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Supernova is a space-themed 27-way video slot operating on the Microgaming software platform. The game possesses various space-related symbols, from Supernovas to different orbs and Black Holes, and the most vital icon is the wild symbol in the form of a Wild Orb. Players are welcome to test the slot on this page free of charge or play the game for real money in any of the Microgaming casinos found in the listings.

In order to be launched into space and begin drifting through the dazzling universe, one should first settle on their preferred bet. Pressing the “Total Bet” button allows players to choose their total bet amount, which ranges from 0.25 to 50. Clicking “Spin” initiates the game at the selected bet and “Au­top­lay­” lets players spin the reels multiple times without being interrupted.

Any win on reels 1, 2 and 3 trigger the Bonus Multiplier Feature on reels 4 and 5. In the Multiplier Feature, all wins on reels 1, 2 and 3 are multiplied by the multiplier awarded. If a multiplier is displayed in the middle position on reel 4, players win the multiplier value. Should a multiplier value emerge on the middle position on reels 4 and 5, the multiplier values will be added. The Black Hole symbol does now award a multiplier value.

Game Play

Total Bet: Choose the total bet/preferred coin size.
Spin: Start the game at the selected wager.
Autoplay: Spin the reels for a preset number of times uninterrupted.

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raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
This game is listed under Microgaming here at AskGamblers but this is inaccurate - Supernova is a quickspin game that leverages the Quickfire platform that Microgaming created to allow their games to be integrated with the ever growing number of multiplatform casinos offering games from a huge range of slot providers. The quickfire software allows games from any developer to transmit their data in a standardized way simplifying the process of plugging these games into the casino operators site.

Quickspin might not have the heavyweight status of Microgaming but they have certainly been making some quality games over the past year, but Supernova whilst being a fun game isn't the best of them.

It's rare to see a three line game these days, and whilst this may look like one it actually offers 27 pay ways instead combined with two additional multiplier reels that are capable of adding a 100x multiplier to the win achieved from the three reels on the left.

I enjoy space themed games usually but Supernova is really pretty simplistic - the multiplier reels are the games only feature and more often than not you will find that when you hit awesome big multiplier reels you have no win on the left, and when you have a great hit on the main three reels you hit a blank on the first multiplier reel and so receive no boost to your winnings whatsoever.

It's no different to any other slot in the sense that the big wins are a rarity, but the situation feels exacerbated here. Supernova is worth a try though, and hell even a 10x or 15x multiple is enough to give your winnings a decent boost if you have decent symbols on the left but there's just not enough excitement in this game to make it a classic.G
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Supernova is a slot that will not make you rich overnight. That was my first thought when I started playing this game. I got couple of big wins and they were all 5.40. The slot does not offer free spins round, there is no unique bonus for this slot either. But still I wanted to try it. It looked quite appealing to me because it is a bit different than the other games from Microgaming software provider.

The game itself looks very simple but once you start playing you find out that it has a lot to offer. There are two sets of reels and a small number of symbols. The first set is made of three reels which are main reels. The next set has only 2 reels which contain multipliers and black holes only. Once you hit a winning combination the second set becomes active. The first reel then starts to spin and you have choices of multipliers x 2, x 3 x 5 and x 10.

The highest amount that I have won on this slot was a Mega big win of 160 euros on a 0.50 bet. I honestly did not know that this slot can pay that much. The mega big win was followed with another super win of 13.50. I thought that this game has nothing to offer at first because I got couple of big wins and they were all 5.40, but obviously I was dead wrong.

There are only couple of symbols in this slot as I mentioned before, but that means that there are constant winning combinations and constant wins at the same time. My session was not that long because after the super mega win I have started to lose money and I did not want to chase another good win. This slot is definitely worth trying and I will play it again for sure.
zerooo 742 reviews
Supernova is nice designed video slot from QuickSpin Production. It has quite unusual 27 payways. I never saw any game with this kind of paylines. I played it a couple of months ago, after I saw some good winnings on it.

The game offer only one feature and this is multiplier feature. All winnings on the first 3 reels trigger the multiplier feature on the separate mutliplier reels. All pays are multiplied by the multiplier appearing on the middle position of the first reel. If another multiplier appears on the middle position of the second multiplier reel, it is multiplied again by multiplier. There are multiplier x2, x3, x5 and x10. I think this feature is ok, I never missed any bonus game or free spins feature here. Maybe the reason is because this multipliers appears quite often. I like that you don't need to spin the reels more than 100 times to get a decent winnings with good multipliers.

Last time when i played it, I had some good luck on it. I had some big win which were over x50 bet. I got on the first three reels blue planet symbols and wild symbols with x3 and x3 multiplier. I won around x60 bet, i think this is a decent game. I never had any bigger win over x100 bet, it is hard to get x10 multiplier with good pay out symbols. Otherwise I think Supernova is a good game with great animation background, good theme and music.

I also like that there is fast play button mode. I usually played it with normal speed, well sometimes I tried also into faster mode and i think it is cool that this game offer that. I will rate it with 9 stars. Maybe the pay outs could be still a little better when multiplier appears.
Supernova it is slot made by Quickspin production as it says on game page but I do not know this software creator at all only played couple of their slots.

I like look of this game. I love everything with space, and there is a space theme. I can't say that all symbols made with very nice graphic, but I do enjoy it, some mystery and things which I never will see myself and about which I could only think and dream.

I like how this game looks. I mean that it looks like 3 reels 3 rows slot. And also there is 27 paylines, which means that all possible ways will pay if there are same symbols on reels.

I like multiplier feature in this game. Your initial wins in 3 x 3 reels can be multiplier. Reel 4 in this game contains multipliers, x2, x3, x5, and finally x 10. If on middle of this reel appear any multiplier you will get your winnings multiplied by this amount. Reel 5 working same way. Of course best possible combo is get full screen of best paying symbols, and then got two x 10 multipliers. Pity that I am not enough smart to calculate how much max win will be in such case.

Overall I like this game, and sometimes playing. It is something like starburst. No features, no bonus games, not many animations. Just straight playing with chances to win very well. I give this game 9 stars. I had never win more than 100 bets on this game, but it has good ability to keep balance on safe amount and it is good to make wagering requirements in this slot.
I took one star from rating. Because I am was not very impressed with sounds and music. For game like this I was expecting something really good. But not always my expectations comes to real unfortunately.
Supernova it is game which presented in Microgaming portfolio, but I am not sure if this game created by them, because it is does not look like Microgaming game.

Game looks very nice, I do like how all symbols look, I like menu, and everything seems here very good. There is 27 paylines, but generally this is all pays game, because if you have same symbols on 3 first reels - there will be payline. I do like this, and I do need to pray for symbols appear on payline, very good decision to make this slot with such number of ways.

There are wilds in this game, but to be honest I cannot remember if they appear on all three reels or no, but they could appear stacked. Payouts for all symbols are very low, but there is valid reason for it. It is quite unique slot; because you have symbols only on 3 first reels, 4 and 5 reels are special ones.

There is no any freespins or bonus game, but there are special 4 and 5 reels in this game. It is multiplier reels. When you have any win on first 3 reels, it is calculated, and on reel 4 there is multiplier symbols, and nothing symbol(do not know how it is called on English). If nothing - there will be no multiplier; also there is x2, x3, x5, and x 10 multipliers. 5 reels are the same. So for example you betting 0.25, and won 1$ on first 3 reels. On reel 4 you got x10 multiplier, and on reel 5 you get x10 multiplier. Then you got 100$ win. This slot game is definitely having awesome potential to pay big, but everything depends on multipliers on reels 4 and 5.

My best win was about 200x total bet, and it is from not best possible multipliers, I just got x10 on reel 4, and x 3 on reel 5. Well, if reel 5 gives me x 100 too, that would be sweet hit. But wins like 50-100x total bet happens regular here, and also I do love this slot for it, no any bonus games, freespins, but still very interesting game.
No any bonus game and no freespins - this is solid minuses.
First of all I have to say that it is a Microgaming game even if it doesn’t look like!
I was playing at 32Red Casino with the welcome bonus, I didn’t had a good day, no major winnings and I decided to take a look at this slot because didn’t played it so far!
I have to say that it was a strange feeling when I opened this game because although it is a 5 reel game with 27 paylines the last 2 reels are only for the multipliers! So on the first 3 reels you are getting a combination of symbols that are multiplied by the last 2 reels!

I know it looks strange but is not a bad idea at all and I am very sure that soon we will see other slot games of this kind because the people will get bored of the 5 reels slots!
And because the slot is called Supernova, obviously the theme of this game is about stars and space!
I will be honest and I will say that I only played a couple of hands because I didn’t wanted to waste my money on a game that looks strange and that I played for the first time!
I wasted about 11 euro on this slot, I had no major winnings and obviously it seemed to have a poor payout rate!

Anyway I like the graphics of this slot and also the theme, I am a big fan of this theme about stars, suns and other space things!

I will rate this Microgaming slot even if I played it one time!I will give an 8 for the graphics and theme because I like the shape of the symbols and the warm colors!
Regarding the features and payout rate, there is not much to say only that it was a bad experience with a poor payout rate and because of this I will give only 7!
yapro 790 reviews
When i opened this game review, i just want to read what other players think about this game, because i had some experience with this game, and i just want to see what others experience in their playing, and did i feel the same. Since no one review this game, i will be first and share some my feelings. First, i really like the idea. I do not know who create this game, but it is of course not microgaming, on game written quickspin, so i believe this is that guys who create such interesting idea with only 3 reels of symbols, and two last reels with multipliers.

Idea is cool, nothing to add, but i do not know why, this slot eat all my money. I played it 3 or 4 times, with good balance, but always get busted. It is simply impossible for me to win even x 50 total bet on this game, and i did not know why, but my experience terrible. Also this is not so popular game, and i did not see any screenshots of high winnings, but this game of course had some potential, if suns will come, then x 10 and x 5 multiplier, win will be amazing. But as i told, i was not able to get even close hit like this, and everytime i just see how for example good combination come, but multiplier is bad. Or when bad combination come, multiplier is amazing. And so on till the end, and i decide to myself that i will not return to this game.

Conclusion: I did not have a lot of playtime with this game, but based on my experience, i did not like this game, it is just eat my money and did not return anything decent. I did not want to just burn my own funds, and never return in this game. But i give this game 6 stars for idea, this is interesting and quite unique, i like unique games.

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