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Avalon II Slot

Avalon II is a 243-payline video slot developed by Microgaming software provider as a sequel to Avalon slot. The game takes you on another adventure with King Arthur and the knights of the round table, however the game play is enriched with 3D animation and superb bonus features. Players can try this slot here on this page for free or visit any of the Microgaming casinos in the listings to play the game for real money.

Before setting off on the quest for the Grail together with King Arthur and his noblemen, you need to adjust your bet. First choose the “Coin Size” value. By selecting “Coins”, you will adjusts the number of coins wagered. Press "Start" to begin the game. To play for a number of times without interruption, you need to click “Auto Play”.

Avalon II slot is rich in bonus features. In the base game, you have 2 randomly triggered features: the Merlin feature, where the character appears randomly awarding a random cash prize or multiplier, and The Expanding Wild feature appears on the middle reel.

However, the most exciting thing about Avalon II is its Grail Bonus feature which has 8 bonus games within. You trigger the Grail Bonus feature when you hit 3 or more Grail symbols anywhere on the reels. The moment you do that, you will go on a journey through the Kingdom on your quest to retrieve the Grail and return it to Avalon. Triggering the Grail Bonus feature a certain number of times triggers subsequent bonus games:

Lake of Legend Bonus feature: dice roll bonus game in which you need to try and complete Excalibur by reforging the sword fragments. The dice will reveal a number associated with a sword fragment number. If there’s a match, the sword fragment with the matching dice number moves into the reforge display. The number you get is equal to the multiplier paid out.

Misty Value Bonus feature: you choose your wild. You will receive 15 free spins with a 1x multiplier. You get to choose 1 of the high end symbols to act like an extra wild for the duration of the feature – the extra wild has a 2x wild multiplier. 

Having played these first two features, you will get to choose between the 3rd and 4th bonus features. In Whispering Woods Bonus feature you pick 1 out of 5 options hoping to get the highest multiplier (160 times). Or you can take up Forest Falls Bonus feature where you will receive 20 free spins with a 1x multiplier. Look out for the Avalon II wild as this is the Trailing Wild. When one of these wilds lands on row 1 or 2 of any of the reels, it will hold in place and expand downwards – it will then hold for 1 spin.

The Dusky Moors Bonus feature will follow displaying 12 items on the screen. You need to match 2 helms of the same type and continue picking until this happens. Each helm has a multiplier ranging from 6x to 20x. Every non-matching pick increase the multiplier from 2x to 8x.

Morgan’s Keep Bonus feature comes up next awarding you with 20 free spins with a 2x multiplier. Rolling Reels apply here meaning that every consecutive win will increase the multiplier from 2x to 3x to 4x to 5x to 6x. This means you can get a 6x multiplier on every single free spin if you’re lucky.

In Hall of Shadows Bonus feature each move will get you a cash prize. If you successfully block or attack, the size of the cash prize varies. You choose the best moves to either block or attack the Black Knight and hopefully retrieve the Grail.

Finally, you have the Isle of Avalon Bonus feature where you spin the wheels to win the highest bonus multiplier. You have 4 wheels in total but you can only unlock the 4th wheel if you get a zero on the 3rd wheel. The numbers won on each wheel will form the multiplier award.

Game Play

Coin size: Choose a coin size value.
Coins: Adjust the number of coins wagered.
Spin: Start playing the game at your chosen wager.
Auto Play: Spin the reels for a number of times with no interruptions.

Avalon II Slot Reviews by Players


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Afi4wins 1386 reviews
Okaay, I admit, I'm way behind time where Microgaming games are concerned, not in the sense of not knowing about the games, but in writing reviews on them. It's all on purpose of course, because I was never a fan of any microgaming games, not even of Immortal Romance. Game of thrones got me hooked for a while, but then it withered out as suddenly as it had begun. For me, that's not surprising at all, because those games could never hold my attention and interest for long. As time has it, I'm now going to write as much as I can on them, expressing how I felt then and how I'm seeing them now. Some things have changed, some things haven't, hehehe.

As a sequel to Avalon, Avalon II made a much greater impact on me than Avalon ever could. The graphics and animations are superb, very artistically presented, and I just love the colours used in Avalon II. Against that dark purplish background, all the icons stand out beautifully, even the simplistic alphabet icons, the right choice of colours making them looking vibrant and pleasing. The animations are nothing short of astounding too. With such a fantastic appeal, can the game itself be as appealing as its appearance? Well, read and find out, hehehe.

Looking at the paytable, the Logo Avalon II is the Wild symbol, 5 of which pays 66x the total bet, which is low. The Grail itself is the Scatter symbol, 5 of which pays the usual 100x the total bet, still on the low side. 5 of Arthur pays 33x, whilst the rest pay from 26x down to 2x the total bet. Overall, a low paytable. Lady of the Lake is the Expanding Wild in both the base game and the Free Spins game, and appears only on reel 3. Merlin is a randomly activated feature in the base game, whereby either a cash award or a win multiplier can be won. Don't know exactly how high the multiplier can go, but I got the 4x multiplier quite a number of times.

Without going into too much detail, to cut a long story short, Avalon II has more than enough special features to keep anyone coming back for more. 8 different feature games in all, although not all are to my liking. The pick-card-and-match and pick-shield-and-win features have never been to my liking, the 2 different Free Spins games were quite good, forging of Excalibur was okay, killing the Black Knight was okay, and so too was the spin-the-wheel game at the Isle of Avalon, thereby completing The Quest for the Grail. Completing this quest took a long time in one sitting, but too short a trail wouldn't have been much fun either. Out of the 8 feature games, my best win came from the Trailing Wilds of Forest Falls game. My least win was in Morgan's Keep game. I just couldn't get past the 3x win multiplier level.

I must admit, yet again, that Avalon II has maintained my interest in the game every time I had played it. There were plenty of unexpected moments in the game, exciting, anticipating and exhilarating too, and these kept my interest going, something that Immortal Romance could never do, because its Wild Desire features had always disappointed me to no end with its zero and low payouts. I would not rate Immortal Romance so highly now as I had done, because that was my mistake made in haste, but Avalon II is definitely a better game than Immortal Romance, despite not having a similar once-in-a-lifetime 5 Wild Reels win possibility. For me, not getting any zero payouts from any of the feature games is already one good point ahead, plus the Free Spins games paying out decent wins most of the time makes that two points ahead of Immortal Romance! Wish I can swap my ratings now, but I can't, so what's done is done.
zerooo 742 reviews
Avalon II is one of the games which I don't play it anymore. The reason is because I spent too much money on it and it gives me only small winnings. This is probably one of rare games that I don't play from Microgaming software.

The games have 243 payways. The features are great into this game and it could provide big wins. So this is the only thing I like at Avalon II. I have not seen many games like this one which offer you 8 different possible bonus games into feature. But to enter this feature you need to have a lot of luck, because I entered only a few times and the money I won was not good enough if I look paytable.

Every time when I played it, I lost my deposit. The last time I played Avalon II was probably one year ago when I used my deposit to play this game. Since now I stick to my rule and I don't open it. I received many times offer for some free spins on Avalon II upon deposit, but I didn't took it.

I rather play some other Microgaming video slots instead of this one which disappointed me. The paytable is good and during main game you can expect some nice wins but I received most of time bad ones. The free spins are really hard to get, sometimes even impossible.

The graphics and design into game look ok, so as sounds. But like I said I don't like to play this game and I am sure I will not play it in the future. I spent too much money on it and every time it eats my balance very fast without hitting a decent wins. Otherwise this is famous Microgaming slot which many players love to play it. But I am not that player.
katemak 1170 reviews
Avalon II is another game from Microgaming software followed by Avalon the previous game from same software, which here the graphics is way, much improved, better one, which they kept the them and some if not all the features. It’s a another 5 reels with 243 winning way slot game with high variance paying table, where even in the base game the player can hit big, even with a minimum bet stake which is 0.30 cents.

In the base game there are 2 features and one of it is the Merlin feature where it will appear randomly and all it can do is give you some cash prize where if there will be no winning combination Merlin will award you from X 4 up to X 20 your bet size and on a winning combination the multiplier is from X 2 up to X 4 multiplier with your bet size.

The other feature is the wild one which only appears on the third reel helping you to get some winning combination. The other feature which we all look forward to it is the Grail Bonus feature, where there are 8 bonus games. The Grail Bonus feature will be triggered if three or more Grail symbols appear anywhere on the reels. The first one is the Legend Bonus feature, the second one is called Misty Value Bonus feature where you'll get 15 free spins with X 1 multiplier, the third is Whispering Woods Bonus, where you'll pick 1 from 5 offered options where the prize can reach till 160 X you bet size.

The there is the fourth Forest Falls Bonus feature where you'll be rewarded with 20 free spins and again with X 1 multiplier where there will be the Trailing Wilds which they act as a stacked wilds on the first and second reel, then comes the fifth Dusky Moors Bonus feature where there will be 12 items shown, which you need to match 2 of them which the prize could go from X 2 up to X 20 multiplier.

The Morgan’s Keep Bonus feature is where you'll be rewarded with 20 free spins with X 2 multiplier but here will be the Rolling Reels which can award you with up to X 6 multiplier. The next feature called Hall of Shadows Bonus where it will give you some cash prize and the last is Avalon Bonus feature which I have never played but it’s about where you spin the wheel to get the highest multiplier. So there are many features specially these ones with the Grail, so this game needs a lot of playing and I guess good bankroll so you can achieve all this features. I have played this game many, many times but can’t say I have won more than X 50 my bet size, although is one of the games that has potential of big wins.
Avalon II is game made by Microgaming. I like first Avalon, so release of second part was good for me. I play this game sometimes, but almost all time with lowest stake. Game could be destroyed of any balance, so I am very careful when playing it.

I like how this game looks. All symbols are very beautiful, wilds looks nice, and animations for everything is good. Actually I think that it is probably best looking Microgaming 243 lines game. But not sure because Immortal romance and Thundestruck II look awesome too.

I like wilds which is stacked here. When there is stacked wilds in 243 lines game and payouts not bad it is always mean that it is possible to win huge at this game. Full screen of wilds in this game could pay awesome money, but I do not know how much exactly. Also there is special 'lady of the lake' wild which appear only on 3rd reel and expands. And overall payouts are very solid, better than in IR.

I like features in this game. There is 8 different features, actually game is fulfilled by bonus games and freespins features. I could just give huge thumbs up for that, because it is very impressive to play this game in new casino - each time you get feature there is new one, and so 8 times. Just awesome, and one of the best slot feature I ever played. My favorite one is freespins with trailing wilds, it called forest fall if I am right.

I like this game overall. Played it much, and had one monster win of 140$ with 0.30 stake. And it was just during normal play, landed many wilds and good symbols. Playing this game sometimes, love it, and give it 10 stars without doubt. But sometimes it is just hungry for money and can easily eat 100$ with lowest stake without giving feature. Had this two times.
Nothing can be filled in thumbs down category for Avalon II.
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
I was only really just starting to play on-line I think a little while after Avalon 2 was released, so I didn’t particularly share some of my friends disappointment about the game being another 243 ways slot game – I was really quite enjoying those games at that point and this looked like a real good one from all the promotional videos that were being bandied about. I was lucky enough to score a few free spins at some of my favourite casinos, which initially left me a tad confused – I hit the bonus round at a couple of different casinos, and both time went into the dice throwing sword-building bit… I had seen the map screen of course and wondered, well, assumed, you must somehow progress across the map, I figured it would be like the other 243 games where as you play the game more you unlock additional bonus rounds, but nope, it’s not quite that way in Avalon 2.

The game does look good, but I’ve come to expect that from Microgaming, and the stacked wilds really had me quite excited for some big wins – they didn’t exactly come flooding out though and when I did finally get to play the game for real money and make my way across the map for the first time, I was disappointed to find that you only get to choose your bonus round occasionally, and that you are basically forced into trying to attempt a full run of the entire map each time you play in order to pickup the larger bonus rounds as well as the pathetic ones that have really low maximum payouts. It’s all just a real strange setup for me and it put me off the game very quickly, and I’ve never gone back since despite winning around 600x my bet or so in the “sliding wilds” bonus game. If I could play that every time I hit the scatters I would be a happy girl, but sadly I only get that option like once in every six bonus round hits, making this just a very frustrating game to play for me!
Avalon II it is a sequel of original avalon game, but generally it is also can be named as seperate game, because game is absolutely different, and have only same theme, nothing else. First avalon is an old game and not so nice, but second one is awesome slot game.

There is 243 lines at this game, and there is stacked wilds involved in this game. This is extremely cool, i love games with many wilds at which i have stacked wilds on all reels and generally every spin can be golden one and i will have just screen of all wilds. Never had such one, dreaming about it for something like 4 years, but still, no one restrict me a dreaming. Also there is lady lake on reel 3, and it can expand and it is also wild, so yeah, there is really a lot of wilds.

Base game has another interesting feature, with Merlin. He can randomly appear aftern any win and add multiplier to your win, up to x5 if i not mistake, but i had x 5 this is for sure, couple of times, but unfortunately for low wins.But for sure this feature can pay huge, very huge, if win will be great ,and multiplier will be good, well, there is some money laying here. Also Merlin can award some cash prize, but it is like batman or joker at dark knight, prizes are very low.

There is couple different freespins rounds and bonus games, each triggered by 3 more scatters, and i should say this is perfect, because now you playing bonus game, next freespins with trailing wild, next freespins with extra wild, next something else, very interesting, i like it.

Overall is awesome game, played it not so many times because it is for me just money sucker, but there is good potential to hit big, just high variance.
At some points 3 scatters just do not appear, and you keep getting 2 scatters.
blondie 1094 reviews
Avalon II was one of the first games I started to play from Microgaming software, and I have to say that at first, I really didn't like it. I mean, I liked the look of it a lot, but no matter how long I played or how much money I deposited, I didn't have any luck with it so I took a break from it for some time.

I started to play it again about 2 months ago, when I had a no deposit offer at one of Microgaming casinos. Without any expectation, Avalon 2 with 0.30€ bets per spin got me 2 bonus rounds and gave me a 40€ win and since then I've started to play it regularly.

There are 2 games - Avalon, which I used to play and is more simpler, and Avalon II. It is a 243 payline slot with minimum bet of 0.30€ per spin. This game has interesting bonus rounds, it is like a journey where with each time you trigger free spins, you'll unlock the next bonus round. First is grail bonus, which gives you 20 free spins, then there's excalibur, where you have to roll a dice to re-make the sword, next are 15 free spins. Altogether there are 8 bonus rounds and so far I've experienced only about half of them, because usually for me it is very hard to trigger the spins, once I spent about 500 spins without any bonus round! The good thing is that there are two other features - Lady of the lake, which, if appears on the 3rd reel, expands and increases your winning. Then there's also Merlin, which multiplies your winnings and appears randomly. That way, even when you're running after free spins, you'll get some small, but regular wins. Also good is that if you get 2 scatters, you'll get your bet size win.

The last time I played it was at Vegas Palms casino. I signed up there and took welcome bonus and I had a 45€ starting balance. I placed 0.30€ bets and managed to get the Grail bonus, which is 20 free spins with multiplier from 2-6x. This time I got 12€ win. Then few spins later Lady of the lake appeared and made my spin into a 7€ win. I kept playing for another hour but I couldn't get any more bonus rounds.

Overall I do like this game a lot and I think it is definitely worth trying. Because this game can pay quite nice, if you catch many bonus rounds. I give it 8/10.
Ahmo6 232 reviews
Avalon II slot is provided by Microgaming. The game is a 5 reels and 243 paylines game, which is by far a great improvement over the first Avalon that had only 20 payline. Also this Avalon II comes with some more features, which is why I decided to play it and give it a try.

The minimum bet that can be placed is 0.30$ per spin. Have to say that this game is absolutely packed with features and bonuses, which is something that I like diversity. As far as the gameplay, we have the lady of the lake symbol which is an expanding wild it can appear on reel 3 and expand to awards additional wins, but it will not substitute for the grail symbol. Also another feature that I started to love a lot during my playtime is the MERLIN. He can appear anytime during the play to award a random cash prize or multiplier which is pretty sweet if you ask me. Then we have the grail bonus symbol, 3, 4 or 5 of these symbols will activate one of many bonuses that can be played in this game. As for those bonuses we have Lake of legend where you have to reforge the Excalibur by rolling a dice. If you manage to reforge it an additional 15x bet line will be awarded and also for every remaining dice roll you will get 6x total bet if you manage to reforge it. Also we have the Misty wale, Dusky moors, Hall of shadows, Isle of Avalon bonuses all of them come with an amazing features of their own. So playing this slot really feels adventures. Each of these features will slowly be available once you trigger the bonus in the main game sufficient amount of times.

Overall this is a very nice, exciting and a good progressive game that I enjoyed playing. The most that I got from the main game was only 15$ and from the bonus feature was 35$. Also this is a slot with great potential, but also it can be a balance eater so be careful. 7/10
catapultaudio 52 reviews
United Kingdom
Avalon II was released to considerable fanfare from the gaming community, coming several years after the popular original game, many slot players were eagerly awaiting this release to see if it could live up to the high standard set by its predecessor. I know I for one was disappointed to see the game would be yet another 243-ways game, as Microgaming have already released more than enough of these in recent years.

Still, the promotional video looked extremely promising, so this was one game I simply could not wait to play upon release! Fortunately I did not have to - 32red casino were kind enough to drop 32 free spins in my account on the original Avalon game to celebrate the launch of Avalon2, which netted me over £30.00 - enough for a hundred spins on Avalon II! Kudos to 32red for that! :)

The game looks very well made, typically high quality Microgaming slot production - the symbols are large and well drawn, the sound isn't annoying, and the user interface is really top notch. In the download Microgaming casino especially the animations are silky smooth and it really does set the bar for other developers to challenge in my opinion.

I hit my first feature very quickly, by scoring three of the holy grail symbols. This takes you to a map, showing a number of locations from Arthurian legend. I expected that once I had progressed to the end of this map by triggering the feature several times, I would be able to choose which of these areas I would like to visit upon subsequent entries into the bonus - along the lines of TS2, Playboy, or Immortal Romance. Sadly this is not the case - you move through the map in a fixed pattern, occasionally being offered a choice between a couple of different features, but essentially you can treat each run through the map screen as a complete 'game' on this slot...
...which would not be so bad, but many of the features have wildly different maximum payouts, in fact it is such that the reels are altered in between several map stages to add/remove scatters from the reels to increase/decrease your chances of triggering the feature in accordance with the possible return of the next map stage. For example, the very first dice throwing bonus has a maximum payout of a little over 100 x bet - really terrible for a 243 ways slot game, and whilst subsequent map sections - especially the "Sliding Wilds" Free Spins - do have massive potential, the fact you have to score the feature 8 or so times in a row to get back to it totally offsets any excitement it might offer for me.

I couldn't help but get annoyed at the tiny payouts attached to the Arthur symbol - two of these gives you a win of 1/15th of your bet, and the way the reels are stacked ensures that most of the time you hit this particular combination, you will hit little else. This becomes all the more annoying if Merlin should appear and wave his staff around for 15 seconds to multiply your 1/15th of a bet win up to 1/5th of a bet, for example!

Overall, I can't help feeling Avalon II is a huge missed opportunity - It certainly does not have the long lasting appeal the first game did, and I can't imagine many who were eager to play it upon release are still bothering with it now. A shame!
oneLoVegg 55 reviews
Avalon II slot it is awesome 243 lines slot. I think it is best Microgaming 243 lines game, but it has some interesting things that everyone need to know, and also this game sometimes is absolutely horrible. I am never start playing from this slot, because it needs a lot of money to start, even 50 euros on balance is not enough to have safe game time.

Lowest possible bet is 0.30 here, it is usual bet size for Microgaming 243 slot games. Game has stacked wilds on all reels, and at middle reel there is lady of the lake, that is expanded wild (by the way it was usual scatter at original avalon slot game).

First of all I was surprised how bad is first feature. I thought it will be freespins with something extra, like x 5 multiplier, that I saw at Immortal romance or Thunderstruck II, but no, there was some kind of bonus game, and I needed to repair a sword.

In total I played this feature probably 5 times, and never had a win more than 10$ (I always play this slot with 0.30 bet, never higher). But luckily there are many features and after every new bonus trigger you get another feature (till you complete your grail quest). Everything is good, and actually all features not bad.

Some my stats, if interesting. Best hit during base game is 45$ (3 wild reels but bad symbols). Best hit in feature 81$. I think this slot game has awesome potential to pay very good, also it is very interesting slot game, but one thing is very sad here - sometimes it takes a lot of spins to get 3 scatters. Very, very hard it is sometimes. In all other things it is one of the best 243 lines slot game. But please not go crazy with high bets, you can lost everything very quickly.
Avalon 2 is a Microgaming production is based upon the mythology when heroic pair of Merlin and Arthur quest for the Holy Grail. Avalon 2 is a sequel of Avalon and the design of sequel is definitely better than previous slot game. The game also has a great soundtrack which completely justifies the medieval tale it is based upon. It was good to see that Avalon 2 was launched with 243 lines which is common to most of the Microgaming games.

The bonus is triggered when 3 or more Grail icons appear.
I tried this game soon after the launch in February this year. I don’t know if it was my lucky day I won over $400 without spending hours in playing the slot game. I started with the lowest bet of $0.30 and increased to the maximum bet of $7.5 but I soon had to reduce it (I was getting a bit greedy). I collected most of the quest in my play. Lake of Legend was first one you roll a dice to collect pieces and each piece unlocks a prize. The next one was Misty vale in which I received 15 free spins. I earned a quest something like Whispering woods then was Forest Falls in which I got 20 free spins. This bonus was responsible to increase my bankroll extensively. I earned 60% of my total earning from this bonus. Then was Dusky moors in which you receive bonus on the helmets. Then came Morgan’ keep which give you 20 free spins and also the chance of rolling the reels.
Unfortunately I could not earn the remaining quest bonuses Hall of shadows and Isle of Avalon.

For me the slot game was a good package of entertainment and earning. I would recommend every slot lover to do try this slot game.
yapro 790 reviews
Avalon II is sequel of the first avalon game. To be honest, i am played first avalon few times, and i did not like it a lot. Never had any decent wins or good runs, so when avalon II released i was happy to see that it has 243 lines. Like many other microgaming 243 line games, this one has stacked wilds, and features , which can be open if player hit 3 scatters.

My first complaint is that get 3 scatters on this game is one of the hardest goal, because they appear really rare. I saw all features, and i can say that it is not so interesting, and i am really did not want to explain all of them, because i had terrible experience with this slot. I believe i lost to this game around 300 or even 400 $ without winning anything decent. I saw that few people get nice wins on it, even more than 1000 x total bet, but as for me, i did not see anything interesting with this game. Just another one game, which will never pay me. I am trying to not even open this game, because i am sure it will continue eat my money. This is second bad release from Microgaming in my eyes, first was dark knight rises, which also eat lot of my money without even showing its potential. I did not like this game, i will not play it, but probably i had just awful run, and should continue playing to recover my losses, but i decide to forget about it and just have fun with other microgaming games, which are more better for me, for example immortal romance and thunderstruck II.

Conclusion: I did not like this game, features are boring and nothing unique or really interesting, base game wins is poor, big wins is possible but i am not sure how this can be done with my luck on this game, and also trigger feature is hard goal.
Avalon II is the sequel of the very popular slot Avalon I. This game’s launch has been long announced by Microgaming, I don’t think any other game has been so long announced. When it finally came in Microgaming casinos I decided to try it first in demo mod. Like I expected Avalon II has 243 paylines, the graphic and animations are really great and so is the sound. All in all everything is like I expected from a new Microgaming slot game. The first time I played this game for real money I took a 100% bonus plus double loyalty points for this slot on my 30 euros deposit. After a short time playing this game I lost almost half of my money and almost all of my wins were less than my bet.

I never had much luck with 243 payline games the only few descent wins I ever had were on Thunderstruck II and that is why I moved on to other games. When I decided to come back here and give this slot another try I had already met all the wager requirements and had about 180 euros on my account. This time I had more luck, I had a few big wins but all in all after about an hour of play I lost about 30 euros here and that is when I decided to withdraw the rest of my money. Most of the time I played with minimum bet of 0.3 euros but I had a few shots with a 0.6 and 0.9 euros bet per spin. Overall:

I like this game visually a lot and I have no doubt that over time it will get a lot of fans among microgaming gamblers and it will be a big success like Avalon I but for me Thunderstruck II will remain my favourite when it comes to microgaming’s 243 paylines slot games. For Avalon II I decided to give 8 out of 10.
This slot has largely increased my interest in slot gambling. Everything about this slot is just perfect and precise. Powered by Microgaming, it is a 5 reel and 243 ways to win slot with avalon II symbol as wild and also the lady of lake is also a wild but appears only on reel 3.

After the success of its Avalon, this slot was launched with enhancements which took the game to next level of excitement. Believe me this slot has got heap of bonus features. Firstly , if the merlin symbol appears randomly and gifts cash or multiplier. Then , you have got Expanding wild bonus feature on the middle reel but "The Grail Feature" steals the show. One can activate it by getting 3 or more grail symbol on the reels.Because of this feature i was able to win $872 in this slot itself, that was my lucky day i guess. This bonus feature has 8 sub features which gets activated one after another each for subsequent activation of grail bonus feature.

Going into details of each is not possible because it will take hours and hours to write and read as well but let me tell you about each briefly. The first is the Lake of legend bonus feature which gives you ten rolls of dice and each roll gives you cash prize. Then you got misty vale feature which gives you 15 free spins with extra wild of your choice specifically this feature has made me win good bankroll up to $330. Then morgan's keep feature gives you 20 free spins and then "hall of shadows" feature makes you fight the knight and you win prizes for attacking or blocking. The remaining are "Isle of avalon" and "choose your path" though i am not sure about the order of each and the names too. This is a must play for every slot lover. Good luck !
gordontan 70 reviews
Avalon 2 is the third slot game that i have tried,basically it is about the continuation of King Arthur 's legend version. This avalon 2 is another piece of work from Microgaming. The attractive part of this game is the high quality effects as well as the graphical design and these attractions are important for me to have preference in this game. It has also consists of the combination of simplicity and creativity making it a great slot game. Normally, i dont like games which are too complicated and too hard to understand. This avalon is the one that makes me feel easy to play and not too difficult to understand flow of games. From what i feel is that playing this game is hassle free and no much troubles.Then it is also very newbie friendly because of the understandable settings and features.

The flow of Avalon 2 slot game is like this: it has a five reels slot which is common as we can easily see in other slots ,but the special thing is that there is an additional feature which is the free spin of 20 provided by Avalon.Then,the visualization of the symbols and the graphics in general are of a quality and I have only seen reflected in a couple of slots games and this avalon is one of them.

From wat i feel is that playing this game is hassle free and no much troubles.Then it is also very newbie friendly because of the understandable settings, feature.Playing this slot game is not too boring because they have many great bonuses but you will need to choose in order to get rewards like when i got the Morgan's Keep.This Morgan's keep is quite unique as it granted me free spins of 20 with the multiplier of 3x . Free spins is the thing that makes me like this Avalon the most because i can play the games by free and without any risk involved. It is worthy to have more free spins and who knows you gonna to win big by free.This is something that i feel worthy to try in this Avalon slot game.

However ,there is one thing i need to emphasize here which is about the achievement of 5oak of the pictured symbols.I believe you guys will experience the same because what i felt is that you can hardly achieve the 5 oak of the pictured symbols even you have the stacked wilds being present. Although this is challenging by not being too easy in getting something but you need to keep trying and dont ever give up. Eventually, playing Avalon is considered a tool that can train my commitment in doing something without giving up too least i can learn something from utilizing my leisure time.
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Avalon used to be one of the games I played most often in microgaming casinos. I was very happy when I saw that Avalon II was launched. I was very surprised to see that it had 243 paylines instead of the standard 20 payline Avalon had.

The graphic is way much better with a high level of details and beside the standard 9,10,j,q,k symbols there are a lot of characters. Merlin, Guinevere, Arthur, Chalice-scatter and my favorite Lady of the Lake. The minimum bet is 0.3 euros and you can get some big wins here with a minimum bet.

There are a lot of features and a lot of bonuses. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen so many bonuses in one game. There are 15 free spins which is Misty Vale bonus with an extra wild symbol, 20 free spins Morgan’s Keep with a lot of multipliers, Merlin can appear anywhere and you get a cash prize or a Multiplier, Dusky Moors where you have to match 2 helms to win a prize and you can uncover multipliers before you match the 2 helms, Whispering Woods where you choose from 5 shields and bonus win is multiplied by total bet, Lady of the Lake can expand on reel 3 and get extra wins. I got dizzy just by reading about the bonuses and calculated all the money I could win. I played with a deposit of 30 euros with a minimum bet of 0.30 and I have to say that this game wasn’t too generous to me. I lost almost all of my money before I got the Lady of the Lake bonus. I won a staggering 82.50 euros and got back on my feet. After a while I got 5 of a kind and got 15 euros and my last big win was the grail bonus with a win of 22.50. My balance was about 130 euros. Instead of asking a withdrawal and keeping 100 euros on my bank account (which I will never get over) I continued to play with a bet of 1.50 and soon lost all of my money.

Anyway I had lots of fun here and will come back to this game in the near future. Overall 10 out of 10.
I will be honest and I will say that I played this slot because I heard many things about it and also I didn’t played the first part,Avalon!

This slot has 5 reels with 243 ways to win like the other popular Microgaming slots Immortal Romance,The Finer Reels of Life,The Dark Knight Rises,etc.,it has a medieval theme that I like it very much and also I like because of the minimum bet of only 0.30 euro!

My skrill balance was showing almost 25 euro and I decided to spend them on this new slot maybe I will have luck and I will win for the first time!

I made my deposit of 20 euro at Unibet Casino and I started to play because I didn’t received any deposit bonus!

The first spins didn’t paid so well and I was a little bit disappointed about this slot because of the low payout rate!

But the luck changed when I managed to trigger the Grail bonus that awarded me 23 euro,not much money but it is acceptable on the stake of only 0.30 euro!

I managed to catch only 3 times the bonus and I wasn’t able to see all the 8 bonus features but I will try my luck next time when I will make a bigger deposit!

I had fun with this slot even if I didn’t won,I liked very much the theme of the slot and also the characters and the features like Bonus Grail,Lady of the Lake and Merlin!

If I will have to rate this slot from Microgaming,I will give 10 for the nice graphics,sounds and characters,only 8 for the payout rate because didnt paid me so well!It has a lot of features like bonus games,free spins,expanding wild and cash prizes and I think 9 will be ok for the features!

Overall it is a good game that I will try to play more often and maybe I will win some nice money!
Avalon II is the latest addition to the Microgaming sequels category. It is a 243 way video slot with a much more in depth take on King Arthur and the Knights of the Round table. By this I mean Avalon now has character symbols! These include Arthur, Merlin, Guinevere, Morgan, Lady of the lake expanding wild, Chalice (scatter) and alpha numeric 9-A.

I have only really played Avalon II with free spins given from casinos but this was enough for me to see the potential it has! I reckon Microgaming have done a great job with this sequel to the popular classic Avalon.

In Avalon II players are given more of a story/plot with many bonus games when you trigger 3 or more chalices. Bonus games are Lake of Legend, Misty Vale (15 free spins with extra wild), Whispering woods (pick a box style bonus), Forest Falls (20 free spins), Dusky Moors where player matches the helmets to uncover the prize, Morgan’s Keep 20 free spins (with Rolling Reels containing consecutive multipliers), Hall of Shadows (make successful attacks to win), Isle of Avalon spin the wheel bonus where players can win impressive size multipliers. What I must stress enough is you cannot just pick any bonus round. The player must first progress then once they have reached a level any level prior to it can be accessed at that casino.

The base game of Avalon II is also very impressive! Huge wins can be achieved at tiny bets! For example if you hit Merlin with 3 wild reels even at only 30p (minimum bet) you are going to get a great return! Additionally during the base game players are randomly awarded prizes from Merlin, this can be random cash amounts or multiplier of a way win.

Players of course want to trigger bonus features as often as possible but it’s always pleasant when the base game is exciting too! Microgaming is surely onto a winner with Avalon II and I’ll definitely give it a proper bash when I have the funds to do so.

Here is my ProS and cons of Avalon II:


Expanding Wilds
Brilliant graphics
Great pay-table
Possibility of huge wins in base game
243 ways to win
Lots of bonus features to find


30p a spin minimum you’ll need a bankroll to enjoy this game
Found the scatter bonus difficult to trigger (even in fun mode)
Overall Avalon II is a very good video slot which I give 8/10
Avalon II online video slot is newly created game by microgaming, and this is a second part of the slot Avalon, so many players waiting this slot, and was happy when it was just released.

As a newly released slot it is of course has amazing graphic and have amazing sounds. There is nothing to complaint, because everything on this slot looks really amazing, and it is pleasure to eyes to see when you hit something and animation begins, or when Merlin comes to do something.

Avalon II has 243 liner to play with, and like many others microgaming 243 liners it has stacked wilds, which presented on all reels. Also i can say that there is lady of lake, which can occur on 3 reel and expand to make entire reel wild. Also very good thing for this slot is that payouts for 5 of a kind is good, especially for the last one, so many wilds with this king symbol will pay you nice amount of money. Moreover, there is a bonus game, which should be triggered by at least 3 scatters. There is many different bonus game on it, and every time you get bonus game, it is another one. I saw not all, just 5 or 6 of them, and there was free spins, and some bonus games where you just pick. I should say that this slot has extreme variance, and you can go for many spins without getting bonus game or any decent win, so you need decent bankroll to play it.

My experience with this slot is good, i have few nice wins, and i like this slot. This means i will of course play it more and more, to achieve some really monster payout. Microgaming did good job with this slot.
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