6 Minute-Old Online Gambler Wins $286,609

6 Minute-Old Online Gambler Wins $286,609

Its a record jackpot at InterCasino.com (www.I­nte­rCa­sin­o.com), not because its their biggest winner ever, but because no one has ever won a MEGA-Jackpot so quickly. A just-out-of-the-box online gambler going by the username Silvana3, registered at InterCasino.com two weeks ago, on the 18th of October, but didnt start her real-play until yesterday.

The two-week wait between registration and play was well timed, because Silvana3 beat the progressive Slots machine Rags to Riches after just thirteen dollars in play. How much did her $13 investment net her... $286,609! That means that Silvana3 has netted a remarkable 22,046 times return on investment.

Ryan Hartley, the normally collected casino manager at InterCasino.com, was barely able to catch his breath when asked about Silvana3s jackpot
Weve been watching the Rags to Riches progressive jackpot grow and grow since it hit $250,000. We knew that it would bust at any time, but we never expected a player that had only played $13 to be the lucky winner.

We have had people hit
Rags to Riches twice, we have had players who hit it on the first spin of the day, and weve even seen people who have never bet slots win on Rags to Riches. But we have never had someone whos never gambled before in her life win over a quarter of a million dollars! In fact, I dont think anyone has.

45-year old Canadian born Silvana3 proved that lady luck could strike at any time, and Online Casino InterCasino.com was happy to usher her into her life.

If Silvana3 can win at InterCasino.com after $13 of cumulative gambling, I guess anyone can! Hartley concludes with haste.

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