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valentin68 535 reviews
Yesterday I played a first slot from Vista Gaming casinos, “Tweet Tweet 4”. After the first 20 spins already I was bored and realized that I will never win something here and that the slot is very weak. But today at AskGamblers there were added many similar games. Because I saw that there is also a “Tweet Tweet 5” (which I had not the courage to play) I turned my attention to “JewelZ5” (which has of course the similar game “JewelZ 4”). All templates of these slots are similar: on a 5x5 grid the symbols fall and when they are grouped at least by 4 of them (in the version of the game called four) or by 5 (in the version of the game called five) they give a win. Then there is a complete rearrangement and other symbols fill the gaps. Probably all of these games would be as weak and boring but this 5 symbols version of “JewelZ” brings two or three new things.

First, because now there are needed more symbols alike for a win, it is like the symbols are grouping easier and bring higher and more frequent payouts. Secondly, all symbols (Jewels) that disappear from the reels are gathered to the left in a special column and when the column is filled it offers an additional payout. The third positive fact (you will laugh!) is the forced maximum bet of 10 Euros/spin. This is exorbitantly much, but when you win paying 10 Euros another 80-100 Euros, it is like the game invites you to the play. One lucky spin to be a winner and you are done. Probably not many players are willing to invest 100-300 Euros in only 20-30 spins, but the chances of winning are higher. I only played the slot for virtual money from the AskGamblers page, but I guess playing it for real money, there are also some smaller bets.

Otherwise the game plays almost as linear as “Tweet Tweet 4” bringing just some thrill when left column is filled with Jewels. Because here you can win something, and because of the few extra emotions offered this slot gets a score a bit higher than “Tweet Tweet 4”.
At 10 Euro/spin, if you do not win in the first 10-20 spins enough for you to stop playing, the game ends in a few others spins all the money. With 200 Euro invested you have all the chances to lose everything after only 50 spins played. The quality slot is far from being exceptional and only the small chance to win big is making appealing this slot for a gambler.

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