to make a withdraw (I have all the communications in my Inbox). I did as instructed and asked to withdraw the 56,000$ that I transfered to my sportsbook to my skrill account. After that they suspened my account again. Since then I have had at least 25 emails sent back and forth all of which I have saved in my Inbox. In the 2 monthes that followed I have recieved various different replys from all departments in ladbrokes. First they told me my account was undergoing routine security checks. After a week I emailed again and they said that my 56,000$ had been withdrawn to me in 2 parts. I waited 3 days and nothing. I emailed again to inform them that I had still not recieved my withdraw and they told me my account has been closed. I sent various emails after that mostly angry ones and they replied apologizing saying my account is not closed but that they are still undergoing routine security checks. I kept emailing after that asking the status of my account and that I wanted my balance withdrawn to me and that I dont care what they do with my account but that I want my money which is rightfully mine. Again they told me that my balance has been withdrawn to me as I requested and that the banking team has approved my withdraw. I however recieved nothing. I sent more emails and then they started again with the routine checks. As of the day of today I have yet not recirved anything from them. I have kept all the correspondances and am willing to forward them all to you. I myself think ladbrokes has somehow lost my money. I have spoken to the VIP team, customer service, the banking team, the fraud team, csdocuments and they all tell me different things. I do not know what to do anymore or who to turn to. This whole situation has put me on tilt and 56,000$ is a lot of money to me. The past two monthes because of the fustration of all this I have lost more then I am use to losing. I have never before had a problem with a casino and I find it absurd and very upsetting that my balance with ladbrokes is not being paid to me and over 2 monthes have passed. I am finding it hard to keep my composure and as that you please help me resolve this issue with ladbrokes. The last email I recieved from them about a week ago said that I violated their integrity policy and that they will not be paying me the 56,000$. I have sent numerous emails since asking for an explination and appologizing for being rude but they no longer reply to my emails and customer service just says they will forward it to the relavant department but they do not answer. I have done nothing wrong except for claiming what is rightfully mine. They say I was rude but I just wanted to know where my balance is and why they do not pay me. I do not understand why I am being treated like thia. Do they really have the right to keep my money? 56,000$ is a lot of money to me. I find it an outrage they intend to keep it for themselves. Please help me. I can send all emails and any other aditional information neccesary Thank you very much. Leidy.

Posted on June 9, 2014

Dear @dushitrudie,
Any news?

Posted on June 11, 2014

No news, they do not answer my emails anymore and just say it has been forwarded to the relevant department but I recieve no answer. Do you wish for me to post all the emails from start to finish concerning this topic. pleade help me.

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