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Round up the bad guys in The True Sheriff, a five-reel video slot developed by Betsoft. If you’ve got enough luck on your side, this thrilling western-themed game could give you up to 750,000 coins on just one spin. Play for free on this page, or go to any of the Betsoft casinos in our listings to try The True Sheriff for real money.

While the sheriff is enjoying his smoke break, take the time to set your wager to a level you are comfortable with. The four most common bet choices are available as simple buttons. For full customization, just use the slider on the bottom to change your per-line bet, and then use the “Pa­yli­nes­” meter on the left if you do not want to play all 30 lines. Push “Spin” to begin, or use “Auto Play” to spin for a certain number of times in a row.

The True Sheriff contains numerous features. After any winning spin, you have the option to play a “Double Up” minigame where you can risk your winnings for the chance to double them. Get 3 or more Sheriff’s Badges on the first 3 lines to trigger the free spins round with an added instant prize feature.

The most important symbol in The True Sheriff is the Gun, which appears only on reel 3. Normally, it will cause the sheriff to shoot at the reels and turn up to 5 symbols into wilds, triggering a very valuable re-spin. However, if the Gun appears between the Sheriff and the Bad Guy, the Bonus Round will be activated. Face the Bad Guy and choose your battle tactics wisely. The farther you make it, the more cash you stand to win.

Game Play

Slider: Adjust the amount wagered per line.
Paylines: Change the number of active paylines.
Spin: Play at the selected bet.
Auto Play: Spin multiple times in a row using the desired settings.

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zerooo 742 reviews
The True Sheriff is great themed game from Betsoft software provider. It has 5 reels and 30 active pay lines. I like this slot very much, the theme is awesome – about western. I enjoy playing this kind of games. The graphics, animations and sounds are perfect here, I had no bad words to say.

This game offer wild guns feature – my favorite feature at this game! When you get the gun symbol on the reel 3, the sheriff will shoot towards the reels, hitting up to five unique symbols on the reels. These symbols become wild symbols and an instant respin will occur. I had many times this feature and I like it. My best result from it until now is around 27€ from 0.6€ bet. I think this feature could provide some decent winnings.

The gun showdown bonus is good too. Here you play a game of heads or tails to determine the winning in this cinematic showdown. Each win will take you one step closer to the top prize, while each loss will narrow your field of winnings. I got winnings around 15€ from this bonus, most of the time I get around 3 bonus rounds.

Free spins feature is also here. You can get up to 15 free spins, during free spins each time you get a Sheriff’s Badge on one of the reels, it will be added to that reel’s badge counter. At the end of free spins feature, the number of badges you have collected will be converted into an extra bonus prize. I think this idea of collecting Badges is great, I like to get extra money at the end of feature!

After all I think this is great game from Betsoft software company. It is one of my favorite and because of that I will rate it high! I am sure I will play it again and again .. and again. Hehe. 9 stars from me, for this great video slot game.
Raptordinos 866 reviews
Betsoft was inspired by the old Wild Western to create this fun game where "TRUE THE SHERIFF" is responsible to fight evil and crime in the village of High Noon. Like in the movies the sheriff fights a duel with the most dangerous criminal that is currently visiting the area, and where the most important ingredients are always guns, bullets, bars and money.

"THE TRUE SHERIFF" is a fantastic 3D video slot equipped with real cinematic quality, excellent audio effects and promise for all those that more than just fun, are looking for a little profit. Standard symbols are, in order of importance, the sheriff, the bandit, the banker, the barmaid and the poker figures A, K, Q, J, and 10.

Special symbols are the gun and star shaped sheriff's badge. A gun in the central reel makes the sheriff shoots to several random symbols (up to 5) turning them into wild symbols and are frozen for the following re-spin. Three or more stars on a payline is rewarded with a scattered payment and trigger a round of 10 to 15 free spins depending on the number of consecutive badges, which take place under a full moon at the middle of the night in the village of High Noon. And the last special figure is the bonus round, which is triggered by a gun in the middle of a symbol of the sheriff and the villain on paylines 1, 2, or 3, in which the sheriff and the villain fight a duel and the gain in this round is determined by number of hits in a game of heads and tails. The truth is it's hard for me to decide which of these special feature rounds I like more, all of them are great, and best of all is that you cannot say they are rare since they all are triggered throughout the game session. Everything I love about this game, since its presentation, scenarios and animation to their generous payouts.
Afi4wins 1219 reviews
When I was a kid I just love Western movies. Now, many years later, I still love Western movies, and Western slots too! I can’t change my stripes can I? Dead or Alive was fun to play, but The True Sheriff took my breath away! Astounding graphics, fantastic animations, complete with changing view-points, just like in a real movie, and with real cowboy background music too. Super, 1 star up.

I would have love it more if the Sheriff looked like John Wayne or Clint Eastwood, but that Sheriff there just doesn't strike me as a Sheriff! Or maybe it’s because I had watched too many Clint Eastwood cowboy movies. Yeah, he’s still the best to me. But never mind. Not all heroes look like heroes anyway. The baddie? Well, at least he looks bad enough. 0 star.

As my reels were spinning, good-old Sheriff was smoking, playing with his pistol, and even managed to take short naps. Geees…that’s one guy who can sleep standing! Then suddenly, he would jump up, whips out his two pistols (not three) and starts shooting at the reels. Yeah, the Wild Gun feature just came on. “Sheriff…where the heck did you learn to shoot? 2 hits out of 5 shots…that’s damn lousy!” Most of the time though, because sometimes, he does get 4 or 5 hits in, but only sometimes. 1 star down.

The Showdown - oh, I just love the animations. Facial expression close-ups, balcony-level look downs, boots-level look-ups…nice, very nice! But flip the coin? Damn! What a way to choose who wins or who loses. That scene should have showed a real showdown – with both guys whipping out their pistols, and 1 finally gets shot, or something like that. Not flip a coin. Generally, the payouts are just average, even though I did get to the 5th level once and got a nice 200x total bet win, but only that once. 1 star down.

The free spins are unique. Every Sheriff badge that appears on the reels during each free spin are collected. At the end of the free spins, these badges are counted and converted into an additional cash prize. Nice! But the free spins doesn’t pay a lot, and the combined payout with the badges payout was just average, or maybe it just not my lucky day. On the whole, The True Sheriff is a nice game to play and watch, but the paytable and payouts are just not satisfying enough! 1 star down.
valentin68 535 reviews
If I had to summarize in one word my advice about the slot „The True Sheriff“ I would say: Do not play here. Stay as far away from this game as you can! This is the slot having the rarest and smaller gains from all those I played so far . It is true that at first look the slot has all possible and impossible features, but I will say again with all these features the earnings are so rare that almost on every spin will lose an average of 90 % of the total bet value.

I have chosen „The True Sheriff“ because lately I started to like quite a bit the slots from BetSoft (although also here I found other bad slots) . As it is a 3D slot having 30 paylines, its graphic presentation is of course almost perfect, doubled also by the inviting Wild West theme. But when it comes to the earnings provided, they are almost nonexistent. On the average you win here once every 10 spins. After the first 100 spins played at the minimum bet of 60 cents I lost 50 Euro. Even in the next few hundreds spins played I have lost significant amounts (although somewhat smaller) .
To describe a bit the slot I need to say that it has 3 or 4 main features. First, when the „Gun“ symbol appears on the central reel (reel 3) , the animated character represented by the sheriff will shoot five gun shots, and get between two and five symbols at random which will become „Wild“. These symbols will remain in their position for a re-spin . In the paytable it is specified that these „Wild“ symbols pay significant amounts depending on their number , but what is forgot to be mentioned is that the payout is valid only if they are placed in order on a payline.

The second feature present here triggers the „Free spins“ when at least 3 „Sheriff badges“ are present. Two „Sheriff badges“ do not bring anything unfortunately, not even a small payout. The „Free spins“ round is more generous , because every Sheriff Badge symbol that appears on a reel will be counted for that column, and at the end this count will offer a payout. But even now, more than a few Euros, you will not win.

Finally the third feature is a Bonus game offered when the symbols „Bad Guy"+„Gun“ + "Sheriff" appear in this order or vice versa on a payline. Because it is necessary to align 3 symbols in order, in my case in 300 spins the Bonus game was not triggered.

One time I won with 4 Wilds (symbols shot by the Sheriff) about 12 Euro. Otherwise I had big looses here.

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