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Spinata Grande Slot

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Put on your sombrero and take a trip to the hot deserts of Mexico with the fantastic Spinata Grande slot from NetEnt software provider. What makes 5-reel video slot so exciting are definitely its Mini Slot feature, set of Colossal reel symbols, and a special and very unique Colossal Wild symbol that can spin in during the free spins bonus round. Give it a go on this page for free or you can choose to play at NetEnt Casinos in our listings for real money.

Before you start playing this fun-filled game, make sure you adjust your bet. Clicking on the “Level” alters the number of coins wagered. The “Coin Value” buttons regulate the coin size, ranging from 0.01 to 1. Pushing the green "Spin" button prompts the reels to begin turning. The “Max Bet” button spins the reels at the highest bet at the current coin value. In order to play the game for a preset number of times without interruption, players should click the “Auto Play” button.

The reel symbols on this slot are very unusual and overly large, for this slot is the first game from NetEnt to feature a cast of Colossal Reels and those symbols can cover several different reel positions with the same symbols when they spin in. The Colossal Reel symbols cover either 2 x 2 reel positions, or 3 x 3 reel positions, and put into play all 40 paylines. As such they really can help you form lots of extra winning combinations.

The Colossal Bonus symbol activates the Mini-Slot feature. Depending on how much of the Colossal Bonus symbol is visible on the reel area, the symbol turns into 3, 6, or 9 individual Mini-Slot symbols.

First you will be credited with any base game winning payouts then a mini slot game screen will launch onto the slot screen and you will get one spin on those bonus slot game reels, any additional winning combinations formed on the Mini Slot Feature will be added to your casino account balance instantly.

During the Mini-Slot feature, if you hit the coloured Star symbols then you will be awarded with a set of free spins. You will play your free spins in the base game and all of the stake levels you had in play during the base game spin that triggered the bonus feature will be used.

You can re-trigger the Mini-Slot feature when playing your free spins and if you spin in additional Star symbols during any Mini-Slot spin then additional free spins will be awarded to you. The free spins bonus game will also see a huge 3 x 3 reel position Wild symbol coming into play.

Game Play

Coin Value: Select a coin size.
Level: Adjust the number of coins wagered.
Spin: Start playing the game at the chosen wager.
Auto Play: Play for a number of times in succession.
Max Bet: Spin the reels at the maximum wager.

Spinata Grande Slot Reviews by Players


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LeoDubbed 148 reviews
A piñata is a decorated container made of papier-mâché (chewed paper), pottery or cloth and they are filled with small toys or candy but sometimes both. Most people associated piñatas with Mexico but did you know that the idea of breaking a container filled with treats came to Europe in the 14th century where the name, from the Italian pignatta, was introduced. Spain brought the tradition to Mexico and that's why piñata are always associated with Mexico.

Spiñata Grande is a game powered by NetEnt, this game is very similar with NetEnt's Dracula. Both have 40 paylines and require a minimum bet of €0,20 per spin. Require means fixed paylines. Every gamblers know that in order to win the maximum out of a game, all paylines are needed. I think that's why NetEnt removed the option of setting the paylines amount on all of their games. If you asked me, 20 cents for 40 paylines is not bad at all. I noticed that more and more of these kinda games are made by NetEnt. For example, Warlords: Crystals of powers, Dracula, Motörhead, Dazzle me. Those are games with huge paylines but only require a minimum bet of 20 cents.

Spiñata Grande has a great gameplay, nice looking graphics (animated background) and very amusing sound/music. I really like the huge one armed bandit symbol that can triggers the bonus feature when 3 or more star shaped piñatas appear. One thing for sure though, zero can never be won during this feature.

Spiñata Grande is not like Jack and the beanstalk or Gonzo's quest, it's not a game that could make your wallet thicker. It is a fun game though and I always had fun playing it. To be honest, I miss a few thing in this game. The thing I miss most is a random feature, a game has to have a random feature to make it more enjoyable.

The biggest win I ever won playing this game was something above 3500 credits from the bonus feature. I wasn't expecting that huge because I never won that big before, that's on the same game of course.

So if you are a Mexico fan, I suggest you put a sombrero on, roll some burrito or heat up some tacos, open the game, turn up the volume and spin away.
The game doesn't have a random feature, which I kinda expected from this type of a game. Also it doesn't have a multiplier.
Icymod 758 reviews
Spinata Grande can be approached as your "colossal symbols" type of game majoring in a Mexican theme surprisingly boasting a variety of pinata symbols. It does have some relations with RTG's Jackpot Pinatas........the jackpot bull and the wild donkey but no dog scatters to compare.....and the sometimes "large bets" it starts off upon opening Jackpot Pinatas. Hmm, however in Spinata Grande they have the bull for the top paying non-progressive symbol, the donkey for the second highest then the last two being the parrot and the fish! Lowest symbols are your common letter/number symbols. I just wish they would stop that already! Put tacos or a senorita to sand off the "boring symbols", now that will make this a "Spinata Grande!".

I usually put in 2 coin bets, the way this slot pays can be better although many teasers were expected! The decent wins I collected were $6 which they consider this to be a "big win" and $10.40 in free spins. I would expect it to be better! The most I can vouch for would be about $30 in 8 free spins! Part of the time, hitting the wild colossal skull, mostly in parts (3 or 6 spaces) were enough to make me satisfied in my winnings. I have not seen all 9 spaces filled up so I will stick around to try Spinata Grande when my passion for newly tried games has worn thin! Great Mexican themed video slot, fair free spins feature (could be my luck) and letter/number symbols need to change........forever, please!!! A 6 out of 10! No tacos, senoritas and no whacking stick symbols for the pinatas!?!? (Discouragement sets in..........for a donkey about to eat my taco that is sitting in front of me at my table, pokes it with a spoon, goes away slowly)
There are no wilds in the main game! The only way to get wilds is through free spins but even for this slot the colossal wild skull barely makes an appearance sometimes! This causes plenty of disinterest as well as disappointment for it just makes me realize that the wild colossal skulls are just for show, to tease us players in hopes to land it yet maybe in one or two free spins the colossal wild lands only partially so it can be upsetting depending on the position! Chasing the Slot machine scatter symbol can be a pain in the @ss especially when 3 parts of the slot machine got just coin wins instead of pinata hardly gave me the chance for a trigger!
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
Spinata Grande has recently emerged as a common alternative to Starburst as a "free spins" game from NetEnt based casinos, which is definitely a good thing. That said, I can't imagine many games I'd NOT prefer to receive free spins on over Starburst! The game reminds me a lot of Aloha! Cluster Pays, though this slot has a more conventional payline and reel setup.

The visible area of the game is slightly larger than average, with four rows onscreen at once rather than the usual three. The extra space is needed in order to accomodate the "colossal" symbols scattered amongst the reels which occupy a 2x2 square (or even 3x3 on rare occasions!) making it easier to score on many lines simultaneously, should you be lucky enough to land them in a winning combination of course. It's a double edged sword you see - the large symbols can also take up a large number of spaces on the reels with a symbol that is of no use to you, so I think this feature definitely increases the games variance dramatically.

One colossal symbol that won't ever ruin your day is the colossal wild, but sadly it is only available during the free spins mode. Isn't that always the way with the very best features though! If you do manage to get this symbol in view in its entirety anywhere on the reels you'll almost certainly be in line for a huge win! Triggering the free spins does require a fair bit of luck as simply hitting the scatters isn't enough on it's own - you'll need to score three stars on the mini game that appears first. This seems to happen roughly 1/3 of the time in my experience, the rest of the time you'll receive only a low multiple of your bet.

All of the other smaller symbols also appear in stacks on the reels which really helps to make the most of the 40 paylines available for bets, but also results in the base game payouts for each individual combination being quite low. Despite this the game has a high overall RTP of almost 97% which is very respectable even by on-line slot standards.
Spinata Grande is well presented and graphically pleasing, but we've all come to expect that from NetEnt these days. There's plenty of fresh ideas in here and I've had a couple of profitable sessions playing the game, but it does seem very difficult to get a large individual win. This one is more about the "long game", and you'll be watching your balance creep up or down slowly - that just isn't my favourite kind of game.
Fiekie247 237 reviews
South Africa
Spinata Grande is another slot from Netent and one of the better online slots they’ve released for a while. This slot is a fun fiesta bursting with colours and entertaining extras such as colossal symbols with 5 reels and 40 paylines.

It has a very colourful and Mexican theme with some old school western Mexican music, which is also referred to as Mariachi. The background of the slot has some floating balloons and other stuff and it seems like a Mexican fiesta party is about to go down. I guess it goes down as soon you trigger a big win hahaha.

The base game payout is good because 85% of the time you win the stake of your total bet or more. For me personally winning are not frequent or I guess the game is just cold when that happens but I can never score very big in the base game. I think what affects the frequent wins is because the base game does not have any wilds.

Now the free spins feature on this game makes it worthwhile. The feature is triggered when a colossal mini slot symbol appear on the screen, sometimes it appear fully stacked or just half. The mini slot starts spinning which during this you can win coins and you need a minimum of 3 stars I think to start the free spins feature. The more stars, the more free spins are granted. The free spins feature has a colossal wild symbol that is very active and cover reels 2 – 5 as wild when fully stacked. All you need is any high pay symbol on reel 1 and the wild to cover reels 2 - 5 and you in for a very big win.

I have had some really nice big wins on this slot, but at times landing that mini slot on the reels can take forever, the longest I waited was almost 230 spins to trigger free spins. My biggest win was almost 200x my total bet on 7 free spins. I would give it 7 stars.
Afi4wins 1386 reviews
Is this game supposed to be in Mexico or in Spain? Beats me, but it doesn't really matter does it? But the name of the game somehow reminded me of "arriba-arriba-yeeee-hah!" So, what's the connection? Beats me, but I'm just saying it aloud. Maybe it's due to that lively Mexican music in the background, or is that Spanish? Dang! Maybe I need a nice Mexican-Spanish translator lady to show me and tell me the differences. Yeah, that will do very nicely indeed! Then I'll probably go "arriba-arriba-yeeee-hah" myself! Hahaha.

When was the last time a new game made you happily tried it out? Can't remember hah? Neither can I, but I do know that this Spinata Grande game gave that bit of liveliness to me when I played it for the first time! Not many games can do that, I can tell you! But of course, I was only referring to the lively aspect of the game. Whether it pays happily or not, or simply eats your credits hungrily, is yet to be seen, or to be known, for you that is. I already know it, or else I won't be writing about it, right? Hehehe.

What can you find in Mexico, that you cannot find anywhere else? Any ideas? No, hah? Well, the answer is...a fish with a mustache! Yep, this fish even wears a hat! Hahaha. Like they say, in Mexico, anything can happen, just like as in Spinata Grande too. By that, I mean, you can have lots of small wins, you can have plenty of playing time, but you can also have lots of holes in your e-wallet! This Spinata Grande isn't as generous as you would expect it to be, simply because the paytable lacks the 'oomph'. But the entertaining part of the game would probably keep you busy playing for a while, until the novelty fades out.

My first few plays on Spinata Grande were not too bad really. Had some wins from it, not big at all, but better than nothing. You can get wins of 30x-40x your total bet quite easily, but anything bigger than 100x becomes a rarity. Why? Because the winning potentials of the game are rather limited in many ways. The free spins game, for example, can offer you a maximum of only 11 free spins, if you get all 9 stars in the mini-slot game, which again, is rare! With 5-reels 4-rows and 40 paylines, the winnings become diluted, unlike if it were to pay 243 ways. The paytable is so low you can do a 'limbo' dance with it! But otherwise, when the going is good, you can play for extended periods of time. On bad runs, oh boy, you better get out of there like a bull is chasing after you! Hahaha.
Damn blardy difficult and so rare to get big wins of 200x total bet or more. A 1000x win? Don't think it is possible at all, except maybe if you get that Colossal Wild with all bulls, which I haven't seen or heard of as yet. Spinata Grande can be fun to play, but blardy hard to win big on!
Spinata Grande is one of the newer titles that come to us from NetEnt and for a short time became the favorite in my repertoire slot. The game is graphically perfect, its content and the sound coming from your speakers while you win winning payment lines. The biggest gamblers among my friends agreed with me that this is the right refreshment for a bit empty days when the quality of the new game comes. I do not want to shortchange other operators, but there is less viable titles that after the initial euphoria, very often fall into oblivion, I think this game will not experience it.

Spinata Grande is the standard 5 reels slot, but what sets it apart is even 40 payment lines are graphically Perfectly done, which is not big news when the latest NetEnt issues at stake. When we talk about symbols, I divide them into two types, those who see each other every day while playing poker (10, J, Q, K, A) and those that symbolize some of the elements and animals that bind to the Spanish climate. I especially like what some symbols here, take as many as nine positions symbols (in the box) you when they occur on the drum multiplies the opportunities of winning.

Somewhere I found the fact that the percentage of winnings to the slot about 97%, from my experience here I had more gains than in some of which claim that this percentage exceeds 98%. Maybe I did not play long enough to bring real conclusion, but all that does not matter when you know that fun during the game play is guaranteed. Most often hang out with this game at Unibet Casino, Bet365 Casino, Betclic Casino and Sports Interaction Casino. So far I have had some great monetary losses, but also did not even earned a lot of money when I played Spinata Grande, one might say that I am happy medium.
Spinata grande is Netent slot game, which was released this year, or probably in past year, I can not say this exactly. But it is great and funny game, I play it very often and it is obviously in my favorite games list in many casinos where I play.

There is many reasons why I love this game, but probably most important for me is how this game looks. It is very funny game with a lot of great symbols, which is very funny. Soundsis also always make me happy, and music is same great. I think it was a goal by creator - to create funny slot game which will give players relaxation - and they make this game.

There is 40 paylines. And also there is very big symbols on reels, they really huge and can cover almost all screen. This make game very interesting, because you can get a lot of winnings lines of good symbols. By the way there is also interesting and awesome bonus. It is triggered when slot automat drop on reels. It can contain from 3 to 9 places. You can get money prizes, or freespins. During freespins there is special very huge wild can appear, and help to get big win.

My best result for sure was during freespins. I hit on first reel many red bulls, and landed wild. It paid me about 250 bets, and with few other wins I got almost 300 bets result, which is so far really good. Thing is that sometimes spinata in bad mood and just not want to pay anything. But I rate this game with 9 stars.
There is hard to find something negative for me about this game, it is almost perfect. Probably a bit bigger payouts can make me more happy with this slot game. And also a bit more frequent freespins feature. And super annoying thing - get slot automat not in full.
katemak 1170 reviews
Spinata Grande is another game from Netent provider, not so old game but it was released few months ago. Every time Netent Entertainment knows how to surprised me, but not in a good way. I have been reading everything about this game, so someone is satisfied, someone not, so I belong in that group of people, where I just don't like this game, just because I have played and played, but it seems nothing special would come from it.

The only thing I liked about this game is the Colossal bonus symbol, but not even here I had some luck. The Colossal symbol will award the player with free spins or some cash prize and triggering at least 3 free spins symbols, will award the player with minimum 5 free spins, but as for my experience I rarely get free spins, only cash prizes. I am really annoyed when playing this game or some of the latest edition from Netent, when I see huge wins and the coins start flying, like I have won some big money and seeing only 3 euros as a big win feature I think that hilarious or annoying.

The last time I played this slot was with 30 euros deposit and played with 0.40 per spins, so the good thing about this game is the minimum bet which is 0.20 cents, so another cheap game for everyone's pocket, especially if your balance is a bit empty. I don’t know is it me or this game just doesn't like me, whenever I trigger free spins and won some winnings after that, Spinata Grande seems like will eat all of my credit and that's all.

I don't remember I have played this game more than 20 minutes, sometime not triggering the bonus feature, not giving me anything. So that way I decide to stop playing this game, honestly there a many slots from the same provider, which I really enjoy playing and of course will benefit more from it. I do think this is low to medium variance paying slot, just because I think it doesn't have potential of big wins.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Spinata Grande is one of the newer slots by NetEnt and was launched a few months ago. I remember when it was first released there were a lot of casinos offering free spins to try this slot so I managed to claim a few promos to try it for real. I have to say I liked the slot at first look. It has a very cheerful look, with lots of colors and interesting music in the background. It has a Mexican origin and you can see that from the name of the slot where Spinata is actually Pinata. One small letter does wonders.

Anyway this is a 40 payline 5 reel slot but the great thing is that you can play it at minimum bet of only 0.20. The symbols in the game are very interesting and the new feature here is the colossal symbols. These are basically a group of the same symbols that can come 2x2 or 3x3. I have seen this feature on another game, I think it was from Skill on Net software but I can’t remember the name at the moment. Another new feature is that the scatter and wild symbols aren’t standard but they come as a Colossal wild which appears in the free spins. The scatter is basically The Colossal Bonus symbol which awards free spins and cash prizes. If you get 3 free spins symbols you are awarded with 5 free spins and for every extra free spin symbol you get an extra free spin. Overall it’s a very fun game to play. I always try it whenever I am playing in some NetEnt casino and I had some nice wins on it. In my last session in Hello casino I started off with a 20 euros balance and after half an hour of play on minimum bet my balance was at 50 euros. I then moved on to Wishmaster and ended up with a nice 90 euros withdrawal all thanks to this slot which was kind to me from the start.

I recommend it to everyone.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Spinata Grande is among latest Netent releases and just today I found out that new game Stickers is live and we are expecting more to come in May and June and I hope those games will be nice and come with promising paytable. I don't really remember when did I heard of Spinata Grande first but I know I have received free spins to try it out. The first time I played it was in Lucky Balls Casino and I wanted to take only few spins in this Ole, ole game.

5 reel, 40 paylines, bonus game, free spins and max. win of 300 coins. As it name says and what is obvious when you look at this game is Mexican theme and you can hear Mariachi music. I had colleagues singing this Mariachi songs often and I am not fan of it. Everything in this game remind of some fiesta going on. Colossal reel symbols are specific for this game, you have Mini Slot feature and Free Spins. When I started my playthrough that day, I had 150 euros win on Spinata Grande that day and it was so unexpected that I can't remember what happened on the reels. In the main game all symbols appear as Colossal and it is block of 2x2 and 3x3 symbols. During the Free Spins feature Colossal Wild and and Colossal Bonus could appear and 3x3 huge Animal Spinatas symbols. Colossal Bonus symbol will activate Mini Slot feature. Free Spins symbol is fiesta star and you can get extra free spins in Mini Slot feature. Colossal Wild can appear only in Free Spins and it is huge 3x3 block and looks very funny skull head and it is substitute for all except the Colossal Bonus symbol.

This game could be much fun and if you are curious to find out what is this about, then find nice bonus and let FIESTA start with Spinata Grande.There is no doubt that this game has a lot to offer.
Well, NetEnt decided to make us a couple of surprises, Spinata Grande is one of them, a new slot with a Mexican theme, with nice symbols and interesting features in my opinion. I played it only a couple of time but I made an idea about its features and also payout rate, also I didn't manage to win something big yet. It is a 5-reel slot, 40 paylines but the minimum bet is 0.20 euro, a good thing in my opinion because I don’t like to play with higher stakes. With a 20 euro deposit, I tried this game for the first time and I was happy with the graphics and also with the theme because I like very much the Mexican tradition. My first spins weren't as good as I was expecting because made me to think that the payout rate is very poor but the truth is that this thing changed when I made more spins and I triggered the Free Spins feature, 9 free spins and a 22 euro win, very decent in my opinion!

An interesting feature of this slot is the Colossal Symbols that may appear in the main game and that is actually a Colossal version of the regular symbols. I like this feature because I think that you have more chances to win something and also make the slot more interesting and funny to play. Although I didn't win much money at this slot so far, I recommend you to try it because it is very interesting and funny too.

Because of the good graphics and interesting Mexican theme, I will give a 9 and I could say that it has a good potential for big wins.

The features will receive another 9 because I like the free spins, the Colossal symbols and also the Colossal Wild that appears only in the free spins.
Nothing bad to say, maybe just the lack of a bonus game, that would make the game even more interesting!
Ahmo6 232 reviews
Spinata Grande is a great slot and also one of the newer slots that is brought to us by NetEnt. The theme of this slot is really beautiful and it just has Mexican written all over it. This slot will be definitely one of the top NetEnt games for quite a period of time and no one can say that it is not deserved. This slot has 5 reels and 40 payline combination with a minimum bet of 0.20$. The slot is packed with many features and surprises which gives it a unique desirability.

I have played this slot couple of times although I didn't have any major wins I still liked it. This slot is just packed with Colossal symbols which makes this slot really interesting to play. This Colossal symbol is a symbol block of 2 x 2 and 3 x 3 symbols that can appear anywhere on the reels. In the main game that was the main source from which were I good some good hits. Also it has a brilliant feature which is called the Colossal Bonus that I really enjoyed triggering. This bonus will activate a mini-slot feature depending on how much of the Collosal Bonus is visible. So basically it can turn into 3, 6 and 9 symbols.The symbols that can appear on those reels are the FS symbols, extra spin symbols and 3 different coins that awards cash prizes.

When I had the chance to trigger this bonus I most of the times got some cash prizes and extra spins, but rarely FS. But when i got free spins i was awarded with 5 or more of them depending on how many extra spin symbols appear and I always had some nice wins, but the problem was that even though they give a nice win it was hard for me to trigger them. Also the main factor that I got some nice wins was the Colossal wild that is a 3 x 3 symbol and only appears in free spins feature.

Overall I think this is a great game with extra payout possibilities although sometimes it can be really cruel and eat your balance pretty quickly as well. But definitely it is worth trying out, 8/10.
valentin68 535 reviews
“Spinata Grande” is perhaps the best slot from NetEnt casinos lately. And it is possible for it to be one of the top 5 slots ever made by NetEnt. Maybe just “Aliens” is better than “Spinata Grande” because of the action that comes together with the slot play. But now we talk about “Spinata Grande”. I feel like “Spinata Grande” opens a new era in terms of slots. Until now we were used to 5x3 (standard) video slots having 2 features where sometimes if you were lucky you won and when you were losing you said that you had bad luck, and maybe it is worth trying once again.

With “Spinata Grande” the story is different. I do not mean “literally” the slot story, very beautiful indeed, taken from the Mexican tradition, I was referring at something else. This is the first NetEnt slot with Mega symbols. So far I have not played slots with mega symbols only in “Big Time Gaming” (where the Mega symbols were almost just for the show) but here in NetEnt these Mega symbols even make their presence felt. Very often these Mega symbols bring wins. And there is another thing different from all other NetEnt slots so far, while playing this slot. Sometimes the wins come one after another having a periodicity of just 1-2 spins. And only occasionally you wait more for a win.

About a month ago from a discussion here at AskGamblers I realized that almost all slots are sometimes generous, but while playing here I was under the impression that I could find when the slot is generous and increase the bet to win more. You just have to play around 200-300 spins to make a fairly good statistics of the game. And I promise myself to try again, I am pretty sure I will easily win here.

For its appearance this slot is extraordinary. These Mega symbols from Mexican folklore are totally perfect. Symbols like the fish with a mustache, the donkey running, the parrot proud of himself, I have never seen before. I do not describe the Free Spins because a description in words would be not enough.

I prefer just to invite you to play here. This is a slot that deserves a 9 or even 10 mark! Probably it is the No.1 or No. 2 slot of NetEnt.
Everything would have been perfect if the slot had 1024 ways to win.
Spinata Grande

This is the last video slot game that is created in Netnet. Spinata Grande has 40 pay lines and 5 reels. My first impression was that this game looks a bit like childish. Also I didn’t like so much the graphics and the sound, as well as the symbols.

On Next Casino I got 20 free spins for this game. After my first spin here, immediately I had a decent wins from 2.4 euros. I continued to play on and I noticed something I do not remember that I used to see in other games. In fact, some of the symbols were occupying per two or three almost entire reels. I liked this solution. Anyway, I know that a large number of NetEnt slots have an original solution. Indeed, their games are pretty different from other software provider games. I continued with the game and after a few spins I got the free spins bonus. More exactly, I got 5 free spins. In these five free spins I had wins of more than 17 euros. That's not so bad because I played with a bet of 0.4 euros per spin. In total, for 20 free spins I cashed almost 26 euros. That's why l liked this game at first sight. If it happens that, while playing a slot game you get some big wins, then you liked that game no matter what.

A few times more in a few other online casinos I tried it with Spinata Grande and I can say that I had a pretty success. But again, the rules are somewhat difficult to understand. But well, the video slot games are played to earn some money. Spinata Grande gave me that opportunity a several times for a short time, as I discovered this game. All in all, I will recommend this game. NetEnt once again succeeded to eject one original video slot game.
blondie 1094 reviews
Spinata Grande is the newest game from Netent software.I am a big fan of this software and I am always interested in their news. About a week ago they released this game and my favorite Netent casino- Casumo sent me an email, saying they have credited my account with a 5 free spins valuable on this game. Casumo often does that and I think that's great.

My first impression was that this game could be something similar to Tornado Escape, another quite new game. But I have to say I really liked the look of it, the game looked so fun and exciting, colorful. The theme is really interesting and reminds me of this Mexican tradition when kids at birthday parties with closed eyes have to punch the pinata to get candies. The game is a 5 reel 20 payline slot and with 5 spins I won 0.70€.I was really amazed by the design - the fact that the reels had different size, that is not a very common thing for Netent. I used the rest money on this game and lost immediately. Later that day I made a deposit there and with 30€ balance visited this game again more seriously. The game consists of letter and number symbols, de la muerte symbol and a couple of pinatas. Getting the free spins is very interesting. To win free spins you have to get The Collosal Bonus symbol. Then it will punch the slot (like a pinata) and reveal your winnings. There can be coin wins, free spins and extra free spins features. The maximum I got was 9 free spins.

I placed the minimum bets and started 250 spins. After only 10 spins were made, I won 9 free spins that paid 50x bet, which was a good start. I got many small wins and then again 9 free spins. This time it paid 70x bet. I wasn't expecting that from this game at all. Overall I played the 250 spins, within them I got 4 more free spins features, and ended with 15€ balance profit on top of my initial balance. I played another set of 250 spins and managed to get 5 free spins features, all paid around 30x bet. After playing 500 spins on this game my balance had increased for 40€.

Overall I think this game has a huge potential to become one of my favorite Netent slots. Although it doesn't have any other bonus round except the free spins, the game is super exciting. Within my 500 spins I didn't have any long dry run, occasional, 4x bet winnings appeared enough to increase my balance and not lose. The features come up quite often and I think the payouts are good. Definitely recommend!
Spinata grande it is newest game released by net entertainment, as I remember this game appear at casinos somewhere at 23 March, so it is really most fresh game by netent. Also looks like this release was special for netent for some reason, because they even create special network promotion for this game - one lucky player will win package trip for two in Mexico. I played this game a bit, so even I am have few chances go to Mexico, but I am really in doubt about it, because I believe a lot of players also played this game, so chances are very low.

This game has 40 paylines. Graphic and sounds are awesome, music is awesome, instantly show me Mexico culture, or at least give me some hints and I am using my imagination can think that Mexico it is something like this, like they show it in this slot.

It is very special game, because it is contains colossal symbols, their all symbols can appear colossal, so it is possible to get a lot of same symbols and add to this 40 paylines - good payouts. Also this game introduced slot in the slot feature, when slot machine drop on reels (actually, it is colossal, so 3x3 can be filled with slot, but can be less) you could win some money, or freespins. During freespins big colossal wild added on reels, so payouts can be awesome.

I played this slot not so much time to have some really decent impressions or thoughts about it, but I have played it and i can say that I like this game. It looks awesome, and due to this colossal symbols it is possible to get great win here. Also this idea with colossal symbols are really awesome.
Payouts are a bit low in this game, and also a bit sucks that even appearing of special slot machine on reels does not guarantee that you get freespins. Also not big amount of freegames awarded. (most times I got just 5 FS).
Spinata Grande is the newest release from Net Entertainment. A few hours ago I checked my mailbox and found many emails with free spins from several online casinos. Of course I’m always hoping to win something from those free spins.

However, I wasn’t too lucky since at almost all casinos the new game was quite cold. I didn’t achieve any win above 10x bet. Nevertheless, I was still interested in playing on since I really liked how this slot looked, the design and the outstanding graphics.

The Mexican feel to it really shows in multiple ways, from the background sounds to the symbols decorated as piñatas. But those weren’t the only reasons for my positive reception of the game despite basically gaining nothing from the free spins.

Spinata Grande is another example that shows that the masterminds at NetEnt really know what they’re doing when it comes to creating a new and exciting video slot. As we know by now almost 90% of their new slot releases is different from either the perspective of the slot format or the features offered.

This goes for this game as well, because it comes with an exciting characteristic. Spinata Grande contains 5-reels, 4-rows and 40-paylines, but the minimum bet is only 20 cents. So that’s definitely good value for money. But what I’m specifically pointing at are the way some symbols are decorated.

There are these so called ‘colossal symbols’ which consist of 2x2 or 3x3 symbols, and they really can help (or block) to achieve good winning combinations. Because I wanted to play on I decided to make a small deposit of 20 euros at Unibet and proceeded. Although I again was unlucky until I had approximately 4 euros left after playing on minimum bet, then suddenly the slot started to be pleasant.

First I had a couple of good hits of 20x bet and then I managed to trigger the mini-slot feature. During the base game if a specific symbol lands, the mini-slot feature gets launched. It then spins with other symbols, including coins and free spins symbols.

Luckily for me I managed to trigger the free spins like three times in 10 minutes. Two times I received 6 free spins and one time 9 free spins. I won respectively 100x bet, 20x bet and 30x bet from those free spins. I then decided to play another slot but my overall impression was absolutely positive.

Therefore this game will definitely see me back since it's very exciting and really manages to capture your attention.
Spinata Grande can have some cold streaks as well unfortunately. Dead spin after dead spin isn't exactly something nice to experience. But like I said before, the colossal symbols are great if you hit, but they can also block other combinations.

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