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21 Grand Casino will not allow withdrawal

Complaint Info
Disputed casino 21 Grand Casino
Reason Bonus terms violation
Posted on May 16, 2014

Issue withdrawing money from casino. Won money fair and they have now accused me of counting.I have been trying to take my money out for 2months now. 1st they advised I had night played through bonus, then they were waiting on security documents, now being accused of cheating. They have taken 490 pounds from me over months but when I want my money they accuse me of cheating. I am due 948pounds and do not know what to do. They have now taken all the money from my account and left me with 75.

Posted on November 23, 2012

The player Meallymoo has been already warned in the past about behavior that conflicts with our casino’s terms and conditions, by playing games that were forbidden for the bonus granted.

Regardless, Meallymoo also contradicted article 6.3 of the terms and conditions section, which were agreed when the account was created:

“The casino reserves the right to void any winnings if the player commits fraud or fraudulent activity, or if the player made use of computer systems, system play/wagering such as card counting e.g., including machine, computers and fraudulent software.”

The casino management has decided to refund the player with the deposit and close his account due to fraudulent activity, threats over the phone to casino’s staff members – on a personal level; and for starting a reputation management campaign against our casinos as repeatedly stated on player’s emails:

“…We have no idea what counting means but it seems to be …”

“…I will also be going viral on Facebook, Twitter and You Tube advising members not to join your CASINO for what you have done to me.

We are a strong casino group that enjoys an excellent reputation all over Europe and today within USA. We had thousands of satisfied players in the past two years, and as in any private organization, complains can be found; and we are proud to see only a couple over two successful years.

We are not going to tolerate fraudulent players trying to manipulate us in order to obtain money from our labels by threatening on us, and by attempting to create false snowball effects in forums.

Our casino, as any casino in the industry, has terms and conditions that need to be respected and followed. We pay thousands in withdrawals every week to many players, and we cannot afford being flexible with our own terms since they not only defends us from fraudulent activities, but also protects our players.

Posted on November 25, 2012

First of all let me apologise if my husband upset any members of staff, he had conversations with a few members of caniso staff who were very pleasant ie Amy and Eric. I think the issue you may to be referring to was with the floor manager, she wiped my account whilst my husband was trying to get answers, he did not make threats he was just annoyed and I also think this was down to language barrier. but if she took umbridge to anything he said he apologies. If you had just lost £948 pounds I think you would have been upset.

I would just like to understand which I still do not what you mean by counting and using devices, they only devices I used was my finger and your repeat button on some games.

What is the evidence do you have, because I am happy for you to log onto to my computer and see if there are any devices attached.

I have deposited £490 into the casino and from the £490 won £270 in total, now I think if I was counting or using devices I would have won a lot more.

On my initial deposit after I had won some money I contacted support only to be told i was not playing the correct games (my fault for not reading T and c), I then played slots aand won. I contacted support when I had 600 in my account and the guy there advised me I could withdraw this money. Which I did, this sat at processing for ages and when I ccontact your customer services they advised this was still sitting because I was withdrawing through moneybrookers and they that the casiono was having issues with moneybrookers, over all these conversations not once did any one from the casiono advise there was an issue.

I have reiewed my last 50 bets i have played 690 and won 640 so again I would have won more if I was counting .

There is probably nothing I can now as you have closed the account but I just feel you hhave been unfair and unjustified in your actions. When my husband spoke to Clara who wiped the account I think her issue was she thought my husband was being aggressive but he was just frustrated that you can treat people like that without any explanation or proof it is such a shame because I actually like your Casino and would have been back lots of times and recommended it friends but to treated like a common criminal is not a nice feeling. I am 40 something housewife who enjoys a wee game at the casino now and again.

Please can you supply the proof of how you deem me to be counting, as I played all sorts of games American ROULETTE, SLOTS, EUROPEAN ROULETTE

Please can you also respond to my letter I have emailed to yourselves, as my lawyer would like a copy of this.

Look forward to your reply

Posted on November 25, 2012

We stand by our statement, which is just confirmed by the player’s last post.

Again, fraudulent activity and threats – also on a personal level – won’t be tolerated in any of our casinos.

The casino has provided with enough information to the player within the account, and throughout our representatives; the player is free to proceed as he sees convenient.

The player has been refunded and the account has been suspended from our casinos.

We consider this issue closed and we won’t regard to it in the future.

Posted on November 26, 2012

i have read your reply and am still unhappy, I cannot see from my last post where I was threating, please can you point that part out and aso what part I confirmed I was counting.

I have taken screen dumps of all my transactions and I will be passing them to my lawyer who has advised he will pass this information onto an independent to have them analysed , My lawyer also pointed out that if the casino thought there was cheating /counting in any form, the Casino should not of accepted further deposits from myself. The value of deposits you accepted from myself was £490, you as a company were happy to keep taking my deposits. At any point if you thought there was fraudlent play it should have been then that my account was closed.

I feel all deposits should now be returned

Posted on November 30, 2012

Typical of this casino. They just ignore you when they know they are in the wrong.

Posted on November 30, 2012

AskGamblers Complaints Team has been provided with enough information and evidence on behalf 21 Grand Casino management in regards of this complaint to confirm and justify the casino actions.

Based on the above, AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is now officially closed. In case of a disagreement with our decision we remind player that further assistance on this matter could be requested from the relevant regulatory body.

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