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888 casino - Incorrect bankroll calculation

Complaint Info
Disputed casino 888 Casino
Reason Wrong calculations
Posted on May 16, 2014

During my play in 888 Live Dealer Casino, I have found an incorrect bankroll calculation for sum of 700 EUR within about an hour of my play.

I tried to resolve the problem with the casino support team, but didn’t succeed due to lack in cooperation and only 200 EUR were credited back to me. I ask you to help me. Also I think this is very important to inform other players that 888 live dealer casino sometimes experiences technical problems with their software, which influence on correctness of bankroll calculations.

The problem description (It is not so easy to understand, but I spent a lot of time and made my best to simplify it) :

On 21.02.03 I have played live blackjack.

Games history screenshots are:

here the image history1.jpg, which sent to suppor­[email protected]­skg­amb­ler­s.com email.

here the image history2.jpg, which sent to suppor­[email protected]­skg­amb­ler­s.com email.

If you will look into game results you will understand that something wrong there. The reason is incorrect order of the games. I don’t know why 888 do that, maybe it is bug, but the correct order of rounds differs. It took me some time to understand what is going on in the mess and to get the correct order.

The correct order can be found from Round Number.

Lets take the first round of the session (the first screenshot, the most bottom round for date 21.02.13).

The round number is: 130221­-15­:08­:38­-96­7564:

First 6 digits (130221 ) are date in following format Year/Month/Date. So 130221 means : 21.02.13

Next 6 digits (150838) - the correct time the round started. So the round started at 15:08:38. The understanding helped me to sort the rounds in correct order.

Other digits are not important for us.

To facilitate your understanding and calculations I’ve made a table where rounds are sorted in the correct order. I also added columns

1. Calculated Time From Round Number

2. Correct Bankroll

3. Delta - which shows the discrepancy amount

here the image sorted history.jpg, which sent to suppor­[email protected]­skg­amb­ler­s.com email.

Now it is easy to see all problematic rounds and to calculate the correct results.

After the first session round 130221150838967564 my bankroll was 1484

Step 1: How much I won during the session, according to bets and payouts and what the correct balance should be?

Bets Sum is: 925

Payouts Sum is: 850

Wins: 850-925 = -75. So I lost 75 EUR. My bankroll should decrease by 75.

Initial balance (after first round) was : 1484

End balance should be: Initial Balance + Wins = 1484-75=1409

Step 2: What is wrongly calculated by 888 system:

Initial balance (after first round) : 1484

End Balance: 709

Wins: 709-1484 = -775. So Instead of 75 they wrongly decreased my balance by 775.

Step 3: How much they should refund?

775-75 = 700 EUR

Step 4: How much they refunded:

200. They owe me 500 EUR.

Posted on May 30, 2013

we have checked this now with our support department and can see that the issue is resolved, and the member has been duly contacted.

Thanks :-)

Posted on June 10, 2013

 NatAlab, please confirm this issue is resolved!

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