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Anna Casino - Welcome bonus not credited

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Anna Casino
Reason Bonus not given
Amount € 200
Inactive user
Posted on September 21, 2015

I just joined this casino based on trusted casino from askgamblers.
i have deposited 205 euros and lost them so fast.
before losing them i waited so long to get the bonus and i tried opening chat like 10 times but there chat window is closed!
So i played with the 205 euro and lost them so fast. I waited for the next day i said maybe they needed time to credit the 200 euro bonus, Then i starting sending many many emails more than 6 or 7 clamining my bonus but no one replies at all. Then i started sending more email to suppor­[email protected]­nna­cas­ but again no replies and even the next day which js today the chat in unavailable.
why is this casino trusted?
theyre supoort is extremely poor and there bonuses is a scam until this point.

Posted on September 22, 2015

Dear Shihada,

I am truly sorry that you have had a bad experience at Anna Casino. Let me go over your complaints in the manner of which you have mentioned them:

a) The poor RTP during your game play

Playing casino games you will have lucky and unlucky streaks and while I see that you did have some decent spins during your time with us (a 50 x bet win that brought you in positive around half way through your session for instance) you ultimately ended up not having lady luck on your side this time around. While I understand your frustration of being unlucky that is part of playing casino games and there is nothing we can do to influence the element of luck. That would be to compromise the integrity of the games which we neither can or will do. Some players will be extremely lucky at time and some players will have prolonged periods of being unlucky. That is part of game.

b) The live chat not being available

Our live chat is not available in the weekends (https­://­­nac­asi­no.c­om­/co­nta­ctus). While we are aiming to get them live during the weekends in the future, it is currently not possible for us.

c) The answer time from our mail support

You sent your first support ticket on Sunday at 18:28 CET and allow me to apologize for the lack of response. We are still a small team and Sunday evening is a time where we are stretched pretty thin on support and they simply didn't have the time reach your support mail before the Monday morning shift answered it at 10:20 CET after going over the policy with the support manager. I agree with you that the response time was to long but I hope that you understand that the timing of your support ticket along with the fact that the ticket was of a nature that needed managerial involvement, since a compensation might be issued, created a response time that was longer than usual.

d) Our bonuses is a scam

We issue a large amount of bonuses every day and they are not a scam. However, from time to time, players misunderstand what they need to do in order to activate a bonus or a bonus is not added due to a technical error. In these cases we try to make it very clear that players need to hold off on playing and wait for their bonus to be credited. If we didn't have this policy we would leave ourselves very open to abuse. You deposited at 15:15 CET on Sunday and started playing straight away (first spin at 15:16 CET) and since you spent your initial deposit before you contacted support and got the bonus credited, we can't issue the bonus. However, due to the unusual long waiting time for your mails to be answered our support manager decided to issue you a €50 compensation.

At Anna Casino we aim to care for all of our players and 99% of the time we are successful in doing so. I am terribly sorry that you ended up not getting support in a timely manner and I hope that the compensation was at least a small positive outcome.

Kind regards,
Anna Casino

Inactive user
Posted on September 22, 2015

Dear mike firstly about the bad rtp, i got lucky only on the 50 euro that i was given not in my cash money usualy bonuses is easier to win for a very limited time since its a 50× turnover. But i agree not everyone can win.

Secondly the main issue, the 100 percent upto 200 euros, upto this point it is a scam to me since i got non except the 50 euros bonus that i got as a compensation.
.. yes i clearly read that if only in very "RARE" cases it will not automaticaly go into my account i should contact support .but unfortunatly support was not available neither in chat nor email for atleast 15 hours after i made my deposit.. realllly would you beleive someone will deposit and wait for the support after there weekend to manualy add the bonus ??? Be more realistic mike !!
anyhow i still believe that youre bonus is a scam and i dont at all trust youre casino and will never deposit anymore, theres much more trusted casinos outthere .. but i still got a 50 euro compensation and thanks for that although you still owe me another 150euros.


Inactive user
Posted on September 22, 2015

Theres also other players in the commented players that had bad experience with youre bonus....

Inactive user
Posted on September 22, 2015

And the compensation was given after a very very long discusion on live chat after my complaint was published here .. so taking so long to reply by mail has nothing to do with what you mentioned there ..

Posted on September 23, 2015

Dear Shihada,

I appreciate your feedback since we do want to always improve on our handling of complaints and our general practices but I have to say that I disagree with your conclusion, that we owe you €150. Allow me to explain in a detailed way where the problem lies.

As an online casino you will have tons of players trying in different ways to abuse your bonus offers to gain an unfair advantage. Because of that you have to safeguard yourself and your promotions with pretty strict terms and conditions to ensure that abuse is not possible. This includes limiting the maximum bet while playing with bonus money, removing some games as available for bonus play and also limiting the ways that a bonus can be issued.

We have players every day, who deposit, play with the deposited money and then ask for their bonus from the support. Most of these players do this on purpose in order to give themselves an advantage. If they win with their deposit there is no turnover requirement and they can bank the wins straight away. If they lose with their deposit they get the bonus anyway. This combination leads to a positive equity for the player which is why we insist, that if you encounter a problem with a deposit bonus you MUST get the bonus credited to your account BEFORE you start playing. Otherwise you forfeit your rights to get the bonus.

Now, I am not at all suggesting that the above method of abuse was your intention but as with all restrictive terms aimed at stopping abuse, they sometimes end up hurting players with good intentions and there is nothing we can do to avoid that, unfortunately.

Due to the fact that you had to wait such a long time for a support answer, I would normally be inclined to credit you with the full bonus but when making the decesion there was a big factor that I couldn't ignore. You played your first spin at 15:16 on Sunday, only 58 seconds after completing your deposit. If you had made your deposit, realized that it was not credited probably, written support and given them a reasonable chance to answer and then started your play, I would have been inclined to give you the full €200 bonus, even considering that you played with your deposit before the bonus was credited.

But since you did not write our support until 18:28, way after you lost your deposit, there is nothing I can do to grant you the full bonus.

So, even if support would have been ready to answer your request 1 minute after you sent it, the result would have still been the same. You would not have gotten the bonus.

Please bear in mind that I am not calling you a bonus abuser here, but your actions unfortunately look similar to that of one and we have a very clear policy on cases, where the actions of the player is as we see here.

This also means that the €50 that we ended up giving you is a clear compensation for the long wait you had for support (which I find more than fair and hope you agree). It is not a compensation for the lack of bonus since we will never be able to supply you a first deposit bonus due to the above explained policy.

However, we always allow players who can't get their first deposit bonus on their first deposit, activate the bonus on their 2nd deposit. So, if you wanted to stay with Anna Casino you would still be able to get your bonus on your next deposit. I understand that you don't and obviously, due to the long time you had to wait for support, I don't blame you.

But I can guarantee you that you won't find a lot of casinos in this industry who would allow you to take the bonus with the action falling as it happened in this place so for the future, no matter what casino you decide to play on, remember to ALWAYS make sure that you get your bonus credited correctly before your make your first spin.

Kind regards,
Anna Casino

Inactive user
Posted on September 23, 2015

Dear mike,
i read youre reply very very carefuly.
i can agree on most of reply now i just got to understand why the dpeosit but mix up with the bonus. But i realy want to point out some things.
you know i played for the past two to three years in online casino and i actualy now understand well how casinos can play around when they do ... i lost alot alot of money that im ashamed to point out the amount anyhow..
i would like for everyone who read this to understand when a casino mixes out a bonus with a deposit, thats so stupid for a player to accept it because if he wins a hit then he will find out that the win was credited as a bonus win norlt real cash win so basicaly it a trick to have you very very hardly make a 40× the 200 then can cash out.. so again it a trick to make ot very very hard to withdraw.
anyway mike as for the minumum bet ect ofcourse you need to save yourself all casinos does the same.. but pleaaase give me one casino from the first top casino atleast that does this .... when a first deposit bonus is there it was always given out regardless they started to play with there money or not only you guys have this very wierd MANIPULATING way so that you make it very had to withdraw...
you can check royal panda casino betsafe casino redstar casino and many many more check if they do the funny things that they to make it hard to withdraw.

Posted on September 23, 2015

Dear Shahida,

Well, bonuses have to be constructed in a way that makes them non-abusable. And that requires bonus money to be turned over a number of times. Back in the early days of online casinos there was very little abuse and hence a lot of casinos gave away bonuses without any restrcitions on them. Unfortunately, people found out how to abuse them really quick and targetted the casino industry in an organized way to the point that bonuses had to be made completely non-abusable, which is the way they are set up today (by everyone).

However, the fact that they are non abusable does not make them manipulative or fraudulent in nature. We are completely open with our terms for accepting bonuses and if players don't like them they can always choose not to take the bonus.

Regarding our rule, that states, that in case of a bonus not being credited to your account you have to wait until it has been manually credited before you play, I can guarantee you that almost all other casinos have the same policy. They might, if they feel that the player is legitimate, decide to, give out the bonus anyway (so do we from time to time as explained in my 2nd reply). But most casinos will not allow players to deposit, play and if they lose come and claim the bonus, since that would flood them with abuse.

I obviously can't and won't speak for other casinos so I will not comment on the policies of the specific casinos you mention in your reply.

We always give our players their first deposit bonus. When it goes wrong, we credit it automatically. If the player does not contact us before playing, we allow them to claim the bonus on their 2nd deposit instead. I don't feel that our policy on the matter stands out in the industry and I do consider the policy fair and just towards the players.

You obviously have the right to disagree and I can only try to explain as thoroughly as I can, why our bonus terms are set up the way they are.

Kind regards,
Anna Casino

Inactive user
Posted on September 23, 2015

What are you talking avout mike really ???
What world do yoy live in ??
Go check other casinos rules then come and say what you have said.
dont thhink all casinos is a SCAM LIKE YOURE CASINO.

I would NEVER THINK use this casino.


Posted on September 24, 2015

Dear Shihada,

I am sorry that you seem to not understand the point that I am trying to get across, so I will make one final attempt. If we would allow players to:

a) Deposit money and play without taking their first deposit bonus
b) In case they win, they just withdraw without having turnover requirements
c) In case they lose, they come and ask for their bonus and gets it

Then we would be open for abuse. It would leave players with a better than normal chance of winning at our casino and the player RPT for these players would go over 100%. Hence, we would be swarmed with organized abuse and we would have maybe 50 new depositors per day doing this.

I hope that you, isolated, can see that the above is not something we can allow.

So, when you:

a) Deposit without getting your bonus
b) Play your first spin 58 seconds after
c) Lose your money and first then ask the support for your bonus

Then you act exactly in the way of a bonus abuser and hence we can't give you your bonus.

But that doesn't mean that you are getting cheated because we then ALWAYS allow players to get their bonus on their 2nd deposit instead. In your case, we have even given you a €50 compensation for a long support answer (which is not related to you not getting your bonus).

If all other casinos allow you to deposit, win and withdraw, or lose and claim your bonus, then you can play at all these with a better than 50/50 chance of winning. But a word of caution. You will run into the exact same issue as you have done here with us.

For your 5 last points:

1) That is not true. We are often complimented on our customer service. Of course it is impossible to cater to everyone in a perfect matter, and I am sorry that you have had a bad experience, but that is not our usual standards and our players generally express happiness with the support they are getting.

2) We feel like we have treated you in the correct manner for the situation. I have tried to very thoroughly explain to you why you can't get your bonus, I have offered you the bonus on your 2nd deposit, our Head of Support has issued you a €50 compensation because your support ticket to longer than normal to deal with. All in all I feel that you have been treated fairly and with respect.

3) What makes us trusted with AskGamblers is that we deal with everything openly and straight up. I could easily have made you happy by giving you your bonus to make you stop your complaint but we treat our players the same and we are very open and direct about our rules and policies.

4) No, they are not. I am sorry, but I can't keep writing the same things over and over again so we have to agree to disagree if you won't accept my explanation.

5) No, you have violated a very clear clause in our terms. I could end this conversation here with this simple fact. Our terms state that in case you don't get you bonus credited you MUST contact support and get you bonus credited BEFORE you start to play. You deposited and made your first spin 58 seconds later and hence this clause is clearly violated and the clause also states, that you will not be able to get your bonus, if you don't wait until the bonus is credited before you start playing. I could have very easily thrown this clause at you from the start and just refused to talk about this issue but instead I have tried to very thoroughly explain to you, why the clause is even there in the first place and why we can't give you your bonus.

If you still won't accept the explanation, there is nothing I can do to help you. I wish you all the luck in the world in the future.

Posted on September 24, 2015

We consider the behavior shown by the player in his last post as absolutely incompatible with the minimum standards of decency and normal attitude and behavior during an ongoing dispute at AskGamblers Complaints Service. Such behavior is considered as a direct breach of the Terms & Conditions associated with AskGamblers Complaints Service and therefore, player's case is being rejected.

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