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Mega Moolah Slot

Mega Moolah is a 25-payline progressive slot running on the Microgaming software platform. The scatter which triggers Free Spins is represented by the Monkey symbol and the wild card featuring a Lion doubles wins. In order to play this jungle-themed slot for real money, players should visit any of the listed Microgaming casinos.

Before spinning the reels, players are advised to adjust their bet. The coin value ranges from 0.01 to 0.05, which can be regulated by clicking the +/- button in the lower left corner. To alter the number of paylines played, players need to press “Select Lines”. Clicking “Select Coins” chooses the number of coins wagered. To play using the maximum bet, players should push the “Bet Max” button. “Spins” sets the reels in motion. To access the Autoplay feature and spin for a number of times uninterrupted, players need to click “Expert” first and then “Auto Play”.

3 or more scatters will trigger 15 Free Spins. All wins during Free Spins are tripled. Moreover, Free Spins can be re-triggered.

Players can win one of the 4 Progressive Jackpots within the randomly triggered Bonus. By spinning the wheel, they uncover which Jackpot they have won.  The four Mega Moolah progressive jackpots are the Mega Progressive Jackpot, starting at 1,000,000 credits; the Major Progressive, which starts at 10,000 credits; the Minor, which begins at 100 credits, and the Mini Progressive, which awards players 10 credits.

Game Play

Spin: Start playing the game.
+/-: Adjust the coin value.
Select Lines: Choose the number of active paylines.
Select Coins: Select the number of coins wagered.
Bet Max: Spin the reels at the maximum wager.
Auto Play: Spin the reels multiple times uninterrupted.

Mega Moolah Slot Reviews by Players


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meg78 2 reviews
I find the game entertaining for sure, however, the whole "the more you bet the more chances at the jackpot" NOT true. Doesnt matter if you bet 6.25 a spin, you dont trigger the jackpot spin any more than at 1.25.
My suggestion would be to either make the jackpot spin trigger more often or raise the mini and minor jackpots, as spinning 6.25 a spin for hundreds and hundreds of dollars to win 10.01 once every couple hundred dollars isnt really a way to keep people playing.
HelmG 83 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Another very famous slot machines that can make the greatest entertainment persistent casino players, it's the Mega Moolah. This slot game is still about ten years on the market by the famous Microgaming, another major manufacturer of casino software. Since then, Mega Moolah definitely represents their most famous slot game that offers the chance to win a progressive jackpot or one of the other paylines. This slot machine is designed for Internet gambling even at a time when the world of online casinos was less frequent than today, much less. Precisely, these jackpots are popularized thanks to numerous film titles in which it is set against a casino in the legendary Las Vegas. However, Mega Moolah has over the years given the high jackpots his players, one of which took place two years ago, then the lucky player became richer by more than three million euros.

Mega Moolah slot machine is designed as a jungle where your playing is intertwined with a variety of animals from the jungle, of which the most cost effective - the lion, the king of the animals, and there is a five wilds with his image that can bring you a lot of coins (to 15000). Mega Moolah, as well as other slots offers scatter symbols, wild symbols and free spins. Exactly, free spins are converted regular game in an interesting adventure and financially profitable, but the bonus level offers the opportunity to win the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot. This bonus is called - Wheel of fortune. My favorite scatter symbols brought a lot of joy, especially when I was at Unibet Casino. The largest single gain was about 100 € in one spin.

After that, I moved to the roulette and four times in a row, doubled the bet on red. Of course, came the black four times and lost € 75 (5,10,20,40). Later, I spent the rest of the money to the Hall of Gods that we did not bring good luck that day. Jackpot I was not as close as some other players, but I did not expect such a big prize. In addition to the above jackpot system, there are other slot systems that offer a large jackpot cash winnings, and if you did not care much about that, but you are oriented exclusively to have fun and play, you can check that all the amusing slot machines or eg. Slot machines bonus games exist. In conclusion, this slot has a special magic to every real players. Like the Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune and it is more than perfect adventure game, try urgently!
Afi4wins 1386 reviews
What do I like most about playing this game called Mega Moolah? Well, it's not the lions, it's not the elephants, it's not the giraffes, it's not whatever. What I like most is that nice Wheel, that nice spinning wheel that can pay small, that can pay big, or can simply make your jaw drop to the floor! Heck, it can even make you drop to the floor! Win one million or two, or even more, and see where you land, if not on the floor! Hehehe.

What about me? Well, I got that spinning wheel once, just once, and it made my jaw dropped to the floor. Why? Did I win a big jackpot? Are you kidding me? If I had won a big jackpot prize, you won't see me writing reviews until the sun rise, would you? Nope, that wasn't it. What made my jaw dropped was because the wheel stopped at the 'Mini' jackpot for me, but at the same, a pop-up message came up onscreen saying someone had just won the Minor jackpot prize! Whaat the aargh maan! I won $100. That other person won $500! Why couldn't it be the other way around? It happened at almost the same instant! Well, my luck wasn't that good at that instant, and I had to pick up my jaw from the floor too, hahaha.

For those interested, Mega Moolah's Jackpot prizes start at $10.00 for the Mini, $100 for the Minor, $10,000 for the Major, and $1,000,000 for the Mega. So which one is yours? Oops, silly question! It must be the Mega, what else right? But you always seem to get only the Mini right? Yeah, right, me included! Hehehe.

The Jackpot aside, the base game can be fun to play too. I had quite a good time playing with those lions, elephants, bisons, giraffes, zipbras, wooo, I mean zebras, and whatnots, but that monkey king always like to play tricky tricks on me, playing hide and seek most of the time! Sheesh! Wish I could play this game with a long pole with a net at one end of it, so I could net that elusive third monkey every time! Hahaha.

The paytable is damn good, something you don't see very often in Microgaming or Quickfire games. 5 Wilds, the Lion, pays 15,000x the line bet, woohoo, doubles all wins with it too! 5 Scatters, that Monkey, pays 100x the total bet, 3 Scatters awarding 15 free spins with a 3x multiplier, and all other symbols pay from 750x down to 40x the line bet.
What do I dislike? Not winning that Minor Jackpot, that's what I don't like! Hahaha. Any other thing? Are you kidding?
Another very interesting slot machines that can make serious money persistent casino players is the slot Mega Moolah. This slot game is back in 2006 made Microgaming, another major player in the world of online casino software and games, and Mega Moolah definitely represents their most famous slot machine that offers the opportunity to win a progressive jackpot. Microgaming is well known to me as to the jackpot prize, in the last ten years, almost did not came out a jackpot slot machines but that did not immediately tested. Once it ended up a total debacle, and sometimes the tribute with some notes in my pocket. In essence, the bit is fun everything else comes as a result of a good time.

This slot machine is launched for Internet gambling even at a time when the world of online casinos was in development, and these jackpots are popularized thanks to a number of films in which the action is located in a casino in Las Vegas. However, Mega Moolah has over the years paid incredible sums of money, where is one of the last drawn in November 2014, and the jackpot of 3.3 million euros. Who would not want the same? The theme of the Mega Moolah slot machine is located in the jungle where your playing is intertwined with a variety of animals from the jungle, where the most valuable lion, king of the jungle, where five wild symbols with the image of a lion can provide you with the 15000 "coins".

I had the opportunity to make never more than three scatter symbols, but given the way in which the gains to the slot and that's enough for a longer stay here. Mega Moolah offers scatter symbols, wild symbols and free rotation ("free spins") to your regular game can make interesting and financially profitable, but the bonus level - "Wheel of Fortune" (wheel of fate) offers the opportunity to win the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot , and join the family of millionaires, given that the initial jackpot that. the smallest jackpot - one million euros. In addition to these, there are other slot systems that offer a large jackpot cash winnings, and if you did not care much about that, but you are oriented exclusively to have fun and play, you can check that all the amusing slot machines or slot machines with bonus games are here .
yapro 790 reviews
Mega Moolah it is well known microgaming video slot. I think everyone know this video slot, because it is held microgaming mega moolah jackpot progressive, and it is of course very popular game across all players, since jackpot is great thing. This game has 25 paylines, but last time i played at 32red casino, i was no allowed to change coin size and was forced to play at 1.25$ per spin minimum bet.

Here we have wilds on all reels which can double win if substitute, and also wilds here pay really great money, around 700 x total bet, and i think this is great for jackpot game. It is possible to trigger 15 free spins with x 3 multiplier, for this player need to land 3+ scatters. 5 scatters pay 100 x total bet, by the way interesting fact about free spins here it is that they retrigger quite often, i had 3 retriggers once, not mega big win ,but still x 200 total bet was won by me.

Game looks really great, and layout is perfect. Feature is average, and i feel myself ok with it. But all this things absolutely not important, since at this game by any spin we can trigger bonus game, where can land biggest jackpot with a size more than 1 million dollars, great of course. I played this game a lot in past, and yes i know it has lowered return to player due to jackpot, but i still like it. I trigger jackpot bonus game more than 100 times in my life i think, but always win only lowest jackpot which was rare more than 11$. Pity statistic unfortunately.

This game has medium variance, and it is interesting video slot to play. but everything here is linked to jackpot, and of course when i play this i want only win jackpot, at least second big. Good luck, jackpot hunters!
Well what to say about good old Mega Moolah! Mega Moolah is an African plains themed slot strongly influenced by the animated Disney Film the Lion king. The main aim of Mega Moolah is to hit either free spins or Jackpot bonus. Mega Moolah comprises of different animal symbols Wild Lion,Elephant,Giraffe,Zebra,wild beast and Gazelle/poss antelope(these are the high variance symbols) It also has Aces,Kings,Queens,Jacks,Tens(lower variance) or more common if you like.

I first played Mega Moolah on Ladbrokes casino and was hooked ever since. What is not to like about this game? Great animation/graphics,good pay table(better when high rolling) and decent rtp for a jackpot slot. But beware this game can be your best friend or your worst enemy one day it can produce pure gold and the next day its pure guff! This is another one of those games where you gotta be patient becoming impatient with Mega Moolah is the worst thing you can do so if you can't keep a clear head when a slot goes on major losing streaks Mega Moolah is not for you!
I never aim to hit the jackpot round either it either comes or it doesn't but I will let you in on a secret I've hit the minor jackpot on as little as 7 pence bet! Therefore this proves bet size has no affect on if you will win the jackpot or not. It says in the paytable the more you bet the more chance you have of winning the jackpot bonus. By this it means the more spins you play through on it the more chance NOT the bigger you bet. More often than not you will win the mini jackpot which is normally only 10euros/pounds. Mega Moolah features 4 jackpots available when you trigger the random jackpot bonus a wheel appears then click spin to find out which jackpot it will land on: Mini starts at 10 pounds rises until it is won,minor starts at £100 and rises until its won,Major starts at 1,000 and rises till its won and the Mega the daddy of them all starts at a whopping 1,000,000 and rises until it is won!

You will be extremely lucky if you hit anything more than the minor though! Probably more chance of hitting 5 lions which I have never seen anywhere on the internet or my own experiences!

Lastly I will tell you about the free spins round(triggered by finding 3 or more purple shamans) this is my favourite section of Mega Moolah all wins are multiplied by 3 and the spins can be retriggered I've seen them retriggered 5times easily! On one lucky day and just upping money at the correct time(consistently) I won over £450 from 10 quid starting cash on Mega Moolah! I hit one amazing free spins at 2.50 bet then another shortly after and did withdraw the cash so my recommendation due to this is if you have a particularly cold session you may just be in for a huge treat the next time as a result like I was!

In summary Mega Moolah is a hit or miss game but you really do need patience if you want to be declared a Mega Moolah master!

I give Mega Moolah 7/10(can run very cold for long periods but does have potential for big wins I know)
I am not often plays on progressive jackpot video slots but with the mega moolah I made some exception. I never trust those video slots because the jackpot oriented games always try to get the money for the jackpots so when I played here I decided to play small stakes because independently the staked bet you can hit the jackpot on any bet.

The mega moolah has 25 lines and a free spin features only and of course the random jackpot too. I always played on 0.5 euro stakes when my money was enough to it but some times when I had more money to risk I raised the stakes. I usually played with that video slot to get the free spin feature because it can give really huge amounts. If you hit the 3 scatter you will get 10 free spins with 3 times multiplier. This African themed feature has nice music and good chances to get more money. To get the free spins always a hard task. A few times I get the free spins but to hit the jackpot was always far from my game play. Not a long time ago I decided to try the mega moolah to wager my bonus requirements and my bonus conditions allowed to play on jackpot video slots.

I started with 0.5 euro bet, I played down about 15 spins when I was hit the random jackpot feature. First I didn’t know what is that feature I thought I pushed a key on my keyboard and brings out some function but when I saw the title I was excited. I started the jackpot spin on the wheel, it was a long time until I finished the spin and if the wheel stops a bit earlier I hit the mega jackpot but it went through on it and I get the minimum jackpot which was 10 euro.
Mega Moolah was the very first progressive jackpot slot I chose to play a couple of years ago. The chance of being eligible to win four different jackpots had a major attraction on me. The theme is based on the animals you would find in the jungle. The background sound matches the theme.

Logically the symbols consist of lions, deers, giraffes, elephants etc. The graphics aren't the best and offer nothing spectacular. It all makes sense though if you consider this game being very old, and hasn't been updated since. Other versions of Mega Moolah have been released though, and more slots have been tied to this jackpot.

Thanks to this the jackpots which fall sooner and reach heights nobody ever dared to dreamed of. Mega Moolah has 25-paylines and 5 reels. The minimum bet is only €0.25 but I used to play this game on a bet size of €1.25 and sometimes even higher.

I was really curious how the jackpots worked and if I had a reasonable chance of winning at least one in the beginning. The lion symbol forms the wild btw, and substitutes other symbols except that of the purple turtle (scatter).

During base game I've won a few nice prizes of 100x my bet size thanks to various wilds showing up. To have a shot at the jackpot, they say the higher you bet the more chance you have to trigger the random jackpot.

I've triggered the random jackpot wheel at least 50 times I'd say. The game has four different jackpots: Mega, Major, Minor and Mini. The jackpot Wheel has many slots, but logically don't represent the true odds.

Of those 50 times I won a lousy 10 bucks of the mini jackpot like 47 times, and the minor jackpot like 3 times. In my opinion this slot is not worth playing for if you're going for the jackpot. I'm sure there are a couple of happy faces who won the Mega or Major, but for them there a millions disappointed with winning that lame mini jackpot each time. Maybe they should make the Mega jackpot smaller and increase the other jackpots.

I did have a couple good sessions in free spins mode though, when I managed to re-trigger the 15 free spins. Thanks to the 3x multiplier I won 300x my bet size once and a few smaller wins of 100x bet size.

My final judgment for this slot is boring, old and not recommended though. Rating for Mega Moolah is a 5/10.
Icymod 758 reviews
Excellent! I will be the first one to start Mega Moolah! Mega Moolah is animal themed progressive slot. It's features animals for symbols, the "King of the Jungle" Lion wilds that double anything it's connected with, of course it can't pay on it's own unless two wilds are present for some payout, scattered Monkeys which I really look out for the most as it triggers free spins and your four progressive jackpots just waiting to be hit by players in the Jackpot bonus.

Over the many times I played Mega Moolah, the small Mini Jackpots are always what I find sometimes. I completely ignore them overall because they, in my point of view are just for show most of the time. When I least expect something to happen on Mega Moolah, it comes out by surprise. The expression of words used to describe my many moments were, "Well, I'll be...." and "YYYEAAAHHH!!!". If I want a chance at a jackpot the best way to get it is always under $1.25, the maximum bet for Mega Moolah. But for a $0.50 bet it is less likely that I trigger the Jackpot bonus, though I don't expect it to appear.

For betting $0.50 I mostly win $21+ and for max bets I can get expect about $60 and over. Retriggering 15 Free spins at 3x are the best feelings to get out of this slot because a retrigger alone leaves another space for more winnings to occur! More money, more fun and more surprises! A little bit of the negative for Mega Moolah is what I see when the reels roll. Is it just me or do the reels occasionally not stop in order? I also see them "not stopping" when they are supposed to stop, by that I mean every reel stops in increments of 1 second but one reel doesn't stop until 2 seconds sometimes. It seems one reel rolls away a bit longer before it completely stops, occasionally preventing a scatter. I'm not sure if other players experience this but I do.

That's probably the only imperfect aspect I see on this slot. In conclusion, despite a bit of problems, Mega Moolah rests with a 8.8 out of 10!

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