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Book of Ra Deluxe Slot

Book of Ra Deluxe is a 5 reels and 10 pay-lines video slot powered by Novomatic software provider. The slot is inspired by the original Book of Ra land based slot. The main story behind this slot is the adventure of an explorer looking for the secret book of Ra. Give this slot a free spin here or visit any of the Novomatic Casinos to play for real money.

Before you join this thrill-seeking explorer, you should set your betting range. When you click on "Menu" a betting panel will open. By clicking on "Bet/Line" you will set the coin size which ranges from 2 to 1000. "Lines" will help you set the number of lines, and "Max Bet" will set the maximum bet allowed. "Start" is used to spin the reels once you have set your bet, and "Autoplay" will turn the reels automatically without interruption for a chosen number of times. "Gamble" will start the gamble feature, and "Collect" is used to collect the winnings.

The Book of Ra is the Wild symbol and it can substitute for all the symbols in the game, and also it can form winning combos on its own. Also, if you land 3 or more of these you will trigger Free Spins feature. Once triggered you will get 10 spin plus a special expanding symbol.

Whenever you land a winning combo you can start the gamble feature and try and double your wins. All you have to do is try and guess the color of the card next to be drawn. If you make a correct guess you will double your win and can take another guess. If you make a wrong guess you will lose your win, and you will be taken back to the base game.

Game Play

Menu: Open betting panel.
Bet/Line: Set the coin size.
Lines: Set the number of lines.
Max Bet: Set the maximum bet allowed.
Start: Spin the reels once you have set your bet.
Gamble: Start the gamble feature.
Collect: Collect the winnings.
Autoplay: Turn the reels automatically without interruption for a chosen number of times.

Book of Ra Deluxe Slot Reviews by Players


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raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
Novomatic games has been popular in land based casinos for some time but it's only recently that they have really stated to spread around the on-line casino world - some might wonder why Novomatic waited such a long time to get into this market and allowed their competitors to run such an enormous lead on them in terms of market share?

It's a shame too because this slot developer definitely knows what they are doing - they create mainly high variance games similar to what Microgaming produce, exactly the kind of slots that I enjoy the most, and the graphics, paytables and bonus rounds are all well designed and thought out.

This "deluxe" version of Book of Ra seems to have been given an overhaul to be friendlier on touch screen devices, but also seems to have been stripped back to basics in other ways - I don't remember the sound being quite so "old school" when I played this game in the land casino for example, and I think this kind of game works better when all parts of the package have been considered rather than just tacking on the same set of sound effects and music that have been used in a whole bunch of other games - it just seems lazy and cheap to me.

The touch screen interface does work well though, in particular I do like the "hold for auto spin" functionality and merging all the slot controls and settings into a single menu with large buttons and sliders definitely makes the game more friendly on that category of device than a regular slot game. Pleasingly this has been done without feeling overly alien when the interface is controlled using a mouse as well.

A final very nice feature in Book of Ra, the same symbol acts as both the scatter and the wild, which is extremely player friendly but doesn't happen very much in on-line games, so it's nice to see it here.
Afi4wins 1386 reviews
What do you see in a book of weapons? Guns, tanks, ammos and whatnots, right? What do you see in a book of ra? Pretty young things in very short skirts, singing and dancing, right? Wrong! Dang! I thought I could see a collection of those sweet ra-ra girls in skimpy short skirts, but I got to see dead pharaohs and explorers instead. Ah well, at least they pay me to see them, but those ra-ra girls, I need to pay to see them! Gees! No more automatic? Nope, none of that. Nothing is automatic. Everything is Novomatic Do I like it? Well, if I don't, you wouldn't be seeing lots of my winning screenshots up there would you? Hehehe.

Typically of all Novomatic games, they play with just 10 lines, but with a minimum starting bet of 0.40 Euro per spin. Not so friendly for players with very small budgets, but okay for others. At 0.04 Euro bet per line, any win is like winning with 0.80 Euro total bet on 20 paylines games, which can be quite good actually. Your wins are actually at least 2x higher with any Novomatic games, and I like that. On losing days, I hate that! Hahaha. Well, you can't have everything can you?

You've never played this Book of Ra Deluxe before? Oh boy! You're missing out on a very good game, I'm telling you! I've had lots of fun, quite a number of good wins, but lots of losses too. Like I said, you can't win them all. If you're one of those high roller kind of player, a big win would certainly be in the thousands of Euros at a time. For me, I'm nothing more than a low roller, just like you too, but a good win can still be in the hundreds of Euros. I've had a few wins above the 500x total bet, but my biggest win remains at 563x. Nothing more than that so far, but I hardly play the games like I would play on Playtech games, so the bigger wins are yet to come for me.

I like the retriggers that do come at certain times. I could get one, two or several retriggers within one feature game. The extra free spins gained from the retriggers are nothing like those you would get in Microgaming games, where 75% of those extra spins would be nothing but blardy empty spins! I really hate that! Novomatic's extra spins are really extra spins. The more you get them, the more you stand to win, and I like this, hehehe.

Oh, before I forget, The Book of Ra Deluxe is all about getting special scattering symbols that could expand and fill all the 15 grids on the reels. The payouts for such wins can be big or huge, depending on the scattering symbol won. The highest paying symbol is the Explorer, with the Pharaoh the second highest. I have only managed to get 4 full reels of the Pharaoh, with a very nice win of 400x my total bet. All 5 full reels of the Explorer would pay...gees, sorry, but the actual figure skipped my mind yet again! Maybe 1500x or more I would expect. Maybe it's high time I make a trip back to Egypt and visit those Pharaohs and pyramids and cobras and whatnots. It's been much too long since my last trip there. Must keep those reels spinning! Hahaha.
Book of Ra deluxe it is slot game made by Novomatic. It is one of the most favorite slot game for me across Novomatic games. It is absolutely wonderful, absolutely not predictable, and each time something new happens. You never know what can be next spin. Love this game for this crazy randomness. Not sure even how to explain what i am talking about, but i am sure those who often playing this game understand me.

There is 10 paylines. It is deluxe game, which means that it is same as original game, but graphics was improved a bit, game looks much more better overall. And also in original game there is one less pay line, while on deluxe there is 10 lines.

Payouts are crazy good in this game. Best 5 of a kind symbols pay 500 bets, second best pay 200 bets, and so on. Unfortunately good 5 of a kinds land very rare, because most wins you get in freespins feature, and very very rare you can walk in plus without feature. Also it is game which you need to play for a long time, and have decent balance. Many times i had great wins after about 300 - 400 spins without feature.

Freespins feature is very simple. When 3 or more scattered books appear anywhere on reels you get 10 freespins with special expanding symbol which chosen by random before freespins start.

I am proud to say that i had monster win in this slot game. That was 3 years ago or so, I was newbie gambler and played this game for about 5 time in my life. I got 3 books, and special symbols was pharaon(second best paying). On my third spin i got 5 pharaons, they expand, and i had 2000 bets win. Crazy, still remembered very good this day. In total feature paid about 2100 bets. Also I had a lotof feature which pay more than 100 bets. Usually if you trigger this feature, you should expect at least 50 bets win.

10 stars, I love this game.
Be careful and do not make high bets, game is dangerous itself, very dangerous.
Book of Ra Deluxe is a 10 pay line 5 reel slot coming from Novomatic software. This game has for a theme ancient Egypt. I like playing slots with this theme very much. I had some great wins on similar games but I can't say the same thing for this slot from six months or more.

The all design of the slot is a little bit dark and you feel that there is something mystic and you have a feeling like you are play from the pyramids inside. Except for the card symbols all is about Egypt. The scatter symbol is a red book called Book of Ra and at the same time it also acts as a wild symbol which is a good feature because it can provide some nice wins if 2 or 3 are on the reels. The most paying symbol is a Man in Indiana Jones style and for 5 of these ladies on a winning pay line you can get a nice 1 000 x bet win. (Minimum stake is only 0,50E here). This almost never happens If you are lucky enough to get 5 scatter red books of Ra you will end with 200 x total bet win and some nice line win because do not forget they are also wilds at the same time! Just like most Novomatic slots, game offers a freespins. When you hit 3 book Of Ra on the reels you will have 10 freespins and before they start a random symbol is chosen which will be as an extra scatter.

Whenever I win this bonus I want to see some high paying symbol as an extra scatter because can bring me big win with no so much luck, I like Indiana Jones symbol because only 3 of them can paid off very well and I has got 4 of them sometimes ago (six months or more ago:( ) good price in the bonus game and the wins are bigger. If I get a lower paying symbol it is OK too because they appear very often and i am sure to win something. I rate this game as 10/10.
No, nothing to dislike here, it is my favorite game.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Book of Ra Deluxe is a sequel of the very popular 9 payline oldie Book of Ra. At first glance there are a few things you will notice that are different in this version. The symbols are a bit modernized and the graphic is on a higher level. The music is more or less the same and it can be really mesmerizing at times. If you have enough cash and you find yourself playing this slot in some casino the gaming session can last for days. Personally I once spent 2 days playing at the local casino. Good thing is that they bring over food from the nearby restaurant so I didn’t starve to death.

Another change in the game is that it has 10 paylines instead of 9 and the minimum bet is bigger. In most online casinos it is 4 coins per line making a total bet of 0.40. I can't say that I like or hate this. On one hand it is better because you can get bigger wins in the free spins bonus, but if she’s in a bad mood she can eat up a lot of bankroll in a short time. The free spins bonus is the same like the older version. 3 Book of Ra symbols trigger the free spins and you get 10 free spins with and extra scatter symbol and a chance to retrigger. Just like in the older version the biggest wins come if you get a lower paying card symbol rather than some of the higher paying. These symbols come often in a combination of 3,4 or 5 and you can retrigger the free spins more often.

I have gotten the free spins a few times with the archaeologist but in the free spins he tends to come alone or in a combination of 2 tops. It would be nice to see him in the free spins bonus some day in a nice combination of 5.
Book of Ra Deluxe it is Novomatic slot game, and probably it is most popular land based slot game in Europe, even not probably I am almost 100% sure in that. At least here, in Russia, every city I visit during my working trip or just visit friends and each casino or slot club I visit in this cities - this slot was most playing, almost all players spin it except few who played other Novomatic games. That's saying a lot about of this game.

Deluxe has 10 lines instead of 9 from original game, graphic and sounds better, but nothing else changed. Of course I heard a lot of opinions that at deluxe version free spins triggered much more rare, that 9 lines original game paying much more better, but it is just opinions of course, I think there is no any real difference.

Like with Queen of Hearts, min bets at online casinos for this game is high, from 0.40 to 0.50, and I never saw it lower, a bit strange, but I think this is Novomatic decision to have such min bets, not casinos. There is books which works as wilds and scatters, if player get 3 or more books then free spins feature is triggered. By random slot choose special scatter symbol for free spins, and 10 free spins awarded. Everyone know that sometimes this slot give a lot of retriggers. I saw a guy in slot club who has 130 free games with queen as scatter. His final result betting 10 rubles per spin was 22.000 rubles, sounds a bit untrue, and if something told me this I do not believe of course, but I saw this with my own eyes.

Overall it is an awesome online slot game, nothing else to say. Too bad we have no anymore slots club or casinos, because of course I will be happy to spin this game not only in online casinos, but at locals too.
My friends kill me if I write that this game has something bad.
I don't like Novomatic slots, they are just not interesting enough and they are not attractive but I will write about this game because this game is very very popular in my city (Belgrade, Serbia). You can find this slot in every land based casino and every place with slots. I don't know why but people love it and sometimes I play it to when I have some cash I go to try my luck. I also played this game online on Fantasia and Star games casino and I saw that only way to win here is to get three books and go in free spins round. Great thing about free spins is that you have random expanding symbol.
I played this game with no deposit bonus money only (but that is same like real money when you playing I think) and on two casinos I wasn't even close to make wagering requirements and win some money. I lost on Star games casino 100 euros and on Fantasia casino I am not sure how big was bonus. I get few free spins round and nothing more, that is just not enough.

Except free spins round this game is total failure. Graphics is very very bad and this game don't offer anything interesting, no special effect, some animation to wake you up, nothing! Only a lot of letters and numbers, few other symbols and that is it.

I must mention that this slot don't have bonus round neither. When you see all that together you must realize that this game don't offer a lot of opportunities for winning and only way to win is that someone before you lose 300 euros (on land based slots) and you come after this man and play :)

So I will recommend to everyone to avoid this slot and not only this but all Novomatic slots because I think that they don't have enough imagination and they are just not good enough like Netent or Microgaming slots.
The video slot Book of Ra Deluxe is the sequel of Book of Ra. This game fortunately can be found at more casinos than its predecessor. QuasarGaming for instance offers Book of Ra Deluxe on their website. For the ones who haven’t played this game yet, there aren’t really too many changes implemented so no one will have any difficulties to adapt for that matter.

Just like first version the symbols used are pretty much the same. The Book acts as a wild and scatter, while the Archaeologist, Sphinx, Falcon, Scarab and high value card symbols are present again. One striking difference though is that Novomatic decided to increase the number of paylines with Book of Ra Deluxe.

Now instead of 9-paylines there 10-paylines, but the number of reels (5) and rows (3) has remained exactly the same. I played this game at 40 cent bets mostly and unfortunately my experiences weren’t as good as with the first version. Just call it bad luck I guess, because it’s known this game can really can give a hard time to trigger the main feature.

Apart from the above the graphics of course have been quite improved though. The game looks a bit better on the outside. In addition, during the free spins round there is a special expanding symbol assigned which can expand and cover the whole reel when it appears just like in the first. I only managed to trigger the feature once in maybe 400 spins unlike the first version.

The feature paid like crap and eventually the game swallowed up my bankroll quite quickly. So that’s basically my only point of criticism - my bad results on this game. If I could choose between the two versions, then I would probably prefer the first since I had better luck on that one.

But from a graphics point of view this one definitely deserves to be preferred. Maybe I should give it another try with some better luck hopefully.
My bad results on this game. If it goes on a dry spell you better move quick!
yapro 790 reviews
Book of ra is novomatic game, and i think this is their most popular brand across all the world. It is not hard to find this game in land based casinos, here in Belarus we have this game on every club or casino, and people love it. I am also can be counted as big fan of this game, and i really think that it is super great game.

Book of ra has 10 paylines, and i like this, because when not so many lines involved in gameplay, payouts for 5 of a kinds really great, and when you hit 5 of a kind, you get really nice win, apart from netent games for example, where 5 of a kind usually pay really low. But the best thing about book of ra it is free games. When player get 3 books which is also wild - feature activated and player awarded with 10 free games with random expand scatter symbol.

I play this game probably in all online casinos which offer it. And also i think this is one of my favorite games, i play it quite often, and it is never boring to spin on it, both base game and feature is amazing and can award wins with more than 1000 x total bet. My best hit on this game is 1200 x total bet after feature, i get expanded scatter an man, best paying symbol, and slot landed 4 of them on my last freegame. wow, that was really impressive, at 0.8 euro bet i get 800 euros! That was at stargames casino, two years ago, but i am still good remember this day. Like any other slot with insane variance this game can be very cold and just suck money without letting you to get feature.

I give this slot 10 stars, this is legendary game, one of the best online slot i ever player. I can't say anything bad about book of ra, and i just can open this game and start my haunt for 3 books.
I want to tell you about this slot that it is very popular here in my country especially on the offline casinos where its played very often and also with a lot of money!
The first online casino where I played this slot was energy casino and I was very happy playing it online,at home!

This is a 5 reel slot with 10 paylines and it has a free spins feature that it is triggered when you manage to catch 3 books and actually we are calling this slot,here in Romania “books”!

I made a deposit of 10 euro at energy casino to play this slot but I was a little bit disappointed about the minimum bet,1.25 RON,it is very different from the offline casino where you can play with a minimum bet of only 0.18 RON!

The graphics of this slot aren’t very good,but it is ok in my opinion,you cant compare this slot with the newest ones from NetEnt or Microgaming! The biggest win that I managed to hit at this slot at online casino was 120 RON from the free spins feature,about 27 euro!

I want to tell you that I am playing this slot very often but just for fun because I cant afford to put much money on this kind of slot!

Overall isn’t a very good slot but it is very popular and it deserves to be played even if just for fun! I will try to rate it from my own experience,a nice experience even if I didn’t won every time! For the graphics,symbols and theme of the slot about treasures and antics I will give an 8!The payout rate isn’t as good as on the offline casinos and I think it deserves only 7! I am not recommending this slot if you want to make some money but if you want to have fun and to play a classic slot it is a good idea!

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