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VoodooDreams Casino - Been accused in terms violation with any proof

Fieda Netherlands Message
Posted on October 31, 2017

Well, I got the same as other people that have filled in a complaint on this website about voodoonightmares. You can guess it, they don't want to pay out your winnings. They use silly excuses bases on lies about violation of terms but they don't want to explain what you did wrong or give any details on what they bases teir decision on for not paying out your winnings, if you also them for the reason they are getting very rude and delete your account and block you from teir website. They don't response anymore via chat or email. I should get €529,68 from them but I still haven't received it.. With the excuse that I violated teir terms.. But I never ever got an answer what I specifically did wrong.. They running away now and left me behind without any explanations, reasons or answers. They also blocked me from teir website and deleted my account.. Only thing I know is that it has something to do with accounts other people made via an affiliate link which I can't be hold responsible for.. For me these guys a complete scam and other players should be warned for that. I also want to have my money, if they can't solve this in a proper way, then I'm feeling forces to get my money on the hard way, even if that means that I should go get it by myself in that Vila office in Malta where they work.

And it feels good to see that I'm not the only one they put on this trick so they don't have to pay out money. I've read other complains here on this website about voodoodreams and they are looking exactly the same as what had happened to me.

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