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Rock Star is a 30-payline video slot which operates on the Betsoft software platform. The game’s symbols are designed the fit the rock industry theme, with its wild symbols the Gold Records, which multiply wins by x2, and Platinum Records, which multiply by x5. These 2 symbols together multiply wins by x10. Players are welcome to try this slot on this page for free or visit any of the Betsoft casinos in the listings to play the game for real money.

To join the game’s rock stars on stage, players need to first adjust their stake. The coin value, which ranges from 0.02 to 1, is adjusted by pressing “Choose Coin Bet”. Clicking on “Select Lines” alters the number of enabled paylines, while “Bet Per Line” selects the number of coins to bet. “Spin” starts the game, “Max Bet Spin” turns the reels at the highest wager and “Au­top­lay­” turns the reels for a preset number of times uninterrupted.

Receiving 3 or more Guitar symbols initiates the Epic Solo Bonus game, where players play their pay to instant bonus credits.

3 or more Ticket icons trigger the Bonus round wherein players play the notes as they pass through the coloured markers on the bottom of the screen, thus playing the song alongside the game’s characters and earning credits.

To receive the jackpot of 100 coins, players need to obtain 5 symbols featuring the Lead Singer of the band on an enabled payline.

Game Play

Choose Coin Bet: Select the coin denomination.
Select Lines: Regulate the number of active paylines.
Bet Per Line: Select the number of coins wagered.
Spin: Start the game at the selected bet.
Max Bet Spin: Spin the reels at the highest wager. 
Autoplay: Turn the reels multiple times without interruption.

Rock Star Slot Reviews by Players


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blondie 1081 reviews
Rock Star is a game from Betsoft software that I first tried about two months ago. I liked the design for this game, inspired by rock star theme and it was something I haven't seen from Betsoft so far, therefore it was refreshing. Although the color scheme for this game is very dark, as rockstars love black color, I really like the fact that I get only good vibes from this game and the darkness isn't heavy.

What surprised me a lot about this game is that there are no free spins round. When a game has a bonus round, it is usually free spins, but in this case there are two bonus features. And so far both bonuses come up very frequently. One is called epic solo bonus, when 3 or more guitar symbols come up on a winning payline, then the guitarist will come up and give coin winnings. The smallest amount I've won has been around 3x bet, but mostly I get from 6€- 8€. Then the other bonus is main bonus, and when I first triggered it, I didn't know what to do at all. There you have to click on the notes to collect them, the first time I didn't catch any of them. But overall it gives around 10x bet winnings.

I really can't find a thing I dislike in this game, except for the minimum bet amount. Since it has 30 paylines and the coin size is 0.02, it makes the bets 0.60€ and it is quite a lot for minimum. But that's the only thing I dislike, because overall the payouts I've experienced in this game are pleasing. There are few kinds of wilds and depending whether they are silver or gold or both they can multiply up to 10x. That's really unusual I think, but it's a good feature. My best winning so far on this game has been 50x bet and it was on the main game because of combination of wilds.

I really like this slot from Betsoft, I think it has the potential to give good winnings, and most likely it can happen on base game because of wilds, since there are no free spins. Although the bonuses don't change, I still enjoy them every time I get them, the winnings they give are decent. I think this could be a good fit for wagering Betsoft bonuses because while I haven't got major winnings, I haven't lost a lot too, game mostly gives me frequent winnings which isn't bad either. I like the intro video, I like design and theme so I recommend this slot.
Minimum bets of 0.60€ per spin makes this game a little expensive.
This slot is made by Betsoft, a decent software provider, it has 30 paylines and a minimum bet of 0.60 euro because of the coin bet that is 0.02 instead of 0.01. I have to recognize that I am not a big fan of rock music but this slot attracted me because of the two bonus games that it has and also because I know that Betsoft are making slots with interesting graphics and obviously a nice theme. The Epic Solo Bonus is quite a decent feature but it is very hard to catch, I managed to catch it when I had only 3 euro in my account. It paid me 14 euro, good amount and about 15 minutes later I triggered the other bonus called Bonus Round, but unfortunately this feature paid only 3 euro and I was a little bit disappointed.

In the main game, the Wild Multiplier Mania feature seems to pay quite good, but without this feature, the game is boring and will make you to lose money. I will give only a 7 for the features although it has 2 bonuses and interesting wild feature.

I like the graphics, the symbols are very interesting, rock stars, guitars, tickets and magazines, the theme about rock is decent and interesting too so I will give a 9!
I want to say that the payout rate didn’t impress me at all, the features are not paying as I was expecting, I could say that this slot is a money eater and you can’t think that will help you to complete any wagering requirements. Only a 6 from me, I won’t play it again with my own money.

Also, the minimum bet of 0.60 euro disappointed me, I am not playing very often with big bets and my account balance reached zero very fast.
Raptordinos 866 reviews
Being a fan of Betsoft Gaming work, I do not understand why I had not decided, but so far, try the slot "Rock Star," I think very likely it's because the rock is a part of my life that I take very seriously and a slot does not seem an appropriate way to really enjoy my music. Well, now I find I was wrong, and I see that it is possible to enjoy of playing, staking and good music at the same time, all thanks to "Rock star," which combines all these with impeccable and professional graphics work and 3D animations, exhibiting experiences of all the characters whose lives revolve in one way or another around the passion for rock.
Regardless of I think the music tracks used for the background of this game are extremely pleasing to my ears, I think what makes this game a hit is the originality and power of their special features, and the reason I say that, is because each is designed to generate emotions, whether by its lucrative potential or their interactive nature.

The gold and platinum discs, which act as wild symbols, are truly something special thanks to the role exerted by generous multipliers in each individually or combined appearance of them. The Epic Solo feature is an instant cash prize accompanied of a spontaneous celebration. The bonus round is something like an imitation of the game "Guitar Hero", totally fun and the prize depends on your ability to not miss a note. One of the things I appreciate most about this slot is that special features appear smoothly during the entire game, frustration does not seem to be invited to this concert.

I don’t want to ruin more surprise to those who have not yet played this video slot, I can only say I find it impossible to play and did not enjoy this game a lot, which incidentally, just won a place in my favorites list.
paquito76 867 reviews
Everybody wanted to be a rock star at some point while was teenager and show her/his talent to the world. Music, fame money, exhibitionism, the famous rock slogan (S, D, and R’n’R) all played a part of this wish. I suppose not all of us succeed to actualize this dream but now thanks to Betsoft there’s a virtual opportunity for it or at least evoke the good old days.

This slot is really all about the music and it can be felt in every seconds. It’s among the few slots that laid more emphasis on the audio experience than the other segments (unfortunately, including the payments in my case). We can hear great rock songs, guitar solos, sound effects and I like the main background music doesn’t become boring because from time to time it changes and another great song is played. All of these are accompanied with stunning 3D graphics and awesome animations like the musicians’ solos if they’re on a winning line. The symbols also suit the game well and grabbed from every segments of this glimmering life – concert tickets, records, whiskey, record contract, girl fans, magazine cover and of course the members of the band.

Rock Star can be played from €0.02 to €5 line bets, on 30 lines. Though the game doesn’t offer free spins but has 2 bonus games and a multiplier feature. Gold Record doubles and Platinum Record quadruples the winnings but together pay 10 times of the win value. 3 Guitar symbols on a winning line triggers the Epic Solo bonus where a band member comes out to play a solo and electrifies some symbols on the screen that reveal their prizes. The other bonus requires 3 Tickets and it needs the player’s help as we have to hit the sliding notes when they’re above the specific markers. I have a little trick to this bonus when sometimes I just leave the notes slipping away without touching them and though at the end of the bonus I do collect nothing but the game itself determines a random calculated reward that in many occasions are larger as if I played this game. But the great thing is in 90 percent of the cases this extra is re-triggered within 5 spins. Based on my history with the slot the Epic Solo is better because most of the time it rewards 3 or 4 times more than the other side game.

I like Rock Star for its audio and visual qualities. The powerful, dominant music and the cinematic like clips are top-notch. But the winnings are just average and without free spins or a specific, real top prize (the best paying five of a kind has only x200 multiplier) it’s hard to get remarkable prize. So my feelings a little ambivalent about this game and I encourage everyone to take a look at it and make own verdict. One thing is sure, rock music lovers are preferred.
Who don’t want to be a rock star? I want of course so when I met with the Rock Star video slot I wanted to try it. I saw this slot on the Vera john casino when I had relatively more money on my gaming account. This slot doesn’t have the best design but the game play can compensates the troubles.

The first thing which is was the most important was the minimum coin amount. If you start this game you have to play on double credit, so even the Rock Star video slot has 30 lines the minimum bet is 0.6 euro here. I don’t know why they insist on this minimum bet but I think more player try it if they set down the minimum bet to 0.3 euro.

When I started the game I didn’t liked the annoying sounds and the fancy animation but when I went deeper in this video slot I started to like it because the wilds are very good. It has two kind of wild the gold leaf which is gives 2 times multiplier and the platinum which is gives 5 times multiplier but if those wild appears on the same winning combination they gives 10 times multiplier. I think it is high enough.

The Rock Start also has two bonus features the first is the epic solo, that feature starts when the red guitars are in winning combination. It gives different amount of credits depending on the amount of the epic solo bonus symbols. The better bonus game is the interactive bonus. When you collect three tickets in a row you can start your performance. Like in the guitar hero game you have to pick the right colors in the right time and finish the song, if you hit all the notes you have bigger chance to get a huge profit.

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