24,000 Slot win not being paid by GoldenPalace.com

posted on September 18, 2011.

I have been their customer since April 2010 and during that time made thousands of euros of deposits and lost it all.

July this year they tempted with a bonus of 75% that carry 50 times wagering of deposit and bonus in slot only, I remember I played a lot, I made deposit of 500 and got 375 bonus and won 24,500 EURO. Later I reversed part o ftheir cashout and lost the 500 leaving me with 24,000 pending cashout.

They asked for documents and approved it and started to pay a weekly payment of 1700 EURO, after 2,3 payments they stopped paying.

I logged in to my account it was locked.

i contact their security by phone they were very rude and hanged up the phone on me not before they told me something like they want me to go to the police and give them some info from the police I did not quite understand.

They stopped answer to my Emails.

posted on September 18, 2011.

Apatuscus, please note that GoldenPalace.com casino is on our Rogue List due to unresponsiveness on previous complaints.