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Thunderstruck is a 5-reel video slot develop by well-known Microgaming software provider that offers 9 ways to win. This exciting slot celebrates the God of thunder, Thor, who is in fact the game’s wild symbol. In addition  to Thor, once you start spinning the reels more symbols will appear such as rams which scatters, as well as Thor’s hammer, staffs and of course 9,10,J,Q,K and A symbols. Try it for free right here, or visit any of the Microgaming Casinos in our listings to play for real money.

Before setting of on this exciting adventure, you need to set your bet. Clicking on +/- under the coin icon regulates the coin size, while “Select Coins” adjusts the number of coins wagered. Players can also regulate the number of paylines by pressing “Select Lines”. “Spin” initiates the game and "Bet Max" automatically wagers the maximum sum and prompts the reels to start spinning. To play for a number of times without interruption, players need to click “Expert” and then “Auto Play”.

3 of the ram symbols will reward you with 15 free spins where all wins are tripled. What's more, these free spins can also be re-triggered. As a wild symbol, Thor will substitute in a winning combination and also double that win, making him worth a 6x multiplier in free spins.

With every line win, you can try your luck in the Gamble feature, where you can increase your winnings. If you guess the colour of the face down card correctly, your win is doubled, while guessing the suit quadruples the sum. However, wrong guesses result in the loss of the amount. Players can stop the gamble feature themselves and save their winnings by clicking “Co­lle­ct”.

Game Play

+/-: Choose a coin size.
Select Lines: Choose one more payline.
Select Coins: Adjust the number of coins wagered.
Spin: Start playing the game at your chosen wager.
Auto Play: Spin the reels for a number of times with no interruptions.
Bet Max: Spin the reels at the maximum wager.
Gamble: Start the gamble round.
Collect: Collect your winnings.

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Thunderstruck Slot Reviews by Players


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Afi4wins 1232 reviews
Ah, Thunderstruck, the oldie game that had struck the likes of so many players worldwide, thrusting Microgaming up the ladder of popularity, fiercely competing with a few other established software providers. There aren't many providers back in those early years, so becoming popular wasn't as tough as it would be nowadays. But where new games are concerned, Microgaming games have to struggle hard to make it to the top, simply because their games are not as astoundingly beautiful, sophisticated, or even innovative enough as their 'younger' counterparts' games. Releasing yet another new clone isn't going to help either, which Microgaming has been very fond of doing, and which one other software provider seems to be following in the same footsteps too, unfortunately. But, as the saying goes, 'to each its own'.

The Almighty Thor is the Wild symbol, paying an excellent 10,000x the line bet for getting 5 of them, doubling all wins with it, and substituting other symbols except the Scatter symbol. The Rams is the Scatter symbol, paying an excellent 500x the total bet for getting 5 of them, and getting 3 or more of these Rams trigger 15 free spins with all wins tripled. More free spins can be retriggered. Ah, this is how all games should be like! Being an old game, there isn't any other extra feature available, but the good free spins offering is sufficient to keep this game going on. As for the other symbols in the game, the Hammer pays 750x, the Hand pays 750x too, the Castle pays 400x, the Lightning pays 250x, the Horn pays 250x too, and the others pay from 125x to 100x, all per line bet for 5 of each kind. A very good paytable indeed, which could have been an excellent one if all the other symbols have slightly better win values.

With such a very good paytable, one can expect the game to be very tight and very hard to win on, simply because this Thunderstruck game falls into the High Variance category, but when a good win comes, it may seem like it's raining cash! Hehehe. After so many years of playing Thunderstruck, my luck has always been struck off by the lightning, or by Thor's Hammer, so I haven't yet seen any huge good win from it, It may elude me forever, but I'm not that concerned, because I'm not going to go chasing after such huge wins. If I do get it one day, I'll be very thankful. If not, it doesn't matter at all. But Thunderstruck is one very good game to play.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Thunderstruck is a video slot game coming from Microgaming software and it is probably one of my all times favorites. It is an old game, I believe that it has been around since 2004 and I remember I have read somewhere that it has 95 % return.

The thing that keeps me coming back is the 15 free spins bonus. it occurs very often and somehow it lures you to play with bigger bets. You usually get around 30 x bet from the free spins, but there were times when I was getting 500 x bet. That is the thing that makes you play this game over and over again and never get bored of it. You know that there is a big chance that you will get great payouts when you play this game. I have to say that there were times when this game was not treating me good and it was taking all my money in no time, but I will always play it. I know, if the game does not give anything in the first 100 spins you are dead and you should leave it as soon as possible and play it again another time.

If you get 5 scatters you will not only get the 15 free spins but you will also get 500 x bet, and also the free spins can be retriggered. If we put aside this amazing bonus we also have to mention the paytable which is great too. If you get 5 Ice Hammers or 5 Staffs you will win 750 coins or 1500 if there is a wild symbol too. The Thor symbol pays 10 000 coins but I am afraid to say that I have not seen this yet, but I hope it will happen soon. It should happen soon since I play this game that often. Even if you do not trigger the bonus the game itself will pay quite a lot.
zerooo 742 reviews
Thunderstruck is 5 reels video game with 9 paylines. It is Microgaming software game and I played it most of the time at freerolls at GoWild casino.

The game offer free spins feature when at least 3 scatters are anywhere on the reels. During free spins the winnings are at x3 multiplier. I never received free spins, I tried it also with my own money but I did not have better results. I think it is really hard to trigger feature, it is harder than at Dead or Alive game.

The base game paid well, sometimes very good because of wild symbol. Most of the time I had only 2 wilds, never more than that. But the prize for all five symbols is really set high, x10 000 bet. This game could provide big wins and I like it because of that. I love playing this kind of slots where huge winnings are possible.

I think i will rate this game with 9 stars. I will took one star, because I played it many times for a few hundred couple of spins but I never received free spins feature. I know that is high variance game. Dead or Alive is also high, super high variance but free spins seems easier to get than at this one.

I will play this game more in the near future, maybe I will finally receive free spins and I will see how they will pay me. Otherwise I don't have any bad words to say about it, I also like that two scatters pays x2 because I received them many times. But third never came, so that is my luck at this game. Anyway I recommend it to all to try it out. The look, design in the game is not perfect, but it has good paytable which is the most important.
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
This game is getting a little long in the tooth now, but it's still just as good as ever if you favour the older, nine liner style of slot game. It’s all just so simple, with some big hits in the base game paytable as well as a free spins mode that gives you tripled up wins as well. I’ve actually seen a screenshot of somebody who was playing this game at just 1p per spin – a single line – and hit the five wilds during the free spins winning a monster £300, or 30,000 x times his stake to put it another way. Outrageous!!

A little fact for AskGamblers to note, the free version on this page is no longer accessible from the UK because of country restrictions on wherever you are using to supply the free game. It would be nice to get this fixed if possible ;)

One thing this game has which Microgaming seem to have brushed aside lately is extremely detailed autoplay settings – you can tune everything, not just the number of spins like on many other games. I particularly like the fact you can set a very small delay in between each spin if you wish, making the game much quicker than other games even when you put them in “Quick Spin” mode. Why can’t we still have these features in new games too?!
This is a very different animal from the second Thunderstruck game, which is really just “another” 243 ways slot game, but then again, this game itself spawned a huge number of virtually identical games with just the symbols on the reels changed such as Adventure Palace, Ladies Nite, and Spring Break – so if you like the theme of any of those other games better than this one, then you might prefer to play those instead. The mechanics, prizes and features are all completely identical. I’m a bit cynical about this, and would prefer to see Microgaming concentrating on creating on genuinely new titles instead of spending so much time just reskinning old ones.
This is an old and legendary slot game. Thunderstruck has only 9 pay lines. Well now, this game was never something especially for me. It's a bit boring for my taste and does not offer a lot of excitement and adrenaline while you play. Also, the reels are turning in some strange way. Actually I do not have a feeling that the reels are spinning at all, when I play here. I do not know if it's up to my old PC or something else is at stake. Of course this is an old game and the graphics are not anything special. I like some of the older Microgaming games because of symbols. I noticed that the symbols in these older slots are full of tiny and catchy details. In other words they look brilliant. But that is not the case with this game.

Here, the symbols look somehow completely easy and cheap. Like the designers of this game have invested a minimal effort. The theme for this game is inspired by Scandinavian mythology. I do not know almost anything about Scandinavian mythology so I do not have anything to write about it. I had the opportunity to try this game often. Also I've had some big wins. But those wins mostly come suddenly upon dozens of small wins. That is why this game is quite boring to me. From the futures there is free spins bonus. You must have at least 3 scatter symbols to get to this bonus. In that case, if I remember correctly, you will receive 15 free spins. A few years ago there were several Microgaming slot tournaments with this game. Today you can only play it at Go Wild VIP slot tournament, if you get an invitation from the casino for this tournament.

Thunderstruck is a video slot game that I will not recommend. It looks cheap and is boring, boring and I will repeat once again, this is a very boring game. However, if you like games with a theme from the Scandinavian mythology, then I recommend the continuation of this game Thunderstruck II, which is much better than this
Thunderstruck is a Microgaming slot ,really old but the fact is that I didn't try this slot so far, I played only the second release, Thunderstruck II, a 243 ways to win slot with nice features. I decided to try this slot, I thought that being the first released will be interesting too. I was expecting to see the same 243 ways to win slot, but it has only 9 paylines and a minimum bet of 0.09 euro. Because the minimum bet was 0.09, I started to play with 0.18 euro bet but I noticed that the wins aren't as good as I was expecting and I decided to change to 0.45 euro! About the graphics I could say that I am not impressed, I know that the game is pretty old but I was expecting to better graphics and nice symbols.

The features of this slot are very common, a Wild symbol, Free Spins feature and a Gamble feature that I am not using it anyway because I think that it is a waste of time and money! Regarding the free spins, I don’t understand why they chose the Ram symbol as scatter for the free spins, I don’t think that has any connection with the theme of the slot! I managed to catch these free spins 40 minutes after I started to play, very hard to catch 3 rams, most of the time will appear only 2 scatters on the first 2 reels or the last 2!

About the payout rate I don’t know what to say, I played with 0.45 euro stake and only one time I caught the free spins that gave me a 18 euro win.

I will give only 7 for the graphics, it is an old slot and I think that the second release is better than this one!

The features will receive another 7 because it has only free spins and a wild symbol, so nothing special.
I don’t like the gambling feature and also I am disappointed because you can’t stop the reels!
irishchris07 39 reviews
United States
Thunderstruck is a nine payline slot game from Microgaming without a bonus game yet this game packed plenty of punch for me. While the game is dated and in my opinion it doesn't really stand up to the new version it can still provide plenty of entertainment depending on what you are looking for.

The good old Scatter Rams just loved grazing on my reels and by times I felt I was spending more time on free spins than paying for them. As many free spins as I got in my time playing this I never managed to win anything major through them although the small winnings did stack up.

My most significant win on this game came when I matched five of Thor's Hammers and this was out of the ordinary to say the least because I never came close to matching that win despite my efforts.

The graphics in this game would have to be described as impressive and if I had of discovered this game back in the days of being a He-Man fan I would have been glued to the reels for days!

The vast majority of my wins came through matches of three or four of the 9 to Ace symbols and while they were relatively small amounts it still felt good to be hitting something.
Unfortunately the game has become dated and lacks in everything that Thunderstruck II supplies. This game may just suit you if you're interested in taking a trip up memory lane but if your looking for any sort of major winnings or some pulse racing action then I could not recommend this game.

After considering everything about this game and having spent some time recently playing lower payline games I would give Thunderstruck an overall rating of five out of ten and I would possibly have to rate it lower if judging it by today's standards and whats available now.
Ahmo6 232 reviews
Thunderstruck slot is a Microgaming powered slot and it has 5 reels and 9 paylines. Honestly I have played this video slot only once with 0.18$ bets and it really felt weird. Because before this game I played Thunderstruck II many times, so this game felt so obsolete, the features, I had problem triggering them it was really hard for me, the graphics and the symbols and the animation aren't so good. But then again it this was all pretty decent when it was released, it is just that our standard is much more higher then I was before. So maybe I should have tried Thunderstruck before I tried Thunderstruck II. Then it wouldn't be so weird playing it. But the Thunderstruck II was so popular I just couldn't resist it.

The minimum bet that can be placed is 0.09$ and the maximum is 45$. As far as the features, in this game we have rams for scatter. Which when triggered give 15 FS with 3x multiplier, also FS can be triggered within the FS feature. Then we have Thor for a wild symbol, any win with this symbol will double your wins. For such an old game Thunderstruck is not so bad. Only once I have played this game and I didn't manage to win anything special, although with the FS plus 3x multiplier you can really have a good shoot for winning some really decent money. But compared to the Thunderstruck II even those possibilities aren't so special. I will definitely try this game at least couple more times.

Overall a pretty decent game I have to say, with some possibilities for a potential high win that I will have to explore.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Thunderstruck is probably the first Microgaming video slot that I played in some casino. I remember that I still had no deposits made in any of these casinos. I mostly played on Microgaming slot tournaments with free entry. At that time about 3 years ago this game was in the offer of a lot of Microgaming slot tournaments. After a few good results here just because of this game I decided to make a deposit in some casino run by Microgaming.

The first impression from this game when it comes to graphic wasn't something much. Of course that’s understandable and Microgaming stopped producing games with 9 pay lines a long time ago. On the other hand I liked the sound a lot. Especially I liked the thunder sound when you get 3 scatter symbols and the free spins bonus. That’s understandable because the theme of this game is Nordic Mythology. I do believe that Thor is the god of thunder and the sky. The symbol of Thor is a wild symbol for this game and doubles your wins.

The free spins bonus is triggered when 3 or more goat symbols appear anywhere on the reels. I wondered what do goats have to do with Nordic mythology. I did a little investigating and it turns out that Thor rides in a carriage pulled by two goats - Tanndgnjost and Tanndgrisnir.

So slot games are not just fun and a chance to win some money but also they can be educational and you can learn something you didn't know before. Of course during the free spins you can have some big wins as your wins are multiplied by 3. Personally I had cash outs several time of 100 x bet and more.
Overall a good but very old game.
For Thundestruck I give 8 out of 10.
yapro 790 reviews
Thunderstruck video slot was created by microgaming software long time ago, and of course it is interesting to play the game which is daddy of amazing video slot thunderstruck II, and i like to say that daddy is not bad and also worth to try this game, since here we have Thor, what else did we need?

This game has 9 paylines, and therefore minimal bet here is 0.09, which perfectly suits to all types of gamblers, because if you have something like 10$ at your account, it is not good idea play games with minimal bet size higher than 0.09. Here we have wilds on all reels, and wilds here pay really decent, more than 1000 x total bet, and if 5 wilds land during free spins, payout will be more than 3000 x total bet, so yes, daddy also have some chances to pay really big wins. Scatters here needed to trigger free spins feature, which is 15 free spins with x 3 multiplier, and also can be retriggered. 5 scatters here have high payout, 500 x total bet, so you can expect this in free spins and pray for 1500 x total bet. I played this game couple of times only at 32red, and i think i like this game, i see many screenshots how players win big on this game, but for me this one is really unlucky, after probably 30+ features i have only few wins more than 100 x total bet, and never higher, it is a bit sad of course, but i am ok with it, because i understand than higher wins is rare, and i need to play much more to get it.

I think this game has same variance like thunderstruck II - high variance. Here is possible really great and big wins, but chances for this not so big. I will definitely will try this game again, in order increase my biggest win result on it.
bigdk88 74 reviews
United Kingdom
Thunderstruck is a 9 line 5 reel slot machine based upon the Viking god Thor and is from Microgamings very early video slots collection.

Thunderstruck contains all the expected symbols such as Thor (Doubling wild) get 5 of these and winning really is thunderous! Bagging the player 10,000x their line bet!(in free spins 30,000x!!),5 brown staff symbols is 2nd best and is worth a tasty 750x line bet to the player, Green horn symbol, Lightning bolt symbol, Ice Hammer symbol but don’t expect to see this lot in massive combos often, they are few and far between.

The lower variance symbols range from Nine-Ace but there are times when playing Thunderstruck you’ll be begging the game for five 9s! When it’s on a cold run believe me anything like that is pure gold!

The max bet players can do on Thunderstruck is £45 a spin and the minimum is 0.01p a spin. That is why this game is still enjoyed by high rollers and low rollers whatever your betting range it’s possible to achieve a big win! If you put the time in!

With Thunderstruck containing such high paying symbols (especially with a doubling wild) you may be thinking does this vintage video slot have any more in store for me? Yes it does! Thunderstruck has Rams scatter symbols, get 3 or more of these and you win 15 free spins with amultiplier x3 your bet and x 6 for every combination with a wild symbol. Another brilliant extra is if you get 3 or more during the free spins. A 2nd set of 15 free spins is awarded, and as far as I know there is no limit to how many times they can re-trigger! This Isn't all these scatters have to offer though every time a player gets just 2 of these their bet is doubled and returned for example betting 90p player will get back 1.80 every time 2 appear in the base game. Last but by no means least if you are very lucky and obtain 5 rams in base game you’ll win 500x your overall bet so even at 9p bet that’s £45 returned to you!

I first played Thunderstruck at Ladbrokes thought it was ok but moved onto other games like Mega Moolah and Tomb Raider. I never played it again until 2011. I decided to try it again this time on Riverbelle casino. I began with a £20 balance betting 9p a spin and it was giving me the usual mostly low symbols like 3 kings or even worse 2 9s! I kept going having seen some amazing pictures online and a winners list full of people winning on this game. I decided to up my bet to 18p as I thought surely I have to get lucky sooner or later. Then in a flash 5 Ice hammers with wild! This gave my balance a very healthy boost of course! That was not all the slot had in store though. I decided to up the money to 27p and free spins came up within 20 more rounds! I think the win was around £50. But from that moment I knew I was going to win big again at last! I stuck to my guns at 27p and just seemed to keep on hitting the free spins then I got them one more time and the free spins just didn’t end! I am sure it re-triggered them around 4 times! 75 free games! I was a bit annoyed not to have upped the bet but after they had completed my balance was at £193! Had gone down a bit but paid off not quitting. I withdrew the cash and was done for the day but the moral of this story is don’t give up on this slot as it can be hugely rewarding £173 better of in just 2 and a bit hours!

For all the reasons described above I give Thunderstruck 8/10 although its high risk if you play smart you can achieve a big payday (Just don’t give up!)
sencize 193 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Thunderstruck is a real old timer slot in microgaming casinos.It looks old it feels old when you play it and since i am also pretty old dude i like it very much.I think the saying old but gold would be appropriate for thunderstruck slot.This slot has nine pay lines,free spins and wild symbol is Thor.

Free spins are activated when you get 3,4 or 5 scatter rams,15 free spins are awarded with x3 multiplier.Free spins on this slot can be very rewarding and once you finish them if you are courage's enough you have option to gamble your winnings. I done that few times and managed to guess next card color but i would not recommend you to gamble your winnings more than once and don't attempt to guess suite of card because it is very hard.I just love when slot games have gamble option.I guess i love the thrill of fighting a slot for a double prize or nothing.

When you have wagering requirements be sure to read rules carefully because some casinos does not allow you to use gamble feature when playing bonus money.I played thunderstruck slot in one of those casinos and i basically tried doubling every significant win and had nice success doing it but when i requested cash out i got email from support telling me i broke terms and conditions of bonus money and my winnings are forfeited.

One more thing i like about thunderstruck slot is sounds that make you feel like you are siting in front of a real slot machine in land casino.It creates atmosphere that only real gamblers can feel and takes you back to the old days.

For conclusion i will rate thunderstruck slot in my three categories.First and most important are payouts and for that this slot gets 8/10,second is fun i had playing it and that is 9/10 and final win big bet small possibility and for that i rate thunderstruck with 7/10
Thunderstruck is the predecessor of Thunderstruck II. I actually started out playing the second version first before I ever laid my hands on the first version. About a week ago I decided to go back further in history and try Thunderstruck as well. The theme of course is the same with symbols such as Thor, Hammer, horns, storm, castle and card symbols.

In the past few months I been appreciating 9-paylines slots more and more, since they are much cheaper to play and experience. Thunderstruck is one of them and has 5 reels to make winning combinations on. When I played this game at 32Red with some leftover poker money, I decided to play it on a lowest bet size possible of 0.09 per spin.

I usually prefer to play bigger bets, but sometimes circumstances don't allow it bankroll wise. Thunderstruck contains a wild on every reel in the form of the Thor symbol, and scatters which is the rams symbol. You need at least 3 or more to trigger the free spins on Thunderstruck.

The number of free spins to be won is 15 and the multiplier is 3x, regardless if you have 3, 4 or 5 scatters. Keep in mind that if you want to play this game, that you most often can find it in the download suite of Microgaming. Not all flash based casinos offer this game unfortunately.

Also good to know is that the wild symbol doubles up your winnings. I started this game out with a 5 euro bankroll, and it kept me busy for a good hour. During one hour of play I had several smaller hits of 10x bet size, and also experience the free spins where I've won 2.70 I believe.

My results could have been better, but in all honest I did have a good time. So I might play this game again on much higher stakes to see what its really capable of doing.

My final rating for Thunderstruck is 7/10.
Icymod 758 reviews
I found Thunderstruck II to be first for a review than the original Thunderstruck. Thunderstruck, being as a very old 9 paylines slot can't be hated but appreciated. The times I spent on this slot come from playing my dues on Platinum Play's free play offer, part of the match bonuses on Vegas Palms to wager some of the bonuses I have on there and on and off I would visit Thunderstruck sometimes when searching in the T section of the download casino's list of slots.

There is a huge jump from this slot to the new and improved Thunderstruck II, from 9 paylines to 243 ways, and features are just incredible. Over to the original Thunderstruck Slot I can expect to play with $0.54 a spin, reducing the infamous max set features already in play as I step into Thunderstruck. I really dislike how some slots are set at max coins/sizes and I have to be the one to take everything down before I start playing. It's surprising to know Thunderstruck has 15 Free spins at 3x for 3 scattered Rams. I most often use the auto play for 50 rounds to get my results. I have yet to see 5 of a kind combinations during free spins so I'm willing to stick around when that happens.

When I see some satisfaction on my winnings after seeing $15 - $36 worth of winnings, maybe less, I will try my luck often at the gamble feature to find out if I can go big or just go walking home. Most of my results can be neutral when they are to be gambled. I've seen the colour black stay 7 times in a row inside the gamble feature before it becomes red. I had a blast just choosing it again and again and collecting my funds before it all hits the fan. About $60 came from my winnings inside the features (15 Free spins and gamble feature), it's thrilling to play the gamble feature even though sometimes I make wrong decisions on it. If it weren't for Thunderstruck in my opinion we wouldn't have the shock and awe Thunderstruck II, just to point it out! For simple, entertaining fun trust in Thunderstruck.

A rating of 7 out of 10 for the original Thunderstruck!

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